Will of John Ewing - 1871
Contributed by James Allred
April 25, 2004

John Ewing came from Maryland in about 1785 and built a home on Mountain Creek. John Ewing died in 1804 and left a will. John's first son Isaac Ewing 1774-1857 established Touchstone Plantation. Then came John Ewing 1797-1877 who wrote this will. Probated in Montgomery Co., NC. (067-1877 WB 2/79)

If you can give the location of this land please contact me. Thank-you, James Allred

In name of God, Amen.
I, John Ewing, of County of Montgomery and State of North Carolina, being of my perfect health 
and sound mind do this day, the second day of March eighteen Hundred Seventy-one, make this my 
last Will and testament as follows.
My will is for my wife (Mary Chisholm 1/7/1796 to 10/9/1877) to have sufficient of all my 
property to do her life time.
My will is for my son W.T.H. Ewing (William Thomas Hartwell)to have 100 acres of land, what 
is called the Carter place on the North side of Little Creek (Little Mountain Creek ?) adjoining 
lands of James Munn and James Lewis.
My will is for my daughter, Sarahann Ewing Usher and S.T. Usher to have 300 acres of land on the 
South side of Little Creek, what is called the Carter land adjoining the lands of Henry Yarborough 
and Patsy Blake and also 50 acres lying in the fork of Big Creek (Big Mountain Creek?) and Little 
Creek adjoining the lands of James Lewis.
My will is Daniel Isaac Ewing, my son, to have the land 225 acres that I got from the Martin's Estate 
adjoining my own land and 58 acres lying up and down on both sides of the creek, including the Mill 
(what Mill?) for which I have given him the deed for the same.
My will is that  W.T.H. Ewing will have 20 acres of land at Mineral Springs. His part will be on 
the South side of the SUCK BRANCH (where is this?) including the Academy (School what school?).  
I will give a plan for I want all to corner at the SPRING. (I have no plan) 
 My will is that Daniel Isaac Ewing will have 20 Acres on the North side of Suck Branch to run 
North from the Spring and then run to the Branch same distance to make 20 acres (what branch?)
My will is that my daughter,  S.A. Ewing and S.T. Usher will have 20 acres on the North side of 
Suck Branch and West of the Spring to run North with D. I. lines and then run to a corner on my 
old line on the Suck Branch to contain 20 acres. 
My will is for D.I. Ewing to have all my improvements and to take care  and provide for his mother 
as long as she lives  and then the rest of my land to be equally divided among my children.
I want my perishable property to be divided equally among my children as I want no hard feelings.
I appoint W.T.H. Ewing, D.I. Ewing and S.T. Usher my lawful Executioners to this last will and testament.
As my hand writing  is well known and I wrote this myself I will sign and seal it without witnesses 
and leave it with my private papers.  JOHN EWING   Note:This will was copied 3/12/1877  C.C. Wade, 
Probate Judge

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