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This Cemetery which is located down the road half a mile from the old Stanback plantation, and there is a sign 
out front that the boy scouts were nice enough to make and maintain. 
Contact Danielle Stanback or Myrtle Bridges
Sacred To the Memory of George Stanback, who was born 3rd December 1780, and departed this life 18th October 1818.
George Stanback left Elizabeth Stanback, his widow; Presley Stanback (under 21 yrs.); Thomas Stanback (under 21 
yrs.) who d. Marshall County, Miss on August 9, 1842; Wincy Stanback (died a minor July 3, 1820); Charlotte Stanback (under 
21 yrs.) m. Jan 29, 1835 James D. Pemberton; & Jane Stanback. Jane married Farquar Martin of Montgomery County, N.C.

In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Stanback  Born January 3d, 1785, died Jan. 21st. 1867.
A kind provident and devoted Mother, charitable and unselfish in her dealings with all, she tried to live the 
life of a Christian.

P. N. Stanback Born July 5, 1812; died June 16, 1891. His mother, Elizabeth Stanback, gave him all of her interest 
in her land in the county of Marshall, state of Mississippi. He left the following children and grand-children, who are his 
only heirs at law, to wit., Thomas F. Stanback; Presley Stanback; J. F. Stanback; Charles Stanback; Mary J. Ledbetter; and 
Judie S. Dockery, who are children of the said P. N. Stanback & William P. Ledbetter; M. E. Sloan; Lilly M. Massamore, who 
became of full age on the 8th day of Nov'r 1891; Geo. S. Ledbetter & Mary A. Ledbetter, grandchildren, being children of his 
daughter A. E. Ledbetter, now deceased. Mary J. Ledbetter intermarried with H. W. Ledbetter and Judie S. Dockery intermarried 
with Wm. S. Dockery, all of whom are of full age and parties to this proceeding, except that George S. Ledbetter & M. A. 
Ledbetter are minors without guardians and sue by their father and next friend H. W. Ledbetter.

Elizabeth L. wife of P. N. Stanback, born May 22, 1817 died Jan. 25, 1891.

In Memory of John L. Stanback  Born Dec. 18, 1854  died Oct. 4, 1855

In Memory of Charlotte Eleanor Stanback Dec. 13, 1843 June 10, 1876 wife of J.M. Ross Daughter of Presly Nelms 
and Elizabeth Little Stanback

In Memory of William L. Stanback August 2, 1845, Sept. 19, 1864 son of Presley Nelms and Elizabeth Litte Stanback
Served in the Confederate Army From Sept. 11, 1863 to Sept. 19, 1864.  He Fell in Battle at Winchester, VA.

In Memory of George L. Stanback Mar. 25, 1842 - May 30, 1864 son of Presly Nelms and Elizabeth Little Stanback
Served 3 years with the Northern Army of VA and then attached himself to the 2nd Company which tendered its 
Services To the State.  He fell in the Battle at Spottsylvania Courthouse, VA

In Memory of Walter P. Stanback  Born May 24, 1851, died Nov. 26, 1851

In Memory of Anna Elizabeth Stanback May 29, 1839, Dec. 22, 1875 wife of Henry W. Ledbetter Daughter of 
Presley Nelms and Elizabeth Little Stanback

In Memory of Infant Son of H.W. & A.E. Ledbetter Died August 24, 1861

In Memory of Henry A. Son of H.W. & A.E. Ledbeeter  Born May 12, 1863 Died (cannot read)

This cemetery is located behind the old Stanback Plantation site along the Grassy Island Road between Sides 
Road and Snowhill Church Road.

Surveyors:  Lydia and Gene Sides
February 11, 2001

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