January 21, 1863 Issue of the WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, North Carolina)
   Transcribed and Posted by Myrtle Bridges February 14, 2003

The Destructives at Work
The Wadesboro' Argus stated some days ago, that it was rumored that certain persons in Montgomery 
County, were in favor of reconstruction, and that they had requested that certain men address them 
in public meeting. The last Argus says, "to our utter astonishment, we learn that public sentiment 
had settled upon Hon. Alfred Dockery and O. H. Dockery as the men alluded to." The Argus says that 
it is authorized to say that public sentiment, in this respect, is entirely erroneous.

In this connection, it is proper for us to remark, that for some days the story has been bruited 
about this city, that Gen. A. Dockery as a re-constructionist, but knowing the anxiety of the 
Destructives to injure and malign every man who has been at all identified with the Conservative 
cause in North Carolina, we regarded it as a Destructive falsehood, made of the whole cloth.

So far as our information extends, there are no sounder Southern Conservative men in the State than 
Gen. Dockery and his son, Col. O. H. Dockery. The Colonel has given proof positive of his devotion 
to the cause, and we have no doubt Gen. Dockery has done more for it than many of his malingers. We 
feel called upon to say thus much, in the absence of all direct information from those gentlemen.

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