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Late in the year of 1800, Murdoch McMillan, a licentiate of Orange Presbytery preached a sermon 
at the home of Daniel Gillis . The people were pleased with his sermons and built a temporary log 
meetinghouse at John McLean's about three miles from that place. There he preached every fourth 
Sabbath until 1803 when it was decided to build a comfortable meetinghouse more central to the 
congregation. It was then organized as Harmony Church. The first elders were Duncan McColl, 
Duncan Rankin , Daniel Henderson, John McFarland, Sr., and John Billingsly. By 1807, while 
Rev. John McIntyre was their minister, there were forty two heads of families attending church 
here. They were: Duncan McColl, John McNeill , Duncan Rankin, Daniel Henderson , Alexander McDonald, 
Alexander McRae, Hugh McColl, John McFarland, Alexander Nicholson, Duncan Cameron, Alexander Martin, 
Lauchlin Cameron , John McColl, Jr., Dugald McFarland, John McColl Sr., John Cunningham Jr., Peter 
Nicholson, Malcom Nicholson, Sr., Daniel Nicholson, Malcom Nicholson , Jr., Alexander McPherson, 
Hugh McColl Jr., John Cunningham Sr., Daniel Martin, Christopher McRae Sr., Christopher McRae Jr., 
Hugh McColl, Duncan McColl , John Billingsly , John McRae, Farquhard McRae , Archibald Johnson, 
William McRae, John Cameron, Widow Cameron, Alexander McRae, Alex. McColl, Daniel Cameron,
Samuel Keahey , Dugald McColl, and Daniel McCormick.

COMMUNICANTS AT HARMONY CHURCH - 1833: Alexander, Christian & Flora McDonald, Nancy and Catharine 
Cameron, John T. and Sarah Cameron, Catharine Nicholson, John McLean (Sailor), Angus and Catharine 
Currie, Dugald and Mary McFayden, Elizabeth and Mary Nicholson, Elizabeth McInnis, James Roper, Malcom 
and Mary Nicholson, Daniel Gillis, Archibald and Flora McKay, Archibald and Catharine McKellar, Daniel 
& Jennet Martin, Margaret McAskill, Nancy McColl, Jane McLean, Mary, Nancy and Christian Cameron, 
Flora McColl, Margaret M. McDonald, Mrs. Mary Nicholson, Mary Watson, Daniel B. Nicholson, Martin D. 
Martin, Duncan McKay and Hugh Henderson. 

* Alexander McAskill married Margaret Cameron. Catharine McAskill Cameron. b. Scotland.
*Daniel McAskill (m.1836), Margaret McLean. Daniel became member Mar. 26, 1837.
* John Bethune m. Christian McAskill. Children: Mrs. Catharine Bruton (b.1807, d. Dec. 31, 183-); 
Allen Bethune (b. Dec. 17, 1803) (removed); Elizabeth Bethune (b. Nov. 20, 1806), joined church 
Fall 1828; Mary Bethune (b. Aug. 31, 1809), joined church Fall 1827; Effie Bethune (b. Dec. 24, 1812), 
joined church Fall 1827; Malcom Bethune (b. April 30, 1814), joined church Fall 1833; Issabel Ann Bethune, 
now Mrs. Dockins, (b. May 5, 1819), joined church Fall 1833.
* William Bruton, baptized by a Methodist. John Calvin Bruton, bapt. by a Methodist. Catharine B. Bruton 
(b. Nov. 11, 1832), baptized in our church.
* Mrs. Margaret Bethune, Catharine Bethune, (withdrew), Elizabeth Bethune, (d. Apr. 27, 1827), Sarah 
Bethune, Malcom Bethune (d. Mar. 1827). All were communicants here first Fall of 1822. 
* Elizabeth McInnis, communicant here Fall of 1830.
* Duncan Cameron (d. Aug. 26, 1830) m. Scotland, Dolly McColl (d. July 3, 1830). 
Children: Mary Cameron, Nancy Cameron, Christian Cameron. All were born and baptized in Scotland and 
were communicants here Fall 1808, Lauchlin Cameron, born and baptized in Scotland was a communicant 
here Fall 1810. (Removed) Duncan Cameron, born and baptized in Scotland was a communicant here in Fall 1812.  
* Duncan Cameron (d. Feb. 16, 1824) m. (Mar. 16, 1820) in Scot., Sally C. Cameron. 
Children: Mary Ann (b. July 28, 1821), baptized following August; Harriet Newel Cameron (b. May 22, 1824), 
baptized in Fall.
* John Cameron (d. Feb. 2, 1835) m. Catharine McFarland (d. March 14, 1832). Com-municants since 
organization. Children: Sally Cameron, now Mrs. Cameron; Mary Cameron, now Mrs. Nicholson. Joined 
Baptists; Lauchlin Cameron (died at 2 years of age, Fall of 1804); Nancy, now Mrs. Davis, 
(b. Oct. 12, 1804). Joined Baptists;  John D. Cameron (b. Mar. 9, 1807 - d. May 26, 1836); 
Malcom Cameron  (b. Feb. 5, 1809), baptized March; Dugald Cameron (b. June 5, 1811), bap. 
in Summer; Duncan Cameron (b. July 25, 1813), baptized in Fall; Jane E. Cameron (b. August 6, 1812), 
baptized  in September,  joined church September 28, 1834.
* Norman Cameron (m. Nov. 1820), Nancy McColl, became communicant Fall 1829. Children: Christian 
Cameron (b. July 22, 1822) baptized soon after; Flora Cameron (b. March 23, 1825), baptized soon 
after by Crawford; Daniel Cameron (b. Nov. 12, 1827), baptized at Mount Carmel; Margaret Cameron 
(b. April 25, 1829), baptized at this church in Fall; Mary Cameron (b. Aug. 7, 1834), baptized 
at Mount Carmel.
* Hugh R. McColl m. Catharine McColl. Children: Hugh McColl (b. Sept. 12, 1795) and bap. by it's 
grandfather, died at 3 months; Anna McColl (b. Jan. 31, 1797) and bap. by it's grandfather, 
(d. July 27th, following); Christian McColl (b. Dec. 26, 1798), baptized soon after, joined 
Methodists; Anna (b. July 7, 1801), baptized soon after, now Mrs. McLean, (removed); Hugh McColl 
(b. Aug. 1, 1803), baptized soon after, joined Methodists; Mary McColl, now Mrs. McLean, (b. Aug. 
10, 1806), baptized soon after, joined Methodists; John McColl (b. July 23, 1809), baptized soon 
after, now Meth. preacher; Solomon McColl (b. April 3, 1811), baptized soon after, joined Methodists; 
Daniel Flinn McColl (b. June 18, 1814 - d. June 25, 1833).
* Hugh B. McColl m. Flora Thompson (d. Mar. 31, 1836). Children: John Thompson McColl b. 
(Oct. 23, 1814), baptized soon after; Mary Ann Thompson (b. Dec. 1816), baptized by a Methodist; 
Nancy McColl became 2nd wife of N.B. McColl Oct 1836; Mary McColl her sister, baptized.
* John Curry, Cooper, married Blue (?) Curry, once elder, suspended. Malcom Curry.
* Duncan Curry m. Cynthia Chance. Children: John Curry, Daniel Curry, Elizabeth Curry, William 
Curry, Samuel Curry, Catharine Curry, Duncan Curry, James Curry and Evander Curry.
* Alexander McDonald m. (November 12, 1809), Christian Martin. Became elder 1808. 
Children: Daniel McDonald (b. Aug. 14, 1810), communicant Sept. 15, 1832;  John McDonald  
(b. June 16, 1812); Sarah McDonald , now Mrs. Curry, (b. Jan. 18, 1814), baptized April 27, 1833, 
(removed); Archibald McDonald  (b. April 22, 1816). Communicant fall 1830; Randle Scott McDonald  
(b. June 5, 1818); Mary Ann McDonald (b. July 10, 1820); Alexander McDonald (b. December 26, 1823); 
Nancy McDonald (b. March 7, 1825); Flora Carolina (b. May 14, 1827); Martin Robeson McDonald  
(b. Oct. 1, 1830); Christian Robeson McDonald (d. Jan. 28, 1806) and Flora McDonald Communicant 
Fall 1808.
* Lauchlin Currie (m. Nov. 1835), Sarah McDonald. Removed to the West. Daughter, Ann Eliza  
(b. Dec. 25, 1836) in Alabama.
* Dugald McFadyen (m. in Scot. Oct 9, 1809), Mary McFadyen. Came to our bounds Mar. 1823 
Children: Colin McFadyen (b. in Scot. Dec. 24, 1811); Daniel McFadyen (b. in Scot. December 15, 1813); 
Nancy McFadyen (b. Scot. Dec. 1, 1815); Catharine McFadyen (b. in Scot. Oct. 26, 1817); John 
McFadyen (b. Jan 10, 1822 Montgomery County) and Hugh McFadyen (b. here April 31, 1823).
* Daniel Gillis married Dorothy Gillis. They had seven children, all removed and dead except 
John Gillis. John m. Sarah Bethune. Children: Mary Gillis, Malcom, Christian, Norman, John, 
Hector, Martin, Daniel and Nancy Gillis.
* Hugh Henderson (b. Sept. 9, 1803) m. (Aug. 30, 1828) Christian T. McKay (b. Dec. 4, 1810). 
Children: Flora Ann Henderson (b. May 19, 1830), baptized Fall 1832; Mary Jane Henderson 
(b. May 1, 1832), bap. Fall 1832; Catharine Elizabeth Henderson (b. Aug. 30, 1834), bapt. 
Sept. 27; Daniel Henderson (b. Sept. 4, 1836), bap. following Oct. 
* Archibald McKay m. (Dec. 20, 1800), Flora Watson. Communicants probably 1813.
Children: Catharine McKay, now Mrs. Cunningham, (b. Oct. 20, 1801), bap. (removed). Jennet McKay, 
now Mrs. Smith, (b. Sept. 3, 1803), bapt., removed; Duncan McKay (b. Dec. 17, 1805), removed; 
James Watson McKay (b. July 28, 1808), bap. (d Sept. 12, 1833); Christian Thompson McKay, now 
Mrs. Henderson, (b. Dec. 4, 1810), communicant 1833; Elizabeth Murphy McKay, now Mrs. Morgan, 
(b. Feb. 12, 1813), bapt.; John McKay (b. Aug. 1, 1815), bapt; Flora Ann McKay (b. Feb. 12, 1818), 
baptize, communicant Oct. 1833 and William Archibald McKay (b. July 31, 1822, baptized.
* Daniel McKay (d. Sept. 1831) m. Margaret Martin. Children: Alexander McKay, Margaret McKay, 
Malcom McKay and Kenneth McKay. (All baptized and removed); John McKay, Lauchlin McKay, Christian 
McKay, Randle McKay, James McKay (b. June 12, 1821); Mary McKay. All baptized.
* Bethune Bostick McKenzie  m. (Jan. 24, 1836), Abigail Currie, daughter of Angus Currie . Became 
communicant 1834 and elder 1835. Mary Ann (b. Feb. 4, 1837). Baptized March 25, 1837.
* Duncan McLean married (May 1814) Sarah Currie. Duncan died (August 12, 1822). 
Children: Duncan McLean (b. June 6, 1815), baptized; Catharine McLean (b. Aug. 1, 1817), baptized; 
John McLean (b. Sept. 1822)  baptized; Matilda McInnis (McLean ?)
* John McLean, Elder under [Rev. Colin] Lindsay. Withdrew. Had children, removed. There are now in 
our bounds, Mary McLean, now Mrs. Aldrid. Bap. Communicant Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church, 
Hugh McLean, Peter McLean, Margaret McLean, now Mrs. McAskill. Peter McLean married Mary McColl. 
John McLean, sailor, m. Jane Currie. Children: Margaret McLean and Catharine McLean.
* Daniel Lamont married Nancy Ferguson. Communicants here first 1823.
* Daniel Martin m. Jennet McDonald. Communicants here at and since organization.
* Alexander Nicholson, Sr. (an elder) (d. Apr. 3, 1836)  married Isabella Graham. Communicants 
Fall 1822. Children: Margaret Nicholson (d. Jan. 17, 1828); Neill Nicholson, baptized, removed; 
Thomas Nicholson (died in Mississippi); Mary Nicholson, bapt, communicant 1826; Graham Nicholson 
(b. July 4, 1813), baptized; Flora Nicholson, baptized communicant 1st, Centre Presbyterian 
Church 1832; Jane Isabella Nicholson,  baptized communicant Spring 1834; John Nicholson (b. 
Feb. 16, 1820), bapt.; Haywood Nicholson (b. Sept. 12, 1821); Caroline Elizabeth Nicholson 
Sweat (b. Feb. 14, 1823), baptized; Issabella Nicholson (b. May 5, 1825), baptized. 
* Malcom Nicholson (m. Scot. May 3, 1781), Mary Bethune. Came here 1802. They had eight children 
that died in Scotland, 3 sons and 5 daughters. Alexander Nicholson born and  baptized in Scotland, 
removed to the West; Samuel Nicholson b.and bap. Scotland; Daniel B. Nicholson  (b. May 1, 1806), 
communicant 1830, (m. Dec. 20, 1833), Anna McLeod. She became communicant Summer 1835, (d. Aug. 
31, 1835). Mary Ann, their daughter (b. Dec. 1, 1834), baptized July 1835.
* Daniel Nicholson (m. August 1794) in Scotland, Mary Bethune. Came to Harmony first Fall 1802. 
Children: Christian Nicholson, now Mrs. McKinnon; Mary Nicholson who died; Margaret b. and baptized 
Scotland; Mary, who died (2); John Nicholson died; Norman Nicholson removed; Nancy Nicholson; 
Peter Nicholson and Flora Nicholson all baptized in this country and joined Methodists.
* Peter Nicholson (d. Nov. 17, 1810) married in Scotland, Catharine Nicholson. Both born and baptized 
Scotland. Came here in Fall 1803. Mary [ dau?] b. and bap. Scot;  
Malcom A. Nicholson (b. 1806); Alexander Nicholson (m. May 6, 1824) Mary Cameron, communicant 
here 1824, joined Baptists 1825. Son, John Alexander Nicholson (b. Feb. 13, 1825). The rest of 
children not baptized.
* Samuel Pankey (married Sept. 15, 1829) Catharine McKenzie, came here Fall 1833. 
Children: Rebecca Jane (b. Jan. 9, 1831), bapt. Fall 1832; John Washington Pankey (b. Aug. 27, 1832).
Bap. Fall 1832.; Daniel Josephus Pankey (b. May 3, 1834) bapt. In Fall; Sarah Ann Pankey (
b. Feb.16, 1836), baptized in Fall.
* Daniel McRae (m. April 30, 1818) Catharine Nicholson. Son, Alexander McRae (b. Feb. 6, 1819). 
The rest of the children are not baptized.
* Alexander Watson (d. Aug. 3, 1823) m. (Mar. 11, 1801), Mary Currie. Children: Isabel Watson, 
now Mrs. McDonald; Elizabeth Watson, communicant 1834; Catharine, now Mrs. Currie, communicant 
1834; Margaret Watson, communicant 1834; Mary Watson, now Mrs. Brown, communicant 1834; Alexander 
Watson ; Sarah Watson; Diana and Lovedy Watson.

MEMBERS IN COMMUNION: Mrs. Martha Gillis and a servant of Alexander Martin were received on 
profession of their faith as members in full communion on April 1, 1866. At the same time Mr. 
John A. McLeod and his wife Effie McKaskill McLeod came before the Session with a certificate 
from Mineral Springs Church to join Harmony Church and were received in full membership. John 
Ewing made application for letter 
of dismission to join PeeDee Church and is recommended as a member in regular standing.

1866 SEPTEMBER 15:   The following came before the Session. Mrs. Martha Sadberry, Margaret Jane 
McInnis, Cate Lee McLean, Martha Henderson, Catherine Ann McRae, Christian Henderson, Sarah Jane 
McKenzie, Alexander N. McInnis, Nichol McInnis, Frances Ann Patterson, Dorothy Ann Gillis, and 
Amanda McKenzie. At the same time the following: [colored] Nancy Johnston, Sery Martin, 
Samuel McFadyen, Betsy Nicholson, Sophy Martin, Ann Nicholson, Eliza Bostick, Abby Bethune, 
Sabina Bostick, and Juda McFadyen. Miss Frances A. Paterson was admitted to sacrement of baptism, 
and all the colored, and in full communion in the church. James H. Colton was moderator. Elders 
were John T. Nicholson, James H. Forbes, D.D. McRae and D.B. Henderson.

RECORDS OF BIRTH & BAPTISM: Mary Ann, daughter of Bethune Bostick & Abigail McKenzie (born Feb 4)
 and baptized by Mr. W. N. Peacock Mar. 25, 1837. 
*Daughter of Daniel & Margaret McAskill born - baptized by H. McLaurin August 19th, 1836. 
* Daughter of Samuel and Katherine Pankey born - baptized Dec. 18th by H. McLaurin. 
* Catharine Elizabeth, daughter of B.B. McKenzie, bapt. by Wm. N. Peacock  March 7th, 1839. 
* Margaret, daughter of Hugh Henderson was baptized by Wm. N. Peacock Mar. 7th, 1839. 
* Martin, son of Samuel Pankey and Catharine Pankey bapt. Sept 6th, 1840 by the Revd. W.N. Peacock 
*Hanah McAllen (?) dau. of D.B. & Jane Nicholson (b. April 24th, 1841),bap. Sept. 25, 1841. 
* Miss ... Hasty was baptized the June 15, 1842. 
*Kenneth, son of Bethune B. & Abigail McKenzie baptized the 16th, of June 1843 by Rev. W.N. Peacock. 
* Jas. Bew (Buie?) was bapt. Oct. 18, 1844.  
* Margaret Curry was bapt. Oct. 18, 1844  
*Jane Curry was bapt. Oct. 18, 1844  
* Mrs. Ann Campbell was bapt. Oct. 6, 1847 
* Miss Mary Morgan Nov 17, 1855,  
* Nichol McRae Sept 30, 1856. 
* Mrs. Octavia B. Standback bapt. Oct. 1, 1857.
* J.H. Forbis, bapt. Oct. 9, 1858. 
* Jennett (a slave) bapt. Oct 14, 1838 
* William (a slave) bapt. Oct. 15, 1860. 
*Nancy McDuffie bapt. Oct. 25, 1869. 
*Narcissa J. Forbis baptized Oct. 25, 1869. 
*Eliza J. Morgan bapt. Oct. 25, 1869. 
*John McGee Hines Sept 5, 1864.  
*Mrs. Martha Gillis bapt. April 1, 1866. 
*Isaac Gillis  baptized April 1, 1866. *Sarah Gillis baptized April 1, 1866. 
*Frances (a servant) Gillis baptized April 1, 1866. 
* Angus J. McLeod (b. May 3rd, 1866), son of J.A. McLeod & Effie McAskill by N.T. Bowden. 
*William Gillis, bapt. July 9, 1863. 
*John Harvey (b.?) July 31, 1861),  son of John Gillis bapt. by J.A. Colton Sept 12, 1866. 
*William Birdsong (born July 31st, 1866) son of John Sadberry & Martha Bolton Sadberry. 
*William Glenn son of Martha and John Gillis, (born July 9, 1863), baptized by J.A. Colton. 
*John Wilmer T. Forbis, baptized May &#frac14; , 1861 by A. McQueen. 
*Virginia Hazeltine Forbis bapt. Oct. 6, 1867 by J. H. Colton.  
*James Edgar Forbis baptized Dec. 20, 1870 by Bowden. 
*Colin Bethune Watson was baptized April 20, 1879 by S.C. Alexander. Adults baptized August 24th, 1882: Norman D. Johnston, 
Sarah Blue, Daniel D. McKay and  Elizabeth Johnson. 
*Laura McDonald was baptized August 11, 1889. 
*Nannie Dean Michaux, Maggie McNair, Mary Loretta McNair, John A. McLean and Norman Gillis, Jr. 
were baptized August 13, 1889. 
*Alexander McDonald and Malcomb A. Bethune were baptized August 14, 1889. 
*Hugh Allen Priest, Thomas C. McKay and Mary Malinda Johnston were baptized August 15, 1889. Jesse Parker Parish was 
baptized August 16, 1889. All above baptized by Rev. A. R. Shaw. 
*J.W. McDonald was baptized by Rev. H.N. McIver August 23, 1891. 
*Frances Ann Patterson, daughter of Eva Patterson, was baptized September 15, 1866.

INFANT BAPTISMS:  Vaughn McAskill Campbell was baptized Sept. 18, 1882 by Rev. S. C. Alexander. 
*Sarah E. Henderson, (b. Nov. 15, 1880), baptized Sept. 18, 1882 by Rev. S. C. Alexander. 
*Thomas A. Henderson, (b. Aug.15, 1882) was baptized Dec. 2, 1885 by Rev. J.H. Colton 
*Beulah A. Henderson (b. July 4, 1884) was baptized Dec. 2, 1885 by Rev. J.H. Colton 
*Catharine McInnis, baptized Sept. 25, 1887 
*Mary Gillis was baptized Sept. 25, 1887 
*Mary McInnis was baptized Sept. 25, 1887 
*Marshel Jerome Gillis was baptized Dec. 4, 1887 
*Daniel Thomas was baptized Dec. 4, 1887. 
*Margaret Elizabeth Gillis was baptized Dec. 4, 1887. 
*Thomas C. Brooks was baptized Dec. 4, 1887. 
*Eliza C. McLean was baptized Dec. 4, 1887. 
*Mary C. McLean was baptized Dec. 4, 1887. 
*William L. McLean was baptized Dec. 4, 1887. 
*Annie E. McLean was baptized Dec. 4, 1887. 
*Kenneth McLean, son of Solomon McLean, baptized Aug. 16, 1889 by Rev. A.R. Shaw 
*Samuel McNeill Henderson, son of D. Henderson, bapt. Aug. 16, 1889 by Rev. A.R. Shaw 
*Lillian Lee Henderson was bapt. Aug. 16, 1889 by Rev. A.R. Shaw 
*Sarah Florence McLean, dau. of Alfred D. McLean baptized by Rev. H.N. McIver Nov. 22, 1891 
*Lena Bethune, dau of C.G. Bethune baptized by Rev. H.N. McIver Nov. 22, 1891 
*John Malcom Bethune, son of C.R. Bethune, was baptized September 25, 1892 by Rev. D.W. Fox.

BAPTISMS(COLORED): Baptized Sept.15, 1855 by J.H.C. Francis Martin abt. 20 yrs., Nancy Johnson, 
Jenny Martin, Sophy Martin, Nathan Martin, Sam McFadyen, Eliza Bostick, Ann Nicholson, Betsy Nicholson, 
Sibina Bostick, Abbe Bell &  Judy McFadyen. 

MEMBERS NOT IN COMMUNION: members not in communion: John Bethune, Alexander McAskill, William 
Bruton, John Calvin Bruton, Catharine B. Bruton, Catharine Bethune, Mary Ann Cameron, Harriet Newel 
Cameron (removed to the West) Duncan Cameron, Christian Cameron, Flora Cameron, Daniel Cameron, Margaret 
Cameron, Mary Cameron, Hugh B. McColl, John Thompson McColl, Mary Ann McColl (m. July 10, 1839 -to S.C.) 
Mary McColl, Nancy McColl, John Curry, Malcom Curry, John Curry (removed to bounds of Marks Creek Church), 
Daniel Curry (removed Jany 1839 to bounds of Marks Creek Church), Elizabeth Curry, William Curry, 
Samuel Curry, Catharine Curry, Duncan Curry, John McDonald, Randle Scott McDonald, Mary McDonald, 
Alexander McDonald, Nancy McDonald, Flora Carolina McDonald, Martin Robeson McDonald, Colin McFadyen, 
Daniel McFadyen, Nancy McFadyen and Catharine McFadyen were confirmed Apr. 15, 1838 (removed Nov. 
29, 1835 to the West). John McFadyen and  Hugh McFadyen confirmed Apr. 15, 1838. John Gillis, Hector 
Gillis, Daniel Gillis [Daniel lined through], Nancy Gillis, Flora Ann Henderson, Mary Jane Henderson, 
Catharine Elizabeth Henderson, Daniel Henderson, John McKay (moved to Miss.), William Archibald McKay 
(moved to Miss.) John McKay (moved to Miss.) Lauchlin McKay (moved to Miss.) Christian McKay (removed 
to Montgomery Co., NC), Randle McKay (moved to Miss.) James McKay (moved to Miss.), Mary McKay 
(moved to Miss.) Mary Ann McKenzie, Duncan McLean, Catharine McLean, John McLean (removed to bounds 
of Bethel), John McLean, Hugh McLean, Peter McLean, Catharine McLean, John McLean (Sailor) 
Margaret McLean, Graham Nicholson, Jane Nicholson ? [lined through] January 16, 1841, Haywood 
Nicholson [lined through] (d. Sept. 1, 1839), Caroline E. Nicholson, Isabella Nicholson (d. July 
15, 1845), Samuel Nicholson, Mary Ann Nicholson, Daniel Nicholson (gone towards the West), Mary 
Nicholson, John Alexander Nicholson, Rebecca Jane Pankey, John Washington Pankey, Daniel Josephus 
Pankey, Sarah Ann Pankey, Catharine McRae, Isabel McDonald, Alexander McRae, Daniel McRae, William 
Stewart, Alexander Watson, Diana Watson, Lovedy Watson, Neill Graham, Calvin Bethune, Mary C. Bruton, 
Mary H. Graham, Eliza O. Harfield, Normand McDonald, W.D. Thompson (moved to S.C.), John Bethune, 
Isabella McDonald, Martin McDonald, Margret Watson, Jane McLeod & Helen McKay.

JAN 5, 1840  ABSTRACTS OF SELECTED SESSIONAL RECORDS: Miss Flora McLeod & Misses Christian, Nancy 
& Mary Cameron made application for letters of definition from our church as they were moving out 
of the bounds of Mt. Harmony. It was grant-ed and recommended to other Presbyterian church as members 
of regular standing.

Sept. 24, 1841   Miss Catharine McLain & Miss Malenda Currie were received in full communion of the church.

April 16, 1842   Miss Eliza Dawkins, a member in good standing in Mineral Spring Church, was received 
with certificate in full membership into Harmony.	

June 17, 1842   A charge was brought against Catharine Bethune for her unchristian character and 
she was suspended until she would show some reformation.

Oct. 7, 1843  Miss Mary McDonald, Miss Malenda McLendon and Miss Ann Martin were admitted in full 
communion with Harmony Church.

Oct. 8, 1843 Alexander McDonald, a member of Mt. Carmel Church & Miss Christian McColl and were 
admitted to partake of the Lord's Supper at Harmony. At the same time John McLain (Sailor) who 
had been suspended from church privileges came before the Session and was examined. He showed 
repentance and was admitted in full communion.

Oct. 9, 1843  Mr. Norman Johnston and his wife came before the Session, being mem-bers of Harmony 
for some years past and had moved out of our bounds, has returned and are received as members. 

Oct. 18, 1844 Mrs. Judah McNaire, Miss Margaret Currie, Miss Jane Currie, Miss Sarah McLean, 
Duncan McLean, Alexander Watson, James Bowden, and Miss Sarah 
McLennan were accepted as members in Mount Harmony Church.

May 12, 1845 Mr. David McRae and Miss Catharine Martin, members of Mt. Carmel Church, were admitted 
to the Lord's Supper at our church.

Sept. 14, 1845 Miss Diana Watson, Miss Lovedy Watson, Ann McDonald Miss Margaret McLean, Miss 
Catharine McLean, and Miss Martha Hasty were admitted  to 
the Lords Supper after being approved. Hector McLean, moderator.

May 30, 1847  Mrs. Rebecca Munroe and Mrs. Ann McKay came before the Session and were examined 
and admitted to the Lords Supper for term.

Oct. 6, 1847  Mrs. Ann Campbell and Mrs. Catharine Watson appeared before the Session for the 
first time and were examined on their experience in religion. Mrs. Campbell sustained to the 
Sacrament of Bapt. Mrs. Watson to partake in the Lords Supper.

Sept. 21, 1848 Mr. William McKay, Mr. John McLean, Miss Mary Cameron, Miss Abigail Currie, Miss 
Catharine Currie and Miss Sarah Currie were accepted into full communion in Harmony Church.

March 18, 1849 A charge was brought against Samuel Pankey for drunkness and con-duct highly ... to 
the church and he was ordered to appear before the Session on April 9th. When Mr. Pankey did not 
appear on that date he was again cited to meet on Sat-urday, 2nd of June at 11 o'clock. This time 
he appeared and made acknowledgements of his course of conduct and promised to reform. The Session 
suspended him.

June 15, 1850  John J. Nicholson, an elder of the Mineral Spring Church came before the Session 
with certificate and was received in full membership as a member and elder.

Oct. 1, 1850 Dr. Duncan Campbell a member of Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Moore County with a 
certificate to join our church was received in full membership.

Aug. 1, 1852 Miss Flora Ann Henderson, Miss Mary Jane Henderson, Miss Catharine Bruton, Mrs. 
Clementine L. McNair and Mr. Malcom McRae (a member of Mount Carmel Church) were examined and 
admitted to the Lords Supper.

Aug. 5, 1855 Miss Saphrona Sadberry, Miss Sarah Sadberry, Miss Nancy Sadberry, Miss Nancy Gillis 
and Miss Mary A. Nicholson were admitted in full communion.

Nov. 17, 1855  Miss Mary Morgan was admitted to Baptism and the Lords Supper.

Sept. 30, 1856  Mr. Nichol McRae was admitted to Baptism and the Lords Supper. On the same day, 
after being examined, Mr. Colin Lilly was admitted to the Lords Supper.

May 8, 1858  Daniel Snead was received into full communion at Harmony Church.		 
Sept. 5, 1864  John G. Hines was admitted to Baptism and the Lords Supper.

Nov. 5, 1865  The following was ordered to be read to the congregation and inserted in the minutes 
of the Session:  Whereas, since our last communion, our brother, Elder B.B. McKenzie has died; 
and whereas, in his death the country has lost a worthy and useful citizen, the church an exemplary 
member and faithful officer, and the Session a trusty counselor and worthy brother, and whereas his 
death has occurred at a time when such men seem most needed in the county and in the church: 
Therefore, re-solved, that we acknowledge the hand of the Lord in this chastisement, and in mem-ory 
of the faithfulness of our deceased brother. will stir up ourselves to greater diligence in the 
service of the Lord; and recommend to the church to pray earnestly that the Lord may make up this 
loss to them and to our body. Resolved further, that we do most deeply sympathize with the family 
of our deceased brother in their orphanage, and while we will watch with interest both their 
spiritual and temporal welfare, we commend them to the grave and love of our Heavenly Father. 
Closed with prayer. D.B. Nicholson, Clerk.

June 6, 1869 Notice having been given at a former meeting that an elder of the church would be 
elected, whereupon Malcom D. Bethune was unanimously elected and duly instated elder in Harmony Church.

Aug. 4, 1888 Notice having been given at a previous meeting that an elder of the church would 
be elected, whereupon Solomon McLean was unamiously elected and duly installed in Ellerbe Springs 
Church. At the same time Alexander Quick was installed a deacon in Ellerbe Springs Church

Jan. 13, 1889 Notices having been given  at a former meeting that an elder of the church would 
be elected, whereupon Newton J. Carter was unanimously elected and duly installed elder in Ellerbe 
Springs Church.

May 21, 1891  Notices having been given at a former meeting that two elders of the church would 
be elected also two deacons, whereupon Nelson McAskill and J.A. McLean were unanimously elected 
to the eldership and A.D. Spivey and D[uncan] P[atterson] McLean were unanimously elected to the 
deaconship; said elders and deacons were duly installed in Ellerbe Springs Church.

*Jan. 21, 1838, Mastin Dockins to Issabella Bethune  
* Jan. 21, 1838, Hugh McLean  to Miss Frances Gibson 
*Jan. 3, 1839, William McCollum  to Flora Nicholson 
*Jan. 10, 1839, James Clark to Jane Cameron 
* Jan. 10, 1839, John McColl to Mary A. T. McColl 
*Feb. 20, 1840, D.B. Nicholson to Jane I. Nicholson                                                     

DEATHS: Departed this life on Saturday Feb. 2, 1833, John Cameron, Taylor. 
*James Roper died 
Friday, May 24, 1833 *Flora McColl departed this life on Thursday March 31, 1836 
*Alexander Nicholson, Sr. departed this life on Sunday April 3, 1836. 
*1838 March16, departed this life at her residence (fair ground) Mrs. Margaret Bethune  Aged 91. 
*May 17, 1838, departed this life at her home Richmond Co. Mrs. Mary Nicholson (wife of Malcom Nicholson) 
*Nov. 25, 1838, died at his home Richmond County, Daniel Lamont aged 83 yrs. 
*Sept. 22, 1839, departed this life at his home Richmond Co., Malcom Nicholson aged 88. 
*Sept. 1, 1839, Haywood Nicholson departed this life in the 19th, year of his age. 
Mr. Haywood Nicholson, of Richmond County, aged 19, was drowned on the 31st ultimo, in attempting to cross Little River, near Butler's Mills, in Montgomery County.
He has left numerous and affectionate friends to mourn his untimely end. Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, NC) Wednesday September 18, 1839   Myrtle Bridges    Nov. 23, 2009
(Also see Estate Record of Alexander Nicholson)
* Feb.1840, departed this life Mr. Archibald McDonald *Jan 16, 1844, departed this life Mr. John James Nicholson. 
*Alexander McAskill, May 1886. Sarah McAskill, 1845 
* June 5, 1845, departed this life, Mrs. Jane Nicholson, wife of D.B. Nicholson.

TRIBUTE OF RESPECT: Whereas God in his infinite wisdom ... the pilgrimage of our beloved brother 
Murdock C. McAskill ... Resolved first that while we deplore our loss, we bow in submission to 
the will of Him who has a right to make what he pleases, to possess what he makes, to dispose 
of what he possesses. Second that in the death of Brother McAskill the cause of education has 
lost one of its warmest advocates. Third the community in which he lived has lost a friend tried 
and true, one who ... Fourth, That our church has lost a consistent member, a faithful ruling elder, 
one who rejoiced in the coming of the Lord's Kingdom. Fifth, that we expresses to the family of 
the de-ceased our tender sympathy, and commend them to the loving care of The Father of mercies 
and the God of all comfort. Sixth, That these resolutions be spread on our minutes, a copy sent 
to the bereaved family, a copy sent to the N.C. Presbyterian for publication. Session: D. Henderson, 
J.R. Forbis, Solomon McLean and A.R. Shaw. Ellerbe Springs, N.C. August 5th, 1888 

OTHER REMOVALS - DISMISSIONS: Dugald McFadyen and his wife Mary McFadyen with Colin McFadyen 
a [communicant ?] and five other children ... removed to the West Nov. 29, 1838. *Daniel Curry 
a baptized member, with his wife Catharine, a com-municant, removed to the bounds of Marks Creek 
Church Jan. 1839 *Flora Nicholson, now Mrs. McCollum removed to the bounds of ... *Jane Cameron, 
now Mrs. Clark, removed to the bounds of ... *Miss Flora McDonald, Misses Christian, Nancy & 
Mary Cameron removed to the West 1840 *Miss Elizabeth McIntyre removed to the West 1842 *John 
McLean (sailor) suspended Aug. 24, 1832, restored Oct. 14, 1838.

SUSPENSIONS: McLean John (sailor) suspended 2nd time [no date] restored Oct. 8, 1848. John 
Curry (Cooper) suspended [no date] restored October 14, 1838 *[Dan'l?] McAskill suspended 
1839 May 25. *Jeanette a slave, suspended May 20, 1841.  *Catharine Bethune suspended June 17, 
1842 *Samuel Pankey suspended  June 20, 1849 *A. Matheny suspended 1886 *William Blue (deacon) 
suspended for six months from Jan. 13, 1889, restored July 14, 1889. Archibald McKellar expelled 
Apr. 27. 1833.

MEMBERS IN 1892: Nancy Currie, Martha Gillis, William Blue, Isaac Gillis, Mary Blue, Sally 
Gillis (now Bethune), Catharine Blue, Margret McLean (dead), J.H. Forbis, Elizabeth Johnston, 
Norman Johnston, Narcissa J. Forbis, D.P. McLean, John G. Forbis, A.D. McLean, Jennie H. Forbis, 
Christian P. Henderson, Sarah McLean, Martha Henderson, Ann McNair, Cornelia Henderson , Sarah 
A. Watson, Bell E. Thrower (nee Henderson), D. Henderson, Graham Watson (removed), Diannah 
Watson (removed), D.A. Henderson, John Bruton, Mary C. Watson, Margret Watson (removed), 
Lovdia Bruton, Mary C. Bruton, William McKay (dead), Helen McKay (Godwin) (removed), D.O. McKay, 
Ann McKay, Jane McKay  now Covington, John McKay, John LeGrand Jun., Mary A. McKay (McPherson), 
Bob LeGrand, Neelie LeGrand, Emma LeGrand,  Eugene LeGrande ( removed )  Neill Graham ( removed ),  
Mary  H.
Graham (removed), H.H. Riddle, John McDuffie (dead), Mary A. Riddle, Nancy McDuffie (dead), 
Mary McKinnon (All joined Methodist), Fannie Winfree, Wm. E. McKinnon, Isabella McDonald (dead), 
Elizabeth McInnis (dead), Effie Bethune (dead), Mary A. McInnis, Mary A. Bethune, Jeanette McInnis, 
John Bethune (Georgia), John Sedberry , Calvin Bethune, Gilbert McInnis, Mollie Bethune (Levi ? 
Chapel) Mary J. McInnis, Mary McRae, Alexander Quick, Ann McNair, Nannie Quick (now Wallace) 
Ann McLeod (removed), M.C. McAskill (dead), Jane McLeod (removed), J.W. McCaskill, Daniel 
Gillis (dead), Alexander M. McInnis (removed), Nichol McInnis, Corinna McInnis (dismissed 
to Rockingham Ch), Maggie McInnis (dismissed to R'khm Church), Eliza C. Barfield (removed), 
Benjamin Bolton (dismissed to Rockingham Church), Alexander Stewart (dismissed to Rk'hm Ch.), 
Sarah J. Bolton (dismissed to R'khm Ch), M.T. Carter (dismissed to Salisbury, NC) --- Jernigan, 
Clemantine McNair (removed), Sarah Thompson, Mary A. Pool (dismissed to R'khm Church), Jane 
Barber, A.D. Spivey (dismissed to R'khm Church), Solomon McLean, Catharine Covington Sarah 
Lovins, Martha J. Spivey (dismissed to R'khm Church), Laura [illegible], John A. McLean, Norman 
Gillis, Rebecca C. Henderson, Mary A. Henderson (now McCormick), John J. Riddle, Maggie C. McNair, 
Alex. McDonald, Mary I. McNair, Malcom A. Bethune, [illegible] R. Bethune Robert A. Bethune, 
Miller Morrison Michaux (removed), Hugh Allen Priest (dismissed to Keysar), Alexander Gillis, 
Robert Lee McNair, Thomas C. McKay, Norman McAskill, Neill McAskill, Duncan McAskill (removed to TX ?), 
Isabella Currie, Mary Johnston, T.C. Brooks (removed), Rachel Parish (removed), John W. McDonald 
and  N.V. McDonald.

I descend from Nancy Nicholson, daughter of Daniel and Mary Nicholson.
She married my gggrandfather, John Leonard Webb (incorrectly listed on NC marriage bonds as John T.)
I have not done her family tree, but she lived next door to Isabel Nicholson after they were married, 
and named a daughter Isabel. They moved to Iredell County, just outside Statesville, sometime just after
the War Between the States, to which they lost a son, David. They were early members of Cool Springs 
Methodist Church, off highway 64, and my family were always members of that church.
Nancy lived with her son Daniel  Webb and his wife after her husbands death, and I thought it was kind 
of sad, and kind of funny, in 1850 and 60 when the census was taken, she said, correctly, that she was 
born in NC, but in 1870, just before her death, she said she was born in Scotland!
John Leonard and Nancy are buried there, and their son Daniel, my ggrandfather, and his son John 
Washington, my grandfather, and my father and mother, as well. Irene Webb Dorsey April 23, 2008

Dear Ms Bridges, 
I wanted to let you know that I am related to someone mentioned on this website which is exerpt from your 
book 'Scattered Seed'. Bethune Bostic McKenzie is my 2 time Great Grandfather.  These relatives are from 
the section titled Records of Birth and Baptisms.

Mary Ann, daughter of Bethune Bostick & Abigail McKenzie (born Feb 4) and baptized by Mr. W. N. Peacock 
Mar. 25, 1837; Kenneth, son of Bethune B. & Abigail McKenzie baptized the 16th, of June 1843 by Rev. W.N. 
Peacock; Also Nancy McDuffie bapt. Oct. 25, 1869 is a relative on my Paternal Grandmothers side. 

I am Mary Margaret Covington Verret, raised in Cumberland County,(NC) 
currently living in Augusta, GA researching the descendants of Mary Alberta McDuffie (Covington) My Grandmother. 
Thanks. August 2, 2011

Hi Myrtle,
I enjoy your research greatly and have found many interesting items about my own roots in looking at your site and 
your book, "Scattered Seed". I wanted to add my own findings to those of your records at Harmony Church (and various 
other local sites) regarding the Brown, Elliott, Currie and Watson families. 

I'm the great x 4 granddaughter of John "Cooper" Currie and Catherine "Katie" Blue. I am seeking further information 
on Katie Blue's lineage. Any help would be appreciated. 

Catherine Blue from Blue Family Association Research
S19. Catherine "Kate" BLUE, m. John CURRIE (d.aft 1834). They are believed to have been born on the Isle of Skye in 
Scotland and were probably married in Scotland. They came to North Carolina and became members of Harmony Church near 
Ellerbe, Richmond Co. NC. One source says they lived at Pine Bluff near Aberdeen in Moore Co. NC, but census records 
locate the family in Richmond Co. in 1850 and later years. The order of the following children is unknown and the 
existence of John Jr. is questionable.

S19.1 Duncan CURRIE Jr
S19.2 Mary "Mollie" CURRIE, m. _____ WATSON.
S19.3 Jane CURRIE, m. _____ McLEAN.
S19.4* Sarah CURRIE (1785-aft1880), m. 1814 Duncan McLEAN.
S19.5 Neal CURRIE
S19.6 Margaret "Peggy" CURRIES
19.7 Malcolm CURRIES
19.8 John "Cooper John" CURRIE Jr
Malcom Brown, Jr, and wife Carrie Rebecca Elliott
From your records on Harmony Church * John Curry, Cooper, married Blue (?) Curry, once elder, 
suspended. Malcom Curry. *Duncan Curry m. Cynthia Chance. Children: John Curry, Daniel Curry, 
Elizabeth Curry, William Curry, Samuel Curry, Catharine Curry, Duncan Curry, James Curry and 
Evander Curry. John Cooper Currie and Katie Blues daughter Mary "Polly" Currie m. 
Alexander Watson. 

From your records on Harmony Church * Alexander Watson (d. Aug. 3, 1823) m. (Mar. 11, 1801), 
Mary Currie. Children: Isabel Watson, now Mrs. McDonald; Elizabeth Watson, communicant 1834; 
Catharine, now Mrs. Currie, communicant 1834; Margaret Watson, communicant 1834; Mary Watson, 
now Mrs. Brown, communicant 1834; Alexander Watson ; Sarah Watson; Diana and Lovedy Watson. 

Their daughter Mary "Polly" Watson m. Malcom Brown Sr, who attended Mineral Springs Church. 
Malcom and Mary are buried in the Brown Cemetery on Drowning Creek near Patterson's Bridge, in 
what is now Foxfire, along with about 14 others marked only with heart pine knots. (Anthony Parker 
notes this in his cemetery survey). Also, their daughter Sarah Isabella is buried there according to 
her 1926 death certificate. My great grandfather was their son, Malcom Brown, Jr, who married Carrie
Rebecca Elliott, daughter of John J. Elliott (Sgt. 38th NCST) and Rebecca Baldwin, both buried at the 
Old Scotch Cemetery in Roberdel, Richmond County, NC. Malcom and Carrie Rebecca were both, at one time, 
the postmaster/mistress at Patterson's Bridge. Her father, John J. Elliott, was the postal delivery man 
at Craigrownie, and at Patterson's Bridge, as well. They are buried at Jackson Springs Presbyterian in 
the churchyard. I include their wedding portrait left. 
Margaret D. Brown & Arthur S. Thomas.
Daughter of this union, my grandmother, was Margaret Desma Brown, who married Arthur Sherrill Thomas, of 
Jackson Springs. Desma was the first secretary at Moore County Hospital, working for Dr. Monroe. She died 
in 1975 and is buried at Pleasant Hill UMC near Samarcand. Included is a picture of them ca. 1929. 

With warm Southern Regards, Kelly Atkins Hinson, Jackson Springs, NC  February 22, 2016

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