Will of John Haley - 1834
Contributed by Charles R. Hailey
May 31, 2002

This document was transcribed from a poor copy of the handwritten original. I have added paragraph breaks for ease of reading. Charles

Know all men by these presents that I John Haley of the County of Richmond and State of North Carolina 
recollecting the uncertainity of life and being desirous of disposing by Will what little property I may 
have accumulated do make ordain and publish the following as my last will and testament hereby reversing [?] 
and disannulling (sic) all other wills by me made.
In the first place it is my will and desire that the plantation on which I now live containing one hundred 
and seventy five acres (175) be sold by my executors hereafter named on such terms as they may think most to 
the interest of my estate and the proceeds thereof together with that arising from my crop on hand and such of 
my stock as can be shared by the family shall be applied to the payment of my debts.

2nd. It is my will and desire that my wife should have comfortable houses for the convenience of herself and 
family erected on my Land Hill Tract, of Land which adjoins the Land of Harry Haley and others and that she 
should [evermore thereunto]? that she should have set apart by my executors such of the horses hogs and cattle 
and such farming utensils as she may think sufficient to carry on a small farm.

3rd. Should my [?] plantation on which I [reside?] (which I have directed to be sold) not be sufficient 
together my crops for the payment of my debts in that event I wish my eecutors to hire out such of my 
negroes as my wife Nancy Haley can most conveniently spare and the hire to be appropriated to the payment 
of my debts in conjunction with the proceeds arising from the sale of the land.

4th It is my will and desire and I wish so to be [?] that I wish in no event for my negroes to be sold 
provided there is other property sufficient to pay my debts.

5th It is my will and desire that all my Negroes (viz) Hannah, Nanny, Lucy & child, Rhody & child, Mary 
and William Scott belong to my wife during her lifetime and at her death if such can be effected I wish 
them all manumitted [emancipated] and set free, but should such at that time be contrary to the Laws of 
the State I wish them by my executors equally divided between my brother Holden Haley's children (viz) 
William John and Harriet Haley and the children of my sister Roxy Ann Burgefs, the one half going to the 
children of my brother and the other half to the child or children of my sister Roxy Ann Burgess.

6th I hereby nominate and appoint my dearly beloved wife Executrix and my friends William Stricklin H T Leak 
and W H Leak Executors to this my last will and testament. In witnefs of which I have hereunto set my hand 
and seal.

Signed Sealed and published in 
the presence of W H Leak and Calvin Stricklin John Haley {seal}
W H Leak
Calvin Stricklin

State of North Carolina
Richmond County January Term 1834 
The above will was provided in open Court by the Oath of W H Leak and ordered to be recorded.

C C Covington, CCC

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