Fayetteville Observer, (Fayetteville, NC) February 01, 1858

Myrtle Bridges   January 06, 2010


Richmond County, Jan'y 23, 1858
Messrs. E.J. Hale & Son-Dear Sirs:
I have been a Bee-raiser for many years, and in that time have taken some very rich hives of honey; but having 
never seen or heard of as great yield from one hive as from one raised by my old friend Joseph Moody Ingram, of 
this County, and taken the past Fall, I have thought it worthy of a place in your valuable paper; and therefore 
offer it to you for the benefit of your readers, and at the same time as a banter thrown out to them.

The old gentleman, believing that he had something a little extraordinary, invited myself and some other Bee-raisers 
to the "taking," and having been present and witnessed the whole operation, I vouch for the accuracy of the statement: 
The hive or box, was made of 13-inch boards, 4 feet long, was in its third year, and the honey-comb taken-filled with 
the richest honey-weighed one hundred pounds, after all-white and black (for there were several of the latter class 
assisting)-had feasted to satiety on the rich food. There was other combs of poor quality, containing sour honey, that 
was not weighed. Mr. Ingram says he intends trying his hand again. (signed) Richmond

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