Posted September 23, 2004 by Myrtle Bridges

David Stewart of Ellerbe, NC has located and cleared the immediate area around a grave 
known to be on the homesite of his ancestor John C. Stewart. He describes the head stone as 
of a concrete material and engraved: 

J. C. Stewart
Died March 24, 1884
Aged 74 years
All is Well

There is a depression next to this grave indicating the possibility of another grave, but with 
no headstone. The lone grave is in the Ellerbe area deep in the North Carolina Field trial lands, 
or Federal game lands, off Firetower Road, between Ellerbe and Hoffman.

David has additional information on the John C. Stewart family to share with anyone who wishes to 
call him at 910-652-2353. He does not have a computer. Thanks David! 

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