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In the name of God amen.
I Gilbert Mac Millan of the county of Richmond and State of North Carolina Being of Sound Mind  
and Memory &knowing it is allotted for all men once to die do make & ordain this My Last Will 
and Testament In Manner & form following That is to say

To my Beloved wife Sarah I give and bequeath the use and benefit of the one half of the 
original tract of land on Jordans Creek containing Two Hundred &Fifty acres and also  the Half 
of the Remainder of the Jordans Creek Land embracing alltogether in all Four Hundred & Fifty 
acres or thereabouts including 1/3 of the cleared Land on said Tract Including the  Dwelling 
House  &  except such as may be hereafter designated & to have  & to hold the same during her 
Life or Widowhood          

I also give to my said wife Sarah Negroes Dave and  Hager & Rachel their use and increase in 
like manner as I have given to her the use of the Land above Stated Item   Unto my two sons William 
and Hector I give and bequeath the remaind of of my Lands entire also the reversion of that part of 
my Land I have given to my wife as above stated. To my son William I give and bequeath Negroes 
George, David and Jim.  To my son Hector I give and bequeath Negroes Jacob Adam and Jack.  all the 
rest &  residue of my negroes and their increase not otherwise disposed of I request may be divided  
equally anong all my  children (and my wife as aforesaid added here between lines) including  those 
negroes already given by me to my sons-in-law and daughters-all the cash on hand together with all 
monies due to me by note or otherwise together with the Proceeds of all the cotton on hand and at 
market to be disposed of as follows viz:

To my youngest daughter Flora I give of said Funds Four hundred dols.  To my sons William and 
Hector I give one Hundred dollars to each of them_ The remainder of Said fund I request may be 
divided equally among all my children including my Wife.

I give to my son William his choice of Two Young Mares & to my son Hector the young Sorrel Horse  
called the Wall? Catt & to my wife Sarah a Sorrel Mare called Ribbon & the Balance of all my entire 
stock of Horses,cattle,sheep,hogs to be divided by a sale or otherwise among all my children 
Including my Wife-all the residue of my estate of wharever nature or kind including Household 
& Kitchen Furniture Farming Utensils Crop and Provisions on hand is to be possessed in common 
by my Wife Sons and Single Daughter (this appears to be singular) & each of my Said single children 
as they settle themselves or Marry is to have such a distributive share of said  Property  as may 
be set apart by my Executors  to each & every of them & It is my request that my Wife Sons and Single 
Daughter should live & remain in the occupancy of the House  in the same manner as the Family now 
live untill Such time as they marry or settle off to themselves.

I Nominate and appoint my beloved son William Mac Millan & my trusty Sons-in-law Alexr.C. Mac Kinnon   
Murdoch(?)MacKinon(?) & James Patterson my Executors to carry the foregoing My Last Will and Testament 
into effect

Finally I commit my Soul to Almighty God & My Body to the dust to be buried in decent Christian Bureal
Hoping at the Final Resurrectionjto be Recd. in the Redeemers Kingdom.

In Witness Whereof I hereunto set myhand and affix my Seal revoking and disannuling all former Wills 
Legacies & Bequests Heretofore by me made Pronouncing this my last Will and Testament This ninth day 
of March A.D.1832
                                                           Gilbert MacMillan
Signed Sealed Published and Declared  
In the presence of us
J.W.(or Jno.)         Buie
Wm. McLeod
D McLaurin

April Term 1832
The Last Will  and Testament of Gilbert McMillan was proven on the oath of John R. Buie & William 
McMillan and ordered to be recorded     M.C. Crawford Clk.

James Patterson and Alexr. McKinon Qualified Executors to sd. Will
Entered in full 1832

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