Military Warrant for the Land Grant in Sumner Co, TN and Warrenton, NC Pay Receipts

Contributed by: MaryElla Henry-Fitzsimmons of Woodbury, GA  and  Myrtle Bridges.   March 23, 2007.

MANY THANKS to Cuzin Emily Boling (descendant of Calvin C. Henry- s/o Riley, s/o Isham 
who died Oct 1844) for contacting NC State Archives and obtaining copies of the Military Warrant 
for the Land Grant in Sumner Co, TN and Warrenton, NC Pay Receipts!  Research continues to find 
out if/how this "Revolution Isham Henry" and John Smith ties in with our ancestor Isham Henry, 
who died in Richmond Co, NC October 1844, and the John Smiths' of neighboring Anson Co, NC.

MILITARY WARRANT No. 908 TENNESSEE County: Sumner Name: Smith, John Assignee Acres: 640 Grant No. 2477 Issued: 31st Dec 1793 Warrant No. _________________ Entry No. 2726 Entered: 25 Nov 1789 Book No. 81 Page No. 435 Location: On S. side of Cumberland River Remarks: heirs Isham Henry

State of NCarolina No 2726 The Hon James Glasgow Esq Secretary of State_____ To Col. Martin Armstrong Greeting You are hereby required to lay of & survey for the Heirs of ISHAM HENRY a Priv____ in the lines of this State Six hundred and forty Acres of land within the limits of the land reserved by Law For the Officers and following of the Continental line of this State. Observing the conditions of the Act of Afsembly In such case made and provided for running out lands two Just and fair plans thereof with a Certificate to each Annexed you are to transmit to my Office within the Time limited by Law.___ Given under my Hand at Fairfield The 30th day of Sept 1785. W.Williams ?___?

I JACOB HENRY Heir of ISHAM HENRY Deseast do in Dorse the within warrant to Uzzell Goodson for ful Value Recived and Do Requist Colo Martin Armstrong or his Deputy to make the Survey in the name of the said Uzzell Goodson given under my hand Nov the 10th 1785 Witnef His His Baley X Roberson Jacob X Henry Mark mark No 2726 The Heirs of Isham Henry 640 acres Uzzell Goodson for ful value Received do assign all my Right of the with in warrant to John Smith and do Request Colo Martin Armstrong to make the Survay in the name of the said John Smith. Given under my hand this 28 day of December 1785. ?___ Brit Smith Uzzell Goodson

Sumner County stake Mero District o o Sugartree & Hickory By Scale of Edmund Jennings 200 pole to the ?___ Ephraim Payton stake o o beginning By virtue of a Military warrant from the Secretary of the State of North Carolina No.2726 Located the 24th day of Nov 1789___ I have surveyed for Colo John Smith afsignee Originally of the Heirs of ISHAM HENRY _____ ____ Six Hundred and forty acres of Land Situate in the County aforesaid the south side of Cumberland River on Round Lick Creek adjoining an Entry of Adam Millers below, beginning at a white oak and ash his corner running North two Hundred Twenty Seven poles to a Sugartree & Hickory thence west four Hundred and Fifty two poles crofsing said creek to a stake pafsing his corner at /320 poles/ thence South two Hundred and Twenty seven poles to a Stake East to the beginning. Surveyed by S.Williams ?___ (on back) N. 2726 John Smith 640

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