Graham Plantation Cemetery
Originally Richmond County Now Scotland County, North Carolina
Contributed by Sally Cole, Provo, UT
Posted by Myrtle Bridges November 13, 2003.
Data added Nov. 28, 2003, May 6, 2004 & May 07, 2005 & January 22, 2006

William Graham, Esquire  Died Aug 12 1852   Aged 52 Years
He Was Born 1800. His Middle initial is "V" He left a will

Sacred to the Memory of  Nancy Graham  Departed this Life Mar. 4, 1858   Aged 52 Years
Wife of William V. Graham Esq. She was born 1806, Married 17 Apr 1823

In Memory of Eliza  Daughter of W. V. and Nancy Graham   Born July 31, 1834   Died April 22, 1835
(William V. Graham Esq)

Infant of J. H. & A. D. Graham (James H. Graham and Ann Dee Covington). He is son of William V. Graham, Esq.
Ermina  Daughter of J. H. & A. D. Graham  July 24, 1869  March 8, 1874 
James H. Graham and Ann Dee Covington . He is son of William V. Graham, Esq.

J. H. Graham  B. 11 Nov 1831  D. April 24, 1875 James H. Graham and the husband of Ann Dee Covington

Ann D. Covington   Aug ll, 1844   Jan 27, 1879  Wife of J.H. Graham 

Mary A. Graham  Daughter of J. H. & A. D. Graham  March 21, 1867  Sept 19, 1883
Ann Dee Covington & James H. Graham. He was the son of Wm V. Esq

Josie F. Graham  Wife of Hall Graham   June 10,1840  NOV 26, 1925  Age 85 Years, 5 Mos, 16 Days
Josephine F. Jenkins was the wife of James Hall Graham, son of (James went by Hall) George and Sarah 
Hall Graham. James Hall died in War between the states. George H.'s wife died, Josie and George married.
(**George H. Graham was son of George and Sarah Hall Graham). Josephine F. Jenkins who married 
James Hall Graham only had 2 children by her husband James Hall Graham; Harriet Lucretia Graham Brewer
and Mary A. Graham born 1861.

George H. Graham   Born May 10, 1826   Died Aug 30, 1889
George H. Graham is the son of George and Sarah Hall Graham He died intestate, was also the administrator 
of his father, George's Will. All of George H. Graham's (10 May 1826) children that I know of were by his 
first wife, Cyntha Caroline Jenkins.  The last child was born in 1860.
In Memory of Carr Son of J. W. & Minnie Graham  Born Dec. 5, 1887 Died Oct 2, 1894  7 Years 9 Month 27 Days
James William Graham is son of George H. Graham, who was son of George and Sarah Hall Graham.

Minnie  Wife of James W. Graham   born Aug 12, 1864     died May 25, 1905
She is the daughter of Amanda Calhoon

James W. Graham   Aug 28, 1852   Jan 12, 1910
James William Graham, s/o George H. & Cyntha Caroline Jenkins Graham. Woodman of the World Monument (An Award) 

George Edgar  Son of G. W. & S. N. Wright  born May 5, 1882   died Mar 30, 1897
George W. Wright and Sarah Nancy Graham, daughter of George H. and Cyntha Caroline Jenkins Graham. He was 
son of George and Sarah Hall Graham

Sarah N. Wright  April 9, 1856  April 8, 1933 Daughter of George H. and Cyntha Caroline Jenkins Graham. 
George H. was the son of George and Sarah Hall Graham. Her middle name is Nancy, she married Geo W. Wright.

George W. Wright  April 25, 1850   Feb 24, 1923  Husband of Sarah Nancy Graham Wright
Robert Clark Son of J. M. & H. L. Brewer  Born Mar 20, 1886  Died Apr 23, 1887 Son of Harriet Lucretia 
Graham Brewer, she is the daughter of James Hall Graham, (Son of my ancestor George and Sarah Hall Graham) 
& Josephine F. Jenkins. Harriet married John M. Brewer. James  Died in the War between the states.

Dewey  Infant Son of J. M. & H. L. Brewer Died June 14, 1899  Aged 9 Months.

Harriet L(Lucretia) Mar 10, 1860  Mar 9, 1914 
"daughter of James Hall Graham, and Wife Josephine F. Jenkins. She had a sister named Mary A. Graham, 
born 1861. James Hall Graham who went by "Hall" (probably because William V. Graham Esq.(1800-1852)
also had a son James H. Graham) James Hall Graham was the son of George Graham (1781-1856) and Sarah Hall 
Graham. I don't know how William V. Graham Esq was related but Henry P. Graham {another son of George Graham 
(1781-1856} who died in the war left a will stating he gives a double  barreled shot gun to his trusty friend 
and relative, James H. Graham son of William Graham who lives one mile west of  Barnes Bridge.  William V. 
Graham Esq also had a daughter named Harriet but her middle name was Ann.  Harriet Lucretia was married to 
John M. Brewer." Sally

J. M . Brewer Co.F   1 NC. Jr. Res CSA 
John M. Brewer. 1st North Carolina Jr. Reserves, Confederate States of America

Persell Hall Graham  Born Sept 30 1884  Died Mar 11, 1913

Amanda Calhoon  Mar 4, 1841  June 10, 1909 
She had a daughter, Minnie who married James William Graham, son of George H who was son of George 
and Sarah Hall Graham. She is the daughter of John & Elizabeth Calhoon.

George Graham  Departed this Life July 6 1856  Age 75 Years 	      
This is my direct ancestor, George, husband to Sarah Hall Graham, father of Peter, Calvin, William C., 
George H., James Hall, Moranza and Henry P. Peter moved to Florida, Calvin to Robeson Co., William C. to Texas

In Memory of Sarah Graham  Died April 12, 1870  In the 73 Year of Her Age  
Sarah Hall Graham wife of George Graham

Henry P. Graham  born June 9, 1840  Died July 9, 1862 
Did not marry.  Son of George and Sarah Graham. Died in Civil War of wounds. 
Frances E. Graham Daughter of G. H. Graham  Died Sept 12, 1862 Age 10 Yrs 3 Mon, & 22 Days 
George, was son of George and Sarah Hall Graham. He married (1st) Cyntha Caroline Jenkins, after her death 
Josephine F. Jenkins Graham
In Memory of William Son of Annanias & Mary Ann Graham  Died Dec 24, 1853  Age 35 Years 
I Don't Know who Annanias' Father is.

In Memory of Mary Ann (See * bottom of page) Wife of Annanias Graham  Aged 40 Years Died Aug l0, 1827  (1st Wife)
Annanias is buried in Marlboro Co. SC with 2nd wife, a widow, Mrs. Martha Terrell Thornwell by whom he 
had two children who were born 1830- 

Carolina   Wife of Daniel Wright   Born Dec 2, 1832   Died May 12, 1909

Josie Lena Wright  May 16, 1885   Nov 18, 1973             
Daughter of George W. Wright and Sarah Nancy Graham, who was daughter of George H. Graham, who was son 
of George and Sarah Hall Graham

Harvey Daniel Wright   Pvt US Marine Corps Oct 21, 1909  Mar 23, 1956   
Son of George W. Wright and Sarah Nancy Graham, daughter of George H. Graham, who was 
son of George and Sarah Hall Graham.

Henry Walter Son of G.W.& S.N. Wright Died Sept 3, 1875 Aged 2 Years 10 Mons 16 Days
George W. & Sarah Nancy Graham Wright. Sarah Nancy was the daughter of George H. Graham, who was the 
son of my ancestors George and Sarah Hall Graham

*Annanias Graham (1787-24 Feb. 1859) and Mary Ann (1787-1827) m. abt. 1809. Children born in Richmond County: 
John W. Graham, b. 1810, m. Caroline Thornwell (dau. of James Thornwell and Martha Terrell Thornwell)
Mary Ann Graham, b. 1815, m. Phillip William Pledger
William Graham, b. 1818 d. 1853 m. Caroline
Jane Graham, b. 1820, m. William Terrell
Hamby Graham, b. 1822 m. John Wesley Odom
Elizabeth Graham, b. 1825, m. James McMillan

Annanias Graham m. 2nd Mrs. Martha Terrell Thornwell(1794-1856), widow of James Thornwell. Their children were born 
in Marlboro County, SC:
Thomas P. Graham, b. 1830 
Dr. Henry C. Graham, b. 1835 

**William C. Graham(1822-d.1888 Waller County, TX) son of George Graham (1781-1856) & Sarah Hall 
Graham (1797-12 Apr 1870) m. Martha Ann Anderson, born 14 May 1831, dau. of  William A. Anderson (b.1786 
Robeson County, NC) (Martha was my great-great grandmother and is buried in the Hollywood Cemetery in Houston, 
Texas. Edna Cheatham January 22, 2006) & Elizabeth Thornwell. Elizabeth 
was dau. of James Thornwell & Martha Terrell (1794-1856) James Thornwell was the son of William Thornwell who 
was born in England.(Martha was a daughter of Samuel Terrell & Elizabeth Pearce. 

Children of William C. & Martha Ann Anderson Graham:
Charles T. Graham, b. 1849, Richmond County, NC
George W. Graham b. 1853, Richmond County, NC
James H. Graham, b. 1856, Richmond County, NC
Victoria C. Graham, b. 1858,  Richmond County, NC m. James Monroe Hood b. 1856 Waller Co. TX.
Child of James Monroe Hood & Victoria Graham: George Monroe Hood, b. 3 July 1884, m. Margaret Ellen Vickery, 
b. 24 Sep 1887

Peter Graham, b. 1817 Richmond County, NC, age 49, 6'-1" tall, farmer, enlisted at Lumberton, NC 
March 1862. He moved to Robeson County in 1840. He was son of George and Sarah Hall Graham. Pvt, 
Co. C, 54th Regt. NC Infantry State Troops. Enlisted for WAR. Discharged May 1862 for being overage. 
Mustered in Camp Mangum (near Raleigh). His Captain K. M. Kenneth Murchinson. Served in Confederate 
& Indian Wars in Florida. In 1867 he moved to Florida.

Thomas Graham, b. Robeson Co., NC, age 22, 5'8"  tall, enlisted Lumberton, NC Feb. 1862. Son of Peter 
and Sarah Strother Graham. Pvt. Co. B, 50th Regt. NC Infantry State Troops. Enlisted 3 years of WAR. 
Mustered in Camp Mangum. Commander was E. C. Atkinson. Threw his gun in the Pee Dee River and said 
he'd not fight in war again. 1877 sold Robeson land and moved to Florida, and sold land to brother 
and moved to Georgia.

Henry P. Graham, b. 9 Jun 1840, Richmond County, NC. Son of George and Sarah Hall Graham. Not married. 
18th Regiment Co. F. Wounded at Hanover Courthouse, Va. Died 24 Jun 1862. Peter, Calvin and William C., 
brothers, sued for reprobate of his will because they weren't in it. Info. at NC Archibes, Ral. NC.

William C. Graham, b. 1822,  Several William's but family served in 46th Regt. Co H. Son of George 
and Sarah Hall Graham. After war he moved to Texas. Info at NC Archives, Raleigh, NC. Sued for re-probate 
of Henry P's will. Was away at war.

Calvin Graham, b. 1820, age 42. He is reported in the Census as born in Robeson County. All his brothers 
and sister were born in Richmond County, NC. There was a border change between the two counties. Son 
of George and Sarah Hall Graham. 50th Regt. N.C. Co. F Infantry. Was not the Calvin who deserted, that 
Calvin was aged 21. Wife Caroline Patterson Graham applied for pension, and got it. Info. At NC Archives 
Raleigh, NC. Sued for re-probate of Henry P's will. Was away at war.

James Hall Graham, b. 1837 Richmond County, NC and died at Richmond Virginia Hospital. Probably Battle 
of Antietam. Son of George and Sarah Hall Graham. 46th N.C. Co. D., Corporal/ went by " Hall"  Graham. He 
was wounded May 13, 1862. Died 3 October 1862. Left one daughter, Harriet Lucretia.  Info. At NC Archives 
Raleigh, NC. His wife, Josephine F. Jenkins, married 2nd his brother George H. Graham.

James C. Graham, b. 1833 in Robeson Sounty, NC., Husband of Moranza, daughter of George and Sarah Hall 
Graham. Lived at Richmond County, NC. 46th NC Co. D. Captured 11 Sep. 1862 confined at Ft. Delaware, 
transferred to Aikins Landing. Exchanged 10 Nov. 1862. He was left sick at Buckeystown, Md. Died in 
Laurinburg, NC of chronic diarrhea 10 June, 1863. Info. At NC Archives Raleigh, NC.(Source: Sally Cole, Provo, UT) 

Children of George Graham (1781-1856) md abt 1816 to Sarah Hall(1797-1870): all 7 children 
born in  Stewartsville, Richmond, NC :
1. Peter Graham (1817-1878) md 1841 Sarah Ann Strother(1822-1895) 12children  Peter died 
Columbia  Co., FL
2. Calvin Graham (1820-1891) md 1840 1st  Mary Carmichael (1822- bef. 1848) had 1 dau, 
Sarah Margaret Graham. md  2nd abt 1848 Caroline J. Patterson(1825-1905) had 10 children.
3. William C. Graham (1822-1888) md abt 1848 Martha Ann Anderson, 4 children b.  Richmond Co., NC
4. George H. Graham ( 1826- 1889) md 1850 1st Cyntha Caroline Jenkins,5 children b. Richmond Co., NC 
md 2nd widow of brother James Hall Graham, Josephine F. Jenkins Graham.
5. Moranza Ann Graham (1834-bef 1872) md abt 1853 James C. Graham, 5 children b. Richmond Co., NC
6. James Hall Graham (1837-1862) md 1858 Josephine F. Jenkins (1840-1926) had 2 daughters, 
Harriet Lucretia Graham Brewer (1860-1914)and Mary A. Graham born 1861.
7. Henry P. Graham (1840-1862)unmarried
Children of Peter Graham(1817-1878)b. Richmond Co. NC, died Columbia Co. FL and Sarah Ann 
Strother (1822-1895) b. Marlboro Co. SC died Columbia Co. FL Children born Robeson Co.& Marlboro Co. SC
1. Thomas Graham (1842-1913) b. Robeson Co. NC died Dania, FL md Sarah Elizabeth Britt(1842-1923)
     b. Robeson Co., NC died Dania, Florida. Three Children: Gattie, Tristram, Annette  Lester 
(my direct line)
2. Edith Graham (1844-1858)not md. died in Marlboro Co. SC
3. Caroline Graham (1846-1884) b.Robeson Co., md. Colin L. Britt, 6 children stayed in Robeson Co., NC.
4. Ann Elizabeth Graham (1848-unknown) md Mr.William Riley Ellis abt 1866 had 8  children.
5. James S. Graham(1850-1923) md1881 to  Frances N. Swindel, 8 children died in Hillsborough Co., FL
6. Sarah Margaret Graham (1852-1915) b. Marlboro Co., SC died FL md 1870 to Moses L. Sandlin 
7 children.
7. Harriet Graham (1854-1942) b. Marlboro Co., SC, d. FL md1869 to Daniel Emanuel Fletcher 
7 children.
8. Tristam S. Graham (1855-1920) md 1882 to Frances Melissa Koon, 8 children
9. Nancy Graham (1858-1945) md 1st William Dees 1 child, 2nd John Perry.
10.Andrew George Graham ( 1860-1936) md 1st Oregon A. Horn, 6 children md 2nd Sarah Elizabeth Hardee       
1899 had one child Columbus T. Graham.
11. Jane Graham (1862-1884) md J. N. Griffis
12.Martha Graham (1865-1947)md 1882 to Luther Martin Koon, 3 children.
To clarify the Cemetery listing of which mother belongs to this family: (I have more info)
Children of George H. Graham 10 May 1826–10 Oct 1889) and Cyntha Caroline Jenkins (1834–1862/63):
1. Frances E. Graham (1852-1862)
2. John Willis Graham (1854-1916)md. 1887 to Anginora Adams 
3. Sarah Nancy Graham (1856-1933) md. abt 1871  to George W. Wright
4. James William Graham(1858-1910)md abt 1886  to Minnie Calhoon
5. Mollie Jenkins Graham (1860-1930) md 1880  to Noah Bogan Bethea

"Names in bold letters are my direct line." Sally Cole

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