Followed by research notes of Steve Edgerton
Posted January 28, 2004 by Myrtle Bridges

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North Carolina, Richmond County. An administrators bond  dated 22 December 1818 shows Christian McPherson 
and Neal Ferguson applied for letters of administration on the estate of Hugh McPherson. Kenneth McKenzie, 
Daniel Ferguson, Christian McPherson, and Duncan Ferguson, Bondsmen.

An inventory of two sales of the estate of Hugh McPherson, deceased, held by the administrators on and 22nd 
Jany 1819 and again on the 5th of March 1819 shows the following purchasers: Alexander McPherson, Colin 
McPherson, John McPherson, Duncan  Ferguson, Wm. Martin, Daniel Lennan, Neill Ferguson, Sandy McPherson, 
Flora Buie, Moses Parker, Lauchlin McLaurin, Steven Dees, James McLaurin, Daniel McLaurin, Archibald Leach, 
Neill McLaurin, John McKay, Duncan Cochoon, Daniel Lamond, Hector McNeill, Archibald McKay, William Surgener, 
Neill McArn, Daniel Beasley, Angus McInis, Archibald McLeod, Joseph Nelson, Tryam McFarland, Alexander 
McMillan, Angus McLaurin, Neill Buie, Angus McDuffie, James Bounds, Malcom Shaw, John Little, John McFarland, 
Neill McLaurin, Archibald Campbell, Gilbert Gilchrist, John McAlister and Daniel Ferguson and Christian 
McPherson, Adm.

This Hugh is my ggg-grandfather's brother, born May 7, 1793. He married Christian Ferguson around 1815. 
I've not been able to pinpoint her parents but I think she may have been of the James Ferguson family of 
Robeson. Hugh was the son of Daniel and Marian McNeill McPherson of Robeson [some people still all them 
"Reverend Daniel" McPherson and Sarah McNeill but this is incorrect]. I believe this Hugh served in the 
War of 1812 [Robeson County militia]. Hugh and Christian had two surviving children, Daniel [c. 1816 - d. ?] 
and Sarah Ann [b.1818-19 - d. ?] who married Emen Parker in 1839 [son of Moses Parker of Rev. War fame in 
Marlboro district, SC] at the home of Archibald Gilchrist in Robeson. Archibald Gilchrist was appointed 
Daniel's and Sarah Ann's guardian after their father's death--and they were a bit rebellious. 

Their mother, Christian, appears to have gone to Florida, and probably went with relatives being left with 
little to live on. Young Daniel went west about 1840 or 41, according to the guardian's accounts, and 
probably went to Mississippi to be with Buie relatives who wrote letters [I have copies of them] beckoning 
fortune and cheap land. I know nothing more about Daniel as yet. This young Daniel had a first cousin named 
Daniel McPherson who went to Alabama [I'm in touch with his relatives there] so the two should not get 
confused. I'm telling you all this because I'm sure our Hugh has descendants somewhere, at least through 
Sarah Ann McPherson Parker--she had four sons that I know of, and she and Emen moved around several times 
from state to state.

Now, the only reason I'm sure this is my ancestor's brother is that in a deed within an estate in Robeson, 
it is mentioned that "at the instance [sic] of Christian McPherson, relict of Hugh McPherson," a deed was 
drawn up to settle property. When I found Hugh in Myrtle's book, I saw that Christian was the adminstratrix of 
his estate, surrounded by Fergusons who were probably brothers and perhaps a father. Also included were the 
folks you mention below. 

• Moses Parker figures later since his son marries Hugh's daughter.... The others:
• I don't know who Archibald Campbell is.
• Alexander McPherson was probably the son of Malcolm McPherson, Sr., of Cumberland County [unless 
Sandy was listed twice], and a neighbor of Colin McPherson of Cumberland. I tend to believe Malcolm's 
McPhersons and my McPhersons of Cumberland were related.
• Colin McPherson is either Hugh's younger brother Colin or his first-cousin Colin of Cumberland who 
married Nancy Campbell.
• John McPherson was Colin's [Nancy's husband] brother and another first cousin of Hugh. This John 
married Sallie Black.
• Duncan and Neill Ferguson were probably relatives of Christian.
• Sandy [short for Alexander] McPherson is my ggg-grandfather, and Hugh's brother.
• Flora Buie is Hugh's older sister, wife of Daniel Buie [a highly intelligent, and legally-savvy woman 
of her day].
• Gilbert Gilchrist was Hugh's brother-in-law and Archibald Gilchrist's brother.

It appears Hugh wanted to venture west, settled in Richmond and died soon afterwards leaving a young 
widow and two tiny children. But, it's odd, because Hugh and his young brother Colin together owned 
over 1100 acres in Robeson county that their father, Daniel, had bought for them at auction when they 
were only five and three years old, respectively. But that's another story. I suppose that Hugh didn't 
have time to sell out of his part of the land before his untimely death.

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