Descendants of James Watson   1750-1827
Researched and contributed by Myrtle Bridges September 25, 2004.
Revised March 25, 2006
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This is a research in progress, and may contain errors. The repetitious generational naming patterns 
(James, John, Matthew, Sarah, Margaret...)of the Watson family make research tediously difficult, but 
my general knowledge of the Richmond County, NC area was helpful in deciding members of this family. My 
sources include Richmond County Census; Richmond County Record - McLaurin; No Ordinary Lives  A History 
of Richmond County, North Carolina 1750-1900 - Hutchinson; Richmond County Estate Books - Bridges; 
Fayetteville Observer Marriage and Death records - Hubbard; Richmond County cemetery listings; 
Our Native Heath - Bridges, Richmond County Heritage - North Carolina 1995 and Scattered Seed - Bridges. 

I encourage you to use this as a guide for your own research. If you wish to offer documented 
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James Watson died in Richmond County about September 1814. He may have been the James Watson whose name appears on the petition to create Richmond County in 1779. Alexander Watson took administration on his estate. The administrators bond is dated 24th September 1814, Richmond County, NC James Watson was administrator of the estate of Matthew Watson who died in Richmond County about June 1814. The administrators bond is dated June 20, 1814. James (d. 1814) and Alexander and Matthew Watson (d. 1814) may be closely related to James Watson of this record. -Bridges
Generation No. 1 1. JAMES1 WATSON was born Abt. 1750, and died 1827. He married ELIZABETH MURPHY Abt. 1771. She was born Abt. 1752, and died September 25, 1811. Notes for JAMES WATSON: James Watson died in Richmond County about September 1814. He was probably the James Watson whose name appears on the petition to create Richmond County in 1779. Alexander Watson took administration on his estate. The administrators bond is dated 24th September 1814, Richmond County, NC James Watson was administrator of the estate of Matthew Watson who died in Richmond County about June 1814. The administrators bond is dated June 20, 1814. James (d. 1814) and Alexander and Matthew Watson (d. 1814) may be closely related to James Watson of this record. -Bridges Daniel Watson b. 1777 in Scotland emigrated to America in 1803. A shoemaker in Richmond County, NC, with a wife and two children in 1812. Sorce: "Directory of Scots in the Carolinas - 1680-1830 - Dobson" Who was he?? In the name of God Amen. I, James Watson of the County of Richmond and the State of North Carolina, being of sound and disposing mind and knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death do make my last will and testament in manner and form following, to wit. In the first place I will and bequeath to my daughter Margaret Watson one Negro woman by the name of Hannah, and her infant ..ito, a boy to her and her heirs forever. Secondly, to my daughter Florah, wife of Archibald McKay, I give a Negro girl by the name of Mary to her and her heirs forever. Thirdly, to my son John Watson, I give and bequeath one Negro fellow by the name of William, and a girl by the name of Mary to him and his heirs forever. Fourthly, to my grand children, nine in number, daughters and sons of my deceased son Alexander Watson, I give one Negro boy by the name of Europe, one tract of land containing fifty acres lying on the Chalk Fork adjoining the lands of Alexander Watson, deceased, and one still. Fifthly, to my grandchildren four in number the children of my deceased daughter Mary, last wife of Christopher McRae, I give fifty cents each. Eightly, to my son Archibald Watson, dec'd, I gave during his life as much as I feel able to spare. I shall therefore make no bequest to any of his children, except as hereinafter expressed. Ninthly, the rest and residue of my estate, both real and personal I wish sold and divided in the following manner, to wit., to my grand son Alexander Watson, son of Alexander, one hundred and fifty dollars, to my grand son Matthew Watson, son of Archy, sixty dollars. The balance I wish equally divided between John Watson, my son and my two daughters Margaret and Jannet, I nominate and appoint my son John Watson and my son-in-law Archibald McKay, Executors to this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other will by me heretofore made in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 8th day of January 1824. Signed, sealed, published and declared as his last will and testament by the testator in the presence of who have assigned the same in the presence of each other. James Watson. Test: W. P. Leak, Wm. Crawford and F. T. Leak. More About ELIZABETH MURPHY: Burial: Old Scottish Cemetery, Richmond County, NC Children of JAMES WATSON and ELIZABETH MURPHY are: i. MARGARET2 WATSON, b. Abt. 1772; d. December 17, 1828. Notes for MARGARET WATSON: Archibald McKay was her administrator. ii. JANNET WATSON, b. Abt. 1774; d. 1831. Notes for JANNET WATSON: North Carolina, Richmond County. In obedience to an Order of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for the County of Richmond appointing us, the undersigned, a committee to settle with John Watson the administrator of Jannet Watson, dec'd, we, this 15th October 1831 met for the purpose and beg leave to submit the result of our investigations. Jannet's share of James Watson's estate (after paying $150 to Alexander Watson & $60 to Matthew Watson) $468.46½. Jannet's share of Margaret Watson's Estate, being the 1/6 of $937.83½. Leaving in the hands of the administrator the sum of five hundred and fifty-five dollars and sixty one and one half cents, all which is respectfully submitted 15th October 1831. Warner Chance, Jas. P. Leak and E. Love. "Our Native Heath - Bridges" Dictating her will in June, 1829, Janet Watson worried more about her coffin than her tombstone. "I give to James Watson the cow that is now at his house after paying five dollars for my coffin," she said. At the time, coffins were handmade by an undertaker after a person's death." John Hutchinson, Author of "No Ordinary Lives" 2. iii. JOHN WATSON, b. Abt. 1773; d. February 01, 1853. 3. iv. FLORAH WATSON, b. Abt. 1777; d. Bef. 1860. 4. v. ALEXANDER WATSON, b. Abt. 1779; d. August 03, 1823. vi. MARY WATSON, b. Abt. 1780; d. Bef. 1824; m. CHRISTOPHER MCRAE; d. Abt. 1837, Anson County, NC. 5. vii. ARCHIBALD WATSON, b. Abt. 1782; d. Bef. 1827. Generation No. 2 2. JOHN2 WATSON (JAMES1) was born Abt. 1773, and died February 01, 1853. He married FANNIE GIBSON November 16, 1804 in Richmond County, NC. She was born Abt. 1780, and died Bef. 1850. Notes for JOHN WATSON: Sept. 20, 1846. A deed of gift from John Watson of the County of Richmond to John W. Dawkins, grandson of said John Watson, and son of Wiat & Mary Dawkins. A certain tract of land containing fifty acres lying and being in the County of Richmond on the road that leads from Haley's ferry to Cole's bridge about one mile and a half from Chalk fork of Hitchcock Creek. "This land was granted to James Watson in the year 1787 and sold by his executor as the last will and testament of James Watson directed. I was the last and highest bidder." Wit. R. S. McDonald and Robert G. Steele, Jr. A. L. McDonald identified the handwriting of R. S. McDonald Dec. 31st, 1885. Source: W. F. Long, J.P. DB OO/.. Richmond Co. Index to Real Estate Conveyances. Mf C.082 48351-1784 -1961 "Our Native Heath" by Myrtle Bridges James Watson was a witness at John Watson and Fannie Gibson's marriage. John Watson, late of said County, departed this life about the first day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three, having first duly made and published his last will and testament; that by said last will and testament he devised and bequeathed one hundred acres of land lying on the Bear Branch to your petitioner, John Watson and one Negro boy by the name of George to John McCormick, after which he devised and bequeathed as follows: "Item - My will and desire is that after my just debts and funeral expenses shall have been paid, and after the above devised one hundred acres of land to my son, John Watson, and the above request of my Negro boy, George, to my friend John McCormick, shall have been taken out, all the rest and residue of my property both real and personal shall be divided into thirteen equal parts as follows: I will devise and bequeath one of the thirteen parts to my daughter, Elizabeth, the wife of John Gibson; one part to my daughter, Aggy; one part to my daughter, Flora; one part to my daughter, Margaret; one part to my son, Archibald; one other of the said thirteen parts to my daughter, Sally; one part to my before mentioned son, John; one part to my son, Alexander; one part to my daughter, Nanny; one part to my son, Thomas; one part to my daughter, Frances, the wife of David Morgan; one of the thirteen said parts to the children of my daughter, Mary, the wife of Wyatt Dawkins, and the remaining one of the said thirteen parts to the children of my son, James Watson, to have and to hold to them and their heirs forever." And by a codicil to the said last will and testament made and executed on the 3rd day of March 1851 the said John Watson provided as follows: "Whereas I, John Watson, have made my last will and testament in writing dated twelfth of April 1844, have thereby made several bequests according to existing circumstances of my estate, but which circumstances having materially changed. I do by this writing ... will and direct that my son, Alexander Watson, has carried off the Negroes Harry and Hannah which I value at two thousand dollars which is more than his proportional part. If said Alexander does not return said Negroes, it is my wish that he will not get any part of my estate for he has more than his proportional part." In another codicil to the said last will and testament the said John Watson further states: "The part of my estate that I willed to my son, James's children, I now will and bequeath to my son, James." John Watson, Sr. died in Richmond County on the 19th ult aged about 80 years. Source: The North Carolinian March 19, 1853. Children of JOHN WATSON and FANNIE GIBSON are: i. ARCHIBALD3 WATSON, b. Abt. 1805. Notes for ARCHIBALD WATSON: He was living beyond the limits of North Carolina in 1857. 6. ii. JAMES G. WATSON, b. November 19, 1806; d. June 05, 1899. 7. iii. ELIZABETH WATSON, b. Abt. 1808; d. Abt. 1846. 8. iv. FRANCES WATSON, b. 1810. 9. v. JOHN G. WATSON, b. June 03, 1811; d. December 29, 1878. vi. AGNES 'AGGY' WATSON, b. 1814; m. FREEMAN. vii. FLORA WATSON, b. 1815; d. 1883. Notes for FLORA WATSON: Flora Watson died in 1883 leaving a last will and testament. At the time of her death she owned ninety acres of land in Richmond County, NC on Bear Branch joining John W. Terry and John W. Thomas, worth about $275. About 250 acres, known as the 'Home Place', lying on both sides of the Cow Branch, joining lands of W. H. Covington, James Northam and others worth about $500. Also the Fork place of about 25 acres joining lands of Wm. Graham and John C. Terry worth about $50. Flora Watson in her last will and testament devised all of said lands to Ann Chisholm. 10. viii. MARY WATSON, b. Abt. 1818. ix. THOMAS WATSON, b. 1820. 11. x. SARAH 'SALLIE' WATSON, b. 1822; d. Abt. March 1892. xi. ALEXANDER WATSON, b. 1827; d. 1897. Notes for ALEXANDER WATSON: He was living beyond the limits of North Carolina in 1857. "The names and residence of the heirs at law of Alex. Watson are unknown, and, that after due diligence, the names and residence of the said heirs at law of Alexander Watson cannot be ascertained" .... 18th day of February, 1897. Z. F. Long, CSC. xii. ANN 'NANCY' WATSON, b. 1830. xiii. MARGARET JANE WATSON, b. 1834; d. Aft. 1854; m. JOHN K GIBSON. Notes for MARGARET JANE WATSON: Margaret Watson during the lifetime of her father intermarried with John K. Gibson, the husband of her sister Elizabeth, deceased. 3. FLORAH2 WATSON (JAMES1) was born Abt. 1777, and died Bef. 1860. She married ARCHIBALD MCKAY December 20, 1800. He was born 1764, and died January 1860. Notes for FLORAH WATSON: Florah and Archibald joined Harmony Presbyterian Church in 1813. Children of FLORAH WATSON and ARCHIBALD MCKAY are: i. CATHERINE WATSON3 MCKAY, b. October 20, 1801; d. June 19, 1841, Alabama; m. DUNCAN CUNNINGHAM. Notes for CATHERINE WATSON MCKAY: Mrs. Catherine Cunningham. D. 19 June. 40th year. consort of Duncan Cunningham, Barbour County, Alabama. daughter of Archibald McKay of Richmond County, N.C., last twenty years member of Presbyterian church. leaves husband and nine children. (29 July 1841). ii. JENNETT MCKAY, b. September 03, 1803; m. TILLOTSON O'BRYAN SMITH, February 01, 1824. Notes for JENNETT MCKAY: Living in Mississippi in 1857. iii. DUNCAN MCKAY, b. December 17, 1805. iv. JAMES WATSON MCKAY, b. July 28, 1808. 12. v. CHRISTIAN THOMPSON MCKAY, b. December 04, 1810; d. August 20, 1872. vi. ELIZABETH MURPHY MCKAY, b. February 12, 1813; m. SOLOMON RAY MORGAN. vii. JOHN MCKAY, b. August 01, 1815. Notes for JOHN MCKAY: Moved to Mississippi. viii. FLORA ANN MCKAY, b. February 12, 1818. ix. WILLIAM ARCHIBALD MCKAY, b. July 31, 1822; d. February 07, 1889; m. ANNIE MCLEOD. 4. ALEXANDER2 WATSON (JAMES1) was born Abt. 1779, and died August 03, 1823. He married MARY 'POLLY' CURRIE March 11, 1801 in Richmond County, NC. She was born 1782, and died 1857. Notes for ALEXANDER WATSON: Alexander Watson, at the time of his death, left him surviving the following named children as his heirs at law. Isabel who intermarried with Norman McDonald, Catherine who intermarried with Daniel Currie, Mary who intermarried with Malcom Brown, Sarah who intermarried with W. R. Lovin, L. S. Bruton who intermarried with John C. Bruton, Elizabeth, Margaret, Dianna and Alex. C. Watson, upon which children said land descended. Richmond County Court Minutes C.R.082.508.1-69 In 1850 Alexander Watson, 35, Catherine 29, Archibald 3, and Sarah 3 months were living next door to his Mother and sisters, Elizabeth, Margaret, Diana and Lovedy. Marriage Notes for ALEXANDER WATSON and MARY CURRIE: Alexander McRae, witness at their marriage Source: Richmond County Marriage Records. Children of ALEXANDER WATSON and MARY CURRIE are: 13. i. ISABEL3 WATSON, b. Abt. 1803. ii. CATHERINE WATSON, b. Abt. 1804; m. DANIEL CURRIE. 14. iii. MARY WATSON, b. Abt. 1806; d. 1875. 15. iv. SARAH WATSON, b. Abt. 1808; d. 1885. v. ELIZABETH WATSON, b. 1810; d. June 17, 1882, Richmond County, NC. Notes for ELIZABETH WATSON: "Elizabeth was in a helpless condition and confined to the house and her bed the most of the time before she died. Dianna and Margaret together would raise her up on the bed when necessary, dress her when she was unable to dress herself, and Dianna fed her like a child when she couldn't raise a fork to her mouth." N. T. Currie, May 1891 "Elizabeth's heath was very bad for two or three years before she died, or more. Dianna had to work with her a good deal of the time like a child; dress her sometimes for the calls of nature; and I've seen her often have to turn her on the bed; set up at nights and had very little help. I know of her breaking down and my wife had to go and rest her up. She got wood out of the woods to keep a fire built, and water out of the spring. Dr. Colin Bethune lived about three miles away and visited her often." John C. Bruton, May 1891 "Miss Dianna rubbed her with liniment and oils and wrapped her limbs up with warm cloths, sat up with her a night, and made teas and poultices, and would fix up something dainty that she could eat, changed her clothes and turned her over in bed very often, stayed with her most of the time in warm weather and kept the flies off of her. Dianna did all the cooking and washing in bad weather. Margaret assisted her in dry open weather. Aunt Margaret was there all the time, and she herself required waiting on part of the time, and was not able to do much. Dianna tended to all the business. Part of the time Elizabeth could walk about through the house, and sometimes in the yard during the day, but at night she required attention most of the time She would be worse at night. Aunt Margaret was not able to wait on her very much. She would do some light service during the day, but she was not able to sit up with Elizabeth during the night or to turn her or do anything of the sort." Mary C. Bruton, May 1891 I was going to school at Ellerbe Springs during the first part of 1881. I boarded there for about five months, excepting sometime while I was at home in case of sickness. It was my father who was sick. He was sick about three weeks. From the 17th of June 1881 to the latter part of August I was at home and visiting my aunts. After August for about two months and two weeks I was at Dockery's Church teaching school, during which time I never came home. In 1882 for the first three months after the middle of January I was in the neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant Church. Mary C. Bruton, May 1891 "Margaret was not able to attend to Elizabeth much. She was in very feeble health herself, and required attention herself. There were times when she was confined to the bed and could not get off of it any more that a young baby. Sometimes she woud keep the flies off of her and be with her, and then again she was in bed herself. This was after she got a fall and she was in feeble health before, but was not as bad off as she was afterwards. She fell about two years and two months before she died, and about a year before Elizabeth died." Dianna Watson, May 1891 Book III Richmond County Estate Records - Bridges vi. MARGARET WATSON, b. 1812; d. 1880. 16. vii. ALEXANDER C. WATSON, b. February 01, 1815; d. July 05, 1882. viii. DIANNA WATSON, b. December 03, 1819; d. October 15, 1914. Notes for DIANNA WATSON: In 1910 Diannah Watson 70 aunt, was living with C. Perry Dawkins 58, Mary C. sife 47, Crawford 14 son, James M. 11 son. This was Beaver Dam Township of Richmond County, NC More About DIANNA WATSON: Burial: Scottish Cemetery, Richmond County, NC 17. ix. LOVEDY S. WATSON, b. 1824. 5. ARCHIBALD2 WATSON (JAMES1) was born Abt. 1782, and died Bef. 1827. He married ELIZABETH 'BETSEY' CHANCE January 02, 1801 in Richmond County, NC. She was born 1778, and died March 31, 1849 in Richmond County, NC. Notes for ARCHIBALD WATSON: John Watson was witness at their marriage. Notes for ELIZABETH 'BETSEY' CHANCE: April 24, 1849 Issue Fayetteville Observer: Died near Rockingham, Richmond County on the 31st of March, aged 71, Mrs. Elizabeth Watson. She was born in Wayne County, and in early life moved to this county and was married to Archibald Watson. Child of ARCHIBALD WATSON and ELIZABETH CHANCE is: 18. i. MATTHEW3 WATSON, b. Abt. 1806; d. Aft. 1880. Generation No. 3 6. JAMES G.3 WATSON (JOHN2, JAMES1) was born November 19, 1806, and died June 05, 1899. He married (1) HARRIET CHANCE? Abt. 1830, daughter of WARNER CHANCE. He married (2) PENELOPE TAILOR CURRIE Abt. 1859. She was born May 22, 1826, and died July 05, 1911. Notes for JAMES G. WATSON: In 1850 James Watson lived in dwelling #597 with his three children. No wife shown. Penelope Tailor 25, and her daughter Elizabeth Tailor 1yr. were in Dwelling #598. In 1860 Penelope Currie 35, and Elizabeth 11, are next still door. By now Penelope has Margaret 8, Catharine 6, and Rachel 2 yrs. Apparently James and Penelope have lost their spouses. This is the Steeles District and Post Office is Drowning Creek. Living next door to Penelope Currie in 1860 is an Elizabeth Watson 28 ?, Elizabeth Watson 29 (perhaps this is the wife and children of Elijah Watson), Jane Watson 6, Virginia Watson 4, and John Watson, 2 months. By 1870 Frances Watson, 34 is in Dwelling #10 and James Watson 64, Pennie Currie 40, Elizabeth Currie, 19, Margaret Currie 17, Katie 12, Rachel 12, Mary 9, Penelope 6 and James 2, are in dwelling #11 in Beaverdam Township Notes for HARRIET CHANCE?: By 1860 James' first wife was not living in this home. Deceased? ...or divorced? Notes for PENELOPE TAILOR CURRIE: On August 5, 1847, Richmond County, NC William Currie petitioned the Court for divorce against Penelope Currie. He stated that he married Penelope Currie sometime in the year 1840, that he lived with her supporting, cherishing and protecting her and in peace and harmony until the Month of December 1846. He and his wife had been living at her mother's during that year and He had in August provided a home for himself and Penelope. "That after he had gotten all things in readiness he wanted his wife, the said Penelope, to accompany him and she absolutely refused to go but continued staying with her mother without assigning any substantial reason for so doing. After your petitioner had settled to himself he sent two of his friends, Thomas Smith and Hugh McLean, to request and advise the said Penelope to come and live with your petitioner, but she still positively declined. Some short time after the month above named your petitioner's wife, the said Penelope, left her mother's [house] and went to live with James Watson (a married man who has driven his own wife away from his house and has not lived with her for the last fifteen months, or thereabouts). That she has lived and is now living with the said James Watson in open and voluntary adultry. Your petitioner further states to your Honor that the causes of the separation at the beginning are by no means attributed to him to any harsh or ill treatment and that her absence and refusal to go with him to his house were of her own voluntary choice and not from any compulsion of himself or any one by his authority. Your petitioner further states that he has opposed her living in adultery ... or had any reasons to suspect that the fact ... he has not received, counseled or cohabited with her or in any way ... her to conjugal embraces. Your petitioner further shows the causes of this Petition have exerted six months prior to the filing of this Petition and that he has been guilty of no act which could by the remotest probability have [caused] her to withdraw from his proection, but that her separation from him and commission of adultery with the said Watson was voluntary and not with his ... Your petitioner further states to your Honor that this Petition is not filed by collusion or ..., but for the grave causes set forth in this Petition. Your petitioner states further to your Honor that one child is the offspring of his marriage which is about 4 years old and is now living with your petitioner and well provided for. Your petitioner therefore, humbly prays your Honor to grant him divorce a vincuto matrimonii and that your Honor will grant him such other and further relief as the nature of his case may from time to time require." ... Richmond County Civil Action Papers CR.082.325.20 Children of JAMES WATSON and HARRIET CHANCE? are: 19. i. ELIJAH4 WATSON, b. 1832; d. Aft. 1894. ii. FRANCES A. 'FANNIE' WATSON, b. 1835; d. 1894; m. DUNCAN C. NORTON. Notes for FRANCES A. 'FANNIE' WATSON: Fannie A. Norton at the time of her death owned land describes as "beginning at a corner of Elijah Watson's line on the East side of Ellerbe Branch and runs with said line North 19 chains to a corner beyond said Watson's corner to a stake one pine pointer (metes & bounds described), containing about 100 acres more or less of the value of about $75." iii. SARAH 'SALLIE' WATSON, b. 1837; m. ROBERT WALLACE. Notes for SARAH 'SALLIE' WATSON: Sarah 52, and Robert Wallace were living in Beaverdam Township in 1884. Children of JAMES WATSON and PENELOPE CURRIE are: 20. iv. MARGARET J.4 WATSON, b. April 10, 1854; d. April 11, 1945. 21. v. CATHARINE 'KATE' WATSON, b. 1855; d. February 13, 1920. vi. RACHEL A. WATSON, b. August 22, 1860; d. May 05, 1893. More About RACHEL A. WATSON: Burial: Watson Cemetery, Richmond County, NC vii. MARY WATSON, b. 1861. viii. PENELOPE WATSON, b. 1864. 22. ix. JAMES K. WATSON, b. September 08, 1869; d. April 16, 1936. 7. ELIZABETH3 WATSON (JOHN2, JAMES1) was born Abt. 1808, and died Abt. 1846. She married JOHN K. GIBSON Abt. 1830. He was born Abt. 1809, and died August 19, 1854 in Richmond County, NC. Notes for ELIZABETH WATSON: Elizabeth Gibson, the wife of John K. Gibson, departed this life intestate in the lifetime of the said John Watson, deceased, leaving her surviving as her children and heirs at law, the defendant, Christopher C. Gibson, William M. Gibson, Frances Gibson, Sarah Gibson and John K. Gibson and Mary Gibson, who has intermarried with the defendant, William Gibson, and that the said Margaret Watson, during the lifetime of her said father, intermarried with the said John K. Gibson, the surviving husband of the said Elizabeth, deceased, as aforesaid; and that the said John K. Gibson, the husband of the said Margaret, departed this life intestate in the Month of August A. D. 1854. Your petitioners further show unto your Worships that the said John K. Gibson left him surviving as his children and heirs at law the said Christopher C. Gibson, Mary, the wife of William Gibson, William M. Gibson, Frances Gibson, Sarah Gibson, John K. Gibson and Elizabeth Gibson, and his widow and relict, Margaret Gibson, who hereby waives her right to be endowed of the interest in the lands purchased of the said Archibald Watson by her said husband. Notes for JOHN K. GIBSON: Married in Richmond County, on the 4th John K. Gibson, to Miss Margaret Watson, daughter of John Watson, Sen, all of Richmond County. Source: September 14, 1847 Issue Fayetteville Observer. She was a sister to Elizabeth, John K's first wife. Children of ELIZABETH WATSON and JOHN GIBSON are: i. CHRISTOPHER C.4 GIBSON, b. 1832; d. June 22, 1879, "In Arkansas, but his home was Richmond County, NC.". Notes for CHRISTOPHER C. GIBSON: In 1855 he was living beyond the limits of North Carolina.In October 1854, Christopher Gibson lived beyond the limits of North Carolina. 23. ii. MARY GIBSON, b. 1834. iii. WILLIAM M. GIBSON, b. 1836. iv. FRANCES GIBSON, b. 1838; m. JOHN C. TERRY. v. SARAH GIBSON, b. 1840; m. THOMAS COVINGTON. vi. ELIZABETH M. GIBSON, b. 1844. vii. JOHN K. GIBSON, b. 1846. Notes for JOHN K. GIBSON: John C. Gibson was living in the Powhatan County, Arkansas on Dec 17, 1879 - "Richmond County Estate Records" - Bridges - Book I pg 176. I was able to locate a John R. Gibson, b. NC 24, male white Lawyer in Powhattan County Arkansas in 1870. 8. FRANCES3 WATSON (JOHN2, JAMES1) was born 1810. She married DAVID MORGAN. Children of FRANCES WATSON and DAVID MORGAN are: i. JOHN4 MORGAN. ii. TOM MORGAN. iii. ALEXANDER MORGAN. iv. LAURA MORGAN. v. FLORA MORGAN. 9. JOHN G.3 WATSON (JOHN2, JAMES1) was born June 03, 1811, and died December 29, 1878. He married MARY C. SMITH Abt. 1839, daughter of JOHN SMITH and REBECCA COVINGTON. She was born December 10, 1815, and died July 01, 1889. Notes for JOHN G. WATSON: John Watson at his death was seized and possessed of a parcel or tract of land lying in a body on Hitchcock Creek adjoining the lands of W. S. Watson, Daniel McDonald and others composed of two separate entries or tracts; one of 175 acres and one of 10 acres and known together as the "Home Place" and also of a parcel or tract of land composed of five different entries or tracts all in a body situate and lying on Rocky Branch Miry Prong and the Fayetteville road adjoining the lands of R. S. Ledbetter, Daniel McDonald, estate lands of Wyatt Dawkins, deceased, and others and containing 330 acres and known as the "Sand Hill" lands. John's children wish to have partition of said lands made amongst them according to their respective rights and interests therein (excepting however, from the 175 acre tract of the "Home Place" two acres to include the present family burial place to be used as a family cemetery) Source: Richmond County Estate Records; 'Our Native Heath' - Bridges More About MARY C. SMITH: Burial: John Watson Cemetery, Richmond County, NC Children of JOHN WATSON and MARY SMITH are: i. ANNA JANE4 WATSON, b. December 09, 1839; d. January 28, 1897. More About ANNA JANE WATSON: Burial: John Watson Cemetery, Richmond County, NC ii. WILLIAM WATSON, b. February 08, 1842; d. March 04, 1845. iii. ELIZABETH WATSON, b. April 09, 1844; d. July 27, 1907. 24. iv. JOHN S. WATSON, b. 1846; d. Aft. 1878. v. HARRIET WATSON, b. 1848; d. 1911; m. MATTHEW JAMES THROWER; b. September 25, 1847; d. July 05, 1922. More About HARRIET WATSON: Burial: Eastside Cemetery, Rockingham, NC More About MATTHEW JAMES THROWER: Burial: Eastside Cemetery, Rockingham, NC vi. REBECCA WATSON, b. 1850; m. WILLIAM LONG; d. Bef. November 1891. vii. MARY WATSON, b. 1852; d. Abt. November 1891; m. SAMUEL G. COVINGTON. 25. viii. HENRY CLAY WATSON, b. December 04, 1854; d. May 07, 1926. ix. ARCHIBALD M. WATSON, b. 1857. Notes for ARCHIBALD M. WATSON: The 1880 Census of Richmond County, Beaver Dam District, Mary C. Watson 64, Anna J. 40, Elizabeth 36 and Archibald Watson 23 unm. , and Robert F. Watson 20. x. ROBERT F. WATSON, b. June 02, 1859; d. May 02, 1890. Notes for ROBERT F. WATSON: He died unmarried. 10. MARY3 WATSON (JOHN2, JAMES1) was born Abt. 1818. She married WYATT DAWKINS. He was born Abt. 1818. Children of MARY WATSON and WYATT DAWKINS are: i. JANE4 DAWKINS, b. 1834. ii. TYRESSA DAWKINS, b. 1837; m. H. H. COVINGTON. iii. CHARLOTTE DAWKINS, b. Abt. 1839. 26. iv. FRANCES 'FANNY' DAWKINS, b. 1843. 27. v. JOHN WYATT DAWKINS, b. 1844; d. October 10, 1910. vi. WYATT DAWKINS, b. 1846. vii. MARY DAWKINS, b. 1850. viii. JAMES D. DAWKINS, b. 1851; d. June 20, 1923. 11. SARAH 'SALLIE'3 WATSON (JOHN2, JAMES1) was born 1822, and died Abt. March 1892. She married SAMUEL GIBSON. He was born 1820, and died Aft. 1880. Children of SARAH WATSON and SAMUEL GIBSON are: i. MARY4 GIBSON, b. 1854. Notes for MARY GIBSON: At the death of Sarah, his mother, Archie M. states that Mary is not of sufficient mental capacity, and requests to be appointed administrator of her estate. Richmond County Estate Records Book I - Bridges ii. ARCHIBALD M. GIBSON, b. July 14, 1856; d. November 18, 1938; m. JANIE ELIZABETH ISGETT. iii. SARAH MARGARET GIBSON, b. 1859; m. W. A. GILLIS. 12. CHRISTIAN THOMPSON3 MCKAY (FLORAH2 WATSON, JAMES1) was born December 04, 1810, and died August 20, 1872. She married HUGH HENDERSON August 30, 1828. He was born September 09, 1803. Children of CHRISTIAN MCKAY and HUGH HENDERSON are: i. FLORAH ANN4 HENDERSON, b. May 19, 1830. ii. MARY JANE HENDERSON, b. May 01, 1832. iii. CATHERINE ELIZABETH HENDERSON, b. August 30, 1834. iv. DANIEL HENDERSON, b. September 04, 1836. 13. ISABEL3 WATSON (ALEXANDER2, JAMES1) was born Abt. 1803. She married NORMAN MCDONALD. He was born 1800, and died Bef. 1885. Notes for NORMAN MCDONALD: This family lived in the Fairground District of Richmond County during 1850. Children of ISABEL WATSON and NORMAN MCDONALD are: i. ELIZA A.4 MCDONALD, b. 1832. ii. EVANDER MCDONALD, b. 1833. iii. MARY MCDONALD, b. 1839. iv. JOHN MCDONALD, b. 1841. v. STARLING MCDONALD, b. 1844. 14. MARY3 WATSON (ALEXANDER2, JAMES1) was born Abt. 1806, and died 1875. She married MALCOM BROWN. Children of MARY WATSON and MALCOM BROWN are: i. A. W.4 BROWN. ii. EMELINE BROWN. iii. MARGARET BROWN. iv. D. W. BROWN. v. MALCOM BROWN. vi. S. J. BROWN. vii. M. A. BROWN. 15. SARAH3 WATSON (ALEXANDER2, JAMES1) was born Abt. 1808, and died 1885. She married WILLIAM R. LOVIN March 07, 1841. Child of SARAH WATSON and WILLIAM LOVIN is: i. ROBERT B.4 LOVIN. 16. ALEXANDER C.3 WATSON (ALEXANDER2, JAMES1) was born February 01, 1815, and died July 05, 1882. He married (1) CATHERINE GRAHAM Abt. 1847, daughter of NEILL GRAHAM and MARGARET CAMPBELL. She was born April 16, 1817, and died March 16, 1877. He married (2) MARGARET MCKENZIE Abt. 1878. She was born October 20, 1840, and died June 16, 1913. Notes for ALEXANDER C. WATSON: Alexander C. Watson who resides at Bell's Creek, some ten miles north of this place, was stricken with paralysis in his left side, on Monday last, about the hour of 12 o'clock July 23, 1881. Source: Spirit of the South Newspaper. Notes for CATHERINE GRAHAM: Catherine's brothers and sisters and spouses were: Wm. W. Graham, Daniel C. Graham, Lewis Bingham and wife Mary of Randolph County; John Graham, Peter Graham, Lewis Rowsey and wife Issabella; Thomas Dilworth and wife Ann, and the heirs of Malcom Graham, deceased, viz., W. H. Harrison Graham, and Ann Elizabeth Graham, non residents of North Carolina. Source: Book I - Richmond County Estate Records - Bridges 1851 July Term A petition of for the division of slaves. Richmond County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. The petitioners, John Graham, Malcom Graham, William W. Graham, Peter Graham, Mary Campbell, James W. C., Daniel C., and Isabella Graham, Alexander Watson and wife Catherine, and Margaret Graham request and show that they are the heirs of Neill Graham late of Richmond County. Neill Graham died the 14th day August 1859 leaving 22 Negro slaves. (Signed) Peacock, Attorney for Petitioners. Source: Richmond County Estate Records CR 082.508.21 - NCA More About CATHERINE GRAHAM: Burial: J. C. Watson Cemetery, Richmond County, NC Notes for MARGARET MCKENZIE: Margaret McKenzie MAY have been the widow of W. A. McKenzie who died March 30, 1878. Children of ALEXANDER WATSON and CATHERINE GRAHAM are: i. GRAHAM ARCHIBALD4 WATSON, b. August 13, 1848; d. August 29, 1913. More About GRAHAM ARCHIBALD WATSON: Burial: J. C. Watson Cemetery, Richmond County, NC ii. SARAH ANN WATSON, b. February 15, 1850; d. July 03, 1903. iii. MARY C. WATSON, b. May 05, 1852; d. April 29, 1932. iv. ALEXANDER M. WATSON, b. December 29, 1854; d. January 18, 1923. Notes for ALEXANDER M. WATSON: He was living in the State of Colorado in 1882. v. MARGARET E. WATSON, b. 1857; m. KENNETH M. PATTERSON; b. Abt. 1860. Notes for MARGARET E. WATSON: They lived in Moore County, NC in 1882. Notes for KENNETH M. PATTERSON: Kenneth's mother, Mary A. Patterson 43, and a Furm. William Patterson 31, lived with Kenneth and Maggie in Moore County in 1880. vi. WILLIAM N. WATSON, b. February 15, 1862; d. August 28, 1928. Children of ALEXANDER WATSON and MARGARET MCKENZIE are: vii. COLIN BETHUNE4 WATSON, b. September 17, 1878; d. May 05, 1920. Notes for COLIN BETHUNE WATSON: Colin Bethune Watson was baptized April 20, 1879 by S. C. Alexander at Harmony Church. Source: "Scattered Seed" by Bridges. More About COLIN BETHUNE WATSON: Burial: J. C. Watson Cemetery, Richmond County, NC viii. CLYDIE H. WATSON, b. Abt. 1882. ix. JOHN C. WATSON, b. Abt. 1880. 17. LOVEDY S.3 WATSON (ALEXANDER2, JAMES1) was born 1824. She married JOHN C. BRUTON. He was born 1818. Child of LOVEDY WATSON and JOHN BRUTON is: i. MARY C.4 BRUTON, b. 1865. 18. MATTHEW3 WATSON (ARCHIBALD2, JAMES1) was born Abt. 1806, and died Aft. 1880. He married JANE SMITH, daughter of WILLIAM P. SMITH. She was born Abt. 1817, and died Aft. 1880. Notes for MATTHEW WATSON: In 1860 Samuel C. Watson b 1814 was living with Matthew. He would later marry Catharine McDonald. Was he a brother to Matthew? John Watson who married Mary Smith, daughter of Rebecca Smith lived next door to Matthew and Jane. Are they related? Children of MATTHEW WATSON and JANE SMITH are: i. WILLIAM4 WATSON, b. 1847. ii. MATTHEW WATSON, b. 1849. 28. iii. MARTHA J. WATSON, b. 1851. Generation No. 4 19. ELIJAH4 WATSON (JAMES G.3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born 1832, and died Aft. 1894. He married ELIZABETH C. WRIGHT February 03, 1853 in Richmond County, NC. She was born Abt. 1831. Notes for ELIJAH WATSON: Thomas M. Wright was the bondsman/witness at their marriage. Thomas Gibson, MG Elijah was 57 years of age and living in Beaverdam Township, Richmond County, NC in 1884. Child of ELIJAH WATSON and ELIZABETH WRIGHT is: i. FRANCES A.5 WATSON, b. Abt. 1854. 20. MARGARET J.4 WATSON (JAMES G.3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born April 10, 1854, and died April 11, 1945. She married GEORGE WASHINGTON WILKS Abt. 1870, son of GEORGE WILKS and MARY. He was born September 09, 1840, and died June 25, 1929. More About GEORGE WASHINGTON WILKS: Burial: Marks Creek Presbyterian Church, Richmond County, NC Children of MARGARET WATSON and GEORGE WILKS are: i. NANCY A.5 WILKS, b. Abt. 1878. ii. MARY WILKS, b. Abt. 1880. 21. CATHARINE 'KATE'4 WATSON (JAMES G.3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born 1855, and died February 13, 1920. She married JOHN WYATT DAWKINS, son of WYATT DAWKINS and MARY WATSON. He was born 1844, and died October 10, 1910. Children of CATHARINE WATSON and JOHN DAWKINS are: i. GEORGE WYATT5 DAWKINS, b. June 18, 1897; d. August 03, 1966; m. IDA GARNER; b. June 05, 1905; d. January 14, 1985. ii. HENRY BEVERLY DAWKINS, b. July 02, 1889; d. December 01, 1963. iii. JAMES W. DAWKINS, b. 1889; d. February 13, 1920. iv. JOHN KELLY DAWKINS, b. April 15, 1881; d. June 25, 1948. v. THOMAS GRAY DAWKINS, b. 1893; d. March 08, 1956. 22. JAMES K.4 WATSON (JAMES G.3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born September 08, 1869, and died April 16, 1936. He married (1) FANNIE MIMS Abt. 1900. She was born Abt. 1870. He married (2) RACHEL 1904. She was born 1882. Notes for JAMES K. WATSON: Penelope Watson, mother, 84, is living with James and Rachel in 1910. This was Hoffman, in Beaverdam District. Children of JAMES WATSON and FANNIE MIMS are: i. EVA5 WATSON, b. 1895. ii. ELLA WATSON, b. 1897. iii. JENNY WATSON, b. 1898; m. UNKNOWN DUNN. iv. JAMES GARRETT WATSON, b. February 28, 1900; d. August 15, 1989; m. HATTIE B. COVINGTON, Abt. 1926; b. November 14, 1904; d. April 03, 1970. More About JAMES GARRETT WATSON: Burial: Eastside Cemetery, Rockingham, NC More About HATTIE B. COVINGTON: Burial: Eastside Cemetery, Rockingham, NC Children of JAMES WATSON and RACHEL are: v. GLADYS5 WATSON, b. 1906. vi. FANNIE WATSON, b. 1908. 23. MARY4 GIBSON (ELIZABETH3 WATSON, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born 1834. She married WILLIAM P. GIBSON Abt. November 02, 1852. He was born 1830. Notes for WILLIAM P. GIBSON: Stafford Gibson was their bondsman and R. C. McDonald the witness. Source: Richmond County Record - McLaurin Children of MARY GIBSON and WILLIAM GIBSON are: i. ALMELIA5 GIBSON, b. 1852. ii. ROBERT D. GIBSON, b. 1854. iii. JOHN K. GIBSON, b. 1856. iv. CATHARINE A. GIBSON, b. 1858. v. WILLIAM G. GIBSON, b. 1860. vi. ANN E. GIBSON, b. 1861. vii. HENRY GIBSON, b. 1863. viii. CHRISTOPHER C. GIBSON, b. 1865. ix. MARY GIBSON, b. 1866. x. LIZZIE GIBSON, b. 1868. 24. JOHN S.4 WATSON (JOHN G.3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born 1846, and died Aft. 1878. He married MARY SMITH. She was born Abt. 1832, and died Bef. November 1891. Notes for MARY SMITH: Alvin B. Watson, Mary C. Watson and Altha Watson were under 21 years, and residing with their mother at Concord, N. C. Cabarras County. in November 1891. Richmond County Estate Records; 'Our Native Heath' by Bridges Mrs. Rebecca Smith, late of Richmond County, N. C., died intestate in the Month of May A.D. 1845, leaving her surviving, her children, Susan Johnson, wife of Lindsey Johnson, who resides at Porterville, Kemper Co., Miss; Elizabeth Howell, wife of Phillip Howell, who resides at Hogansville, Troup Co., Georgia, Harriet Knight, John Watson and wife Mary, John C. Smith, Wm. H. Covington and wife Caroline and Lucy C. Thomas, who reside in Richmond County, N.C; and her grand-children, Jesse Parker, James S. Parker, Ann, wife of Elisha Pate, Betsy, wife of A. Campbell, Caroline, wife of Elijah Denning, all of which said grandchildren reside at McKenzie Station, Carrol County, Tn., and her grandchildren, W. C. Parker, who resides at Point Pleasant, New Madrid, Co., Mo; Susan, wife of John C.Wiggans, who resides at Paducah, McCracken Co., Ky; and T. C. Parker, who resides at Viola, Graves Co., Ky., on whom her lands descended at her death. 'Our Native Heath' by Bridges Children of JOHN WATSON and MARY SMITH are: i. ALVIN B.5 WATSON, b. Abt. 1870. ii. MARY WATSON, b. Abt. 1872. iii. ALTHA WATSON, b. Abt. 1874. 25. HENRY CLAY4 WATSON (JOHN G.3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born December 04, 1854, and died May 07, 1926. He married JENNIE C. ELLERBE 1884, daughter of JOHN ELLERBE and ELIZABETH COLE. She was born November 20, 1861, and died January 19, 1939 in Eastside Cemetery, Rockingham, NC. More About HENRY CLAY WATSON: Burial: Eastside Cemetery, Rockingham, NC Notes for JENNIE C. ELLERBE: Jennie Watson, 68 was living with daughter Bessie W. 40 and her husband John Chalk 47, in 1930 Census of Richmond County. Children of HENRY WATSON and JENNIE ELLERBE are: i. ANNIE J.5 WATSON, b. Abt. 1885. Notes for ANNIE J. WATSON: Annie may have died Infant. 31. ii. BESSIE M. WATSON, b. 1890. iii. JENNIE ELIZABETH WATSON, b. 1894. 26. FRANCES 'FANNY'4 DAWKINS (MARY3 WATSON, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born 1843. She married NELSON G. TERRY. He was born 1834. Children of FRANCES DAWKINS and NELSON TERRY are: i. CHAMP5 TERRY, b. 1868. ii. MARY TERRY, b. 1869. iii. RACHEL TERRY, b. December 25, 1870; d. June 25, 1932. iv. FANNY TERRY, b. 1874. v. FLORA TERRY, b. 1876. vi. JANE TERRY, b. 1879. 27. JOHN WYATT4 DAWKINS (MARY3 WATSON, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born 1844, and died October 10, 1910. He married CATHARINE 'KATE' WATSON, daughter of JAMES WATSON and PENELOPE CURRIE. She was born 1855, and died February 13, 1920. Children are listed above under (21) Catharine 'Kate' Watson. 28. MARTHA J.4 WATSON (MATTHEW3, ARCHIBALD2, JAMES1) was born 1851. Children of MARTHA J. WATSON are: i. CORA5 WATSON, b. 1871. ii. CORDELLA WATSON, b. 1873. iii. BELL WATSON, b. 1875. iv. RALPH WATSON, b. 1877. Generation No. 5 29. JENNY5 WATSON (JAMES K.4, JAMES G.3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born 1898. She married UNKNOWN DUNN. Children of JENNY WATSON and UNKNOWN DUNN are: i. NORMAN6 DUNN. ii. TOMMY DUNN. 30. JAMES GARRETT5 WATSON (JAMES K.4, JAMES G.3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born February 28, 1900, and died August 15, 1989. He married HATTIE B. COVINGTON Abt. 1926. She was born November 14, 1904, and died April 03, 1970. More About JAMES GARRETT WATSON: Burial: Eastside Cemetery, Rockingham, NC More About HATTIE B. COVINGTON: Burial: Eastside Cemetery, Rockingham, NC Children of JAMES WATSON and HATTIE COVINGTON are: i. JAMES JR.6 WATSON, b. 1926. ii. HOWARD WATSON, b. 1928. iii. FRANCES L. WATSON, b. Abt. 1930. iv. MARGARET WATSON, b. Abt. 1935. v. LOUISE WATSON, b. Abt. 1936. vi. ROWLAND WATSON, b. Abt. 1938. vii. EARL WATSON, b. Abt. 1939; d. 2003; m. LINDA LOPEZ. viii. SALLY ANN WATSON, b. 1941; m. JERRY RUSSELL. ix. HATTIE JEAN WATSON, b. 1943. 31. BESSIE M.5 WATSON (HENRY CLAY4, JOHN G.3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born 1890. She married JOHN D. CHALK 1916. He was born 1883 in Maryland. Child of BESSIE WATSON and JOHN CHALK is: i. JOHN D.6 CHALK, b. 1919.

Visited the James G. Watson Cemetery. ... that was off of James G. Watson Road (near the old Indian Camp area) off of US1. 
We took photos and got a GPS reading. Thank goodness for YOUR "Descendants of James Watson 1750-1827" !!!!!!!                  
These were copied from the markers for children of Kate Watson & John Wyatt Dawkins:

John K. Dawkins died June 25, 1948 (A-58, died age 58, estimated birth year 1890)
James W. Dawkins Died Feb 14, 1920 (A-40, died age 40, estimated birth year 1880)
Tom G. Dawkins Died March 8, 1956 (A-58, died age 58, estimated birth year 1898)
George WYATT (no s) Dawkins Born June 18, 1897  Died Aug. 3, 1966 (Shares a nice 
double marker with his wife) Ida Garner Born 5 June 1905 Died 14 Jan 1985.
Henry Dawkins July 2, 1889 Dec 1, 1963 (a nice modern marker).

Shared by May MacCallum  February 9, 2011

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