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Thelma Wallace Bostic
Mary Wallace Eickelberg
Susan Blue Wallace (1869 - 1951)

We visited the Blue Cemetery near the old Hoffman School building. - off of highway #1 on Blues Bridge Rd. There were these 
folk's markers from the Hoffman photos we shared earlier:
Thelma W. Bostic (on marker was spelled- Bostick & Thelma Wallace Bostick (1903-1982).
Also: Susan Wallace from photos as Mrs. Susan Blue Wallace/ Susan Wallace/ Mama-1949...Copied from markers:
Susan Blue 
Wife of D. T. Wallace              
Sept. 6, 1869                      
Mar. 16, 1951 

Next to Susan's marker: 
David T. Wallace
Mar 21, 1868
Jan 26, 1911

Shared by May McCallum  February 9, 2011

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