1896 July 1. To the State Superintendent of Public Instruction: According to the Provisions of Chapter 69, Laws of 1893, I have caused to be taken an accurate census of Children, deaf and dumb, also those who are blind, between the ages of six and twenty one years, residing in the County of Richmond and report the same, with names and Post Offices of parents or guardians of said Children, as follows:

Parents Children
John Evans -Fairly, N.C. (col.) one deaf female
Wincey Stanback -Manguin, N.C. (col.) one deaf male
Grant McRae -Rockingham, N.C. (col.) one blind male
Cory Harrington-Rockingham, N.C. (col.) one blind female
Calvin McEachin - Hasty, N.C. (col.) one blind male
Sallie Campbell - Hasty, N.C. (col.) one deaf female
C. A. Barrington - Ghio, N.C. (wh.) one deaf male
D. F. Stubbs - Ghio, N.C. (wh.) one blind female
P. L. Wright - Laurel Hill, N.C. (wh.) one deaf male

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