Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

The additional listings and remarks shown in RED are from the Historical Records Survey of North Carolina, 1937-1938 
by Mrs. Myrtle Porter Hamer.

Location by Hamer: This cemetery is located in the Great Falls Mill Village, Rockingham, NC

A friend and I went to the Great Falls Cemetery last month.  I had found out that the gravestones were moved to Eastside 
Cemetery, and there is only one gravestone left there.  I don't know why they didn't move it also. It is Wiley Riddle.
Sandra Elliott   March 21, 2015

Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Benoist, Martha Jane	3-6-1838	11-7-1900	w/o James Benoist
Griffith, Robert G.	12-19-1898(1897)  4-11-1904  s/o W.T. & M.E. Griffith  WPA 1937
Griffith, Infant	10-8-1897	10-29-1897	s/o W.T. & M.E. Griffith  WPA 1937
Griffith, Infant	10-8-1897	10-31-1897	s/o W.T. & M.E. Griffith  WPA 1937
Griffith, W.T.	4-21-1871	9-14-04(1907)	WPA 1937
Gurley, Joseph D.  3-3-1840	8-27-1889  WPA 1937
McKinnon, M.P.  ----  6-28-1894  WPA 1937
Ragen, Francis Jane	----  9-24-1848	 d/o Age 1 year; d/o W.D. & Nancy Ragen
Ragen, John Adams  ----  8-21-1851	Age 1 year; s/o W.D. & Nancy Ragen
Riddle, Annie E.  10-20-1828  12-25-1900	w/o Wiley(Riley) Riddle
Riddle, Wiley	5-20-1825	2-21-1897  Age 71 years	
Stutts, Mary  5-2-1836	9-25-1889  w/o J.A. Stutts  WPA 1937

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