Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
425 Ford Hill Rd., Rockingham, NC.    Shared by Dorman Caudle
Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Culler Vivian D. Gerald	4-19-70	7-10-91	d/o Herman David & Nancy Pankey Gerald.
Gerald Bertha A. Ford	3-3-1898	8-23-1981	 
Gerald Edward (Tony)	12-14-1962	11-25-1966	s/o Edward Orlando & Lenda Gerald.
Gerald Edward Orlando	1940	1981	s/o Julius & Lessie Ellis Gerald.
Gerald James Harvey	9-28-1904	1-5-1975	s/o Sarah Francis Ellis Gerald.
Gerald John M.	9-23-1899	10-6-1969	s/o Sarah Francis Ellis Gerald.
Gerald Julius Basely	1-3-1894	8-27-1963	 WW1 Air Service. s/o Sarah Frances Ellis Gerald
Gerald Sarah Francis Ellis	2-22-1867	7-30-1948

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