$50 REWARD - 1843
	Lost, on Monday the 8th instant, between Col. Wall's, in Richmond County, a large calf skin POCKET BOOK, containing upwards 
of $300, with the following notes, payable to subscriber, amount not recollected: Jno. B. Holton, Bennet Waters, James L. Terry, 
Stuart McCormac, Angus Campbell, R. M. Jarral, Gen. Cole, Wm. Freeman, and others. Note on Bostick & McKenzie for $30, E. Crowson $10, 
R.L. Steele $40, Sam'l Crouch, Jr. $18, Thomas Diggs $40, C.M. Vaughan $60, A. McCaskill, Wm. R. Vaughan $100, Thos. Moody et. Al. $200, 
Matthew & John Watson $100. The following endorsed to me by R. McKay, James Hasty, John Thomas, E. Crowson, Mial Long, Allen McDonald, 
Thomas Williamson, and John Everitt. Also, notes on James Legrand to Sam'l Terry $397; Wm. P. Jennings and Wm. B. McCorkle to C.M. 
Vaughan $250; S.V. Simons to Auzy Panky $137; E. Sinclair et. Al. to C. Robinson, balance $160; John C. McLaurin to Nancy McKinnon 
et. al. $100; John C. and Lauchlin McLaurin to Ann Lide $1175; Stephen Terry et.al. to W.R. Leak, guardian, &c. $225. Sundry notes 
and accounts, endorsed to E. Norton. With officers' receipts to myself and others, Court papers, &c.
	The public is cautioned not to trade for any of the notes above specified payable to others, as they are now in suit. Nor for 
any notes payable to myself, as I will require new notes for those lost, and give acquittances in full for the old obligations.
	The above reward will be given to anyone finding the pocketbook, and returning it with papers, money, &c. as above specified. 
				Francis A. Terry, Rockingham, NC, July 18, 1843 - Fayetteville Observer
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