Fayetteville Observer, February 04, 1897; Issue 4; col C
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Mr. J.P. Gibson, of Bennettsville Advocate, informs us that the superintendent of the McColl Manufacturing Company
at McColl's station (SC) this morning shot and killed John Goodman, the engineer. Says Mr. Gibson: "The men had a 
difficulty yesterday and the superintendent told Goodman to leave the factory and not to return. But he did return
this morning and picked up an iron lever and made at the superintendent, who thereupon drew his pistol and shot
Goodman three times causing instant death." 

Just before the train from Bennettsville arrived here this morning chief of police Flowers received a telegram from 
McColl's requesting him to meet the train upon its arrival in Fayetteville and search it for a man named G.C. Barlow,
wanted there for killing a man named Goodman this morning. The telegram stated that Barlow was a fine looking man, 
rather slightly built, with a dark moustache and wearing a dark serge suit. Capt. Flowers searched the train in company
with a woman who knew Barlow, but did not find him.

LATER-- We have just received a telegram stating that Goodman is not dead and there is a chance for his recovery.

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