Looking for descendants of 4th-g-Isham Henry's son's to participate in the HENRY DNA PROJECT and 
see how they match up with our 3rd-g-Riley Henry branch.  Participant MUST be a HENRY male, as only 
males carry the Y-chromosome from their father's line.

Here is the link to read more about Genealogical DNA testing and/or order the test... (If at all possible, 
please get the 37 marker.  It's $219, i think.  The 12 matches nearly EVERYONE coming over from Western 
Europe... the 26 marker breaks us down a little better, but the 37 seems best for narrowing down to about 
300 years or so.) http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~henrydna/index.html

While our numbers are similar to the other Western European (R1b) Henry lines currently tested, our most 
common ancestor appears to be further back than 400-500 years.  We actually match closest to ! a member 
of the Walls family (which were plentiful in the Anson/Richmond Co, NC area where Riley(b.1812) moved 
from in 1845).  I'm currently working with a Wall's family member, whose cuzin matched our cuzin Riley 
Henry 34 out of 37 markers (or genetic distance of 3).

If you are an Isham Henry descendant, please email MaryElla. Thanks. February 22, 2006

Estate Record of Isham Henry - 1844

Posted October 21, 2001 by Myrtle Bridges

North Carolina, Richmond County -In the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. The petition of 
Lucretia Henry vs. Reubin Henry, Wm. Henry, Jesse Henry, Eliza Henry, James Arrington and Jincy 
his wife (Richmond County marriage bond dated 02/04/1840. Bondsman, John McColl), William Knotts 
and Lucy his wife, Lottie Henry, (19 years), Patsy Henry, Caroline Henry, Elijah Henry, Berry Henry, 
and Riley Henry. 

1. Lucretia Henry humbly complaining sheweth unto your Worships that her husband Isham Henry, late of Richmond County, departed this life about 16th day of October 1844 intestate.

2. That at the time of his death he was seized and possessed of a tract of land situate lying and being in said County of Richmond on the waters of Little Mountain Crk. adjoining lands of Alexander Martin, James Bostick, John McFadyen and others containing about three hundred and fifty acres more or less.

3. Your petitioner further sheweth unto your Worships that he left him surviving his widow your petitioner, and the following children: Reubin Henry, William Henry, Jesse Henry, Wilson Henry, Eliza Henry who intermarried with Jesse Segoe, Jincy Henry who intermarried with James Arrington, Maranda Henry who intermarried with William Knotts, Lotty Henry, Elijah Henry all of whom reside in Anson County. [A separate hand-written copy of this petition also shows Ann Henry Knotts wife of Edward Knotts & Thomas Henry as children of Isham & Lucretia Henry. Thomas resides out of the State], Patsy Henry and Caroline Henry infants under the age of twenty one who reside in Richmond County, Berry Henry who resides in Mecklenburg County and Riley Henry who resides in the State of Tennessee, and who previous to his removal, sold all his interest in said lands to Joseph P. Smith of Anson County, and whose interest in said lands has also been sold by an attachment, and John Watson became the purchaser.

4. Your petitioner further sheweth to your Worships that she is entitled to her dower in said lands, and prays your Worships that the Sheriff be commanded to summon twelve freeholders unconnected to your petitioner to lay off and allot to your petitioner her dower in said lands according to law. And that copies of this petition issue to all the heirs at law and that publication be made in Fayetteville Observer for six weeks for Riley Henry to appear at the next Court to be held in Rockingham on the third Monday in April next to defend this petition and that your Worships will grant such other and further relief in the premises as the nature of the case may require and to your Worships shall seem meet. May it please your Worships to grant your States Writ of Subpoena commanding the said defendants personally to be and appear at our next Court to be held for the County of Richmond at the Court House in Rockingham on the 3rd Monday in April next then and there to answer this petition. A. Little Sol. For Petitioner. In testimony I hereunto set my hand and seal of office in Rockingham the 3rd Monday in January 1847. R. S. McDonald   (Source:Richmond County Estate Records- Book II by Myrtle Bridges)

The 1800 Census of Richmond County shows 6 members in the Isham Henry household; 1 free white male between the ages of 26 and 45; 2 males under 10 yrs; 1 male between the ages of 10 and 16 yrs; 1 free white female between the ages of 16 and 26, and 1 free white female 45 yrs. or older.

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