1878 September 2. To the Register of Deeds, Richmond County: The County Examiner in Pursuance of Section 16 of the School Laws, reports for the year ending on the day preceeding the first Mon. in Sept.,1878, as follows: R. A. Johnson, Examiner.

White Teachers Examined and Approved:
Parks Chappell Willis Speight Bettie Currie William R. Lampley
Thomas E. Morris John W. Snead David C. Bruton F. L. Alsbrook
Andrew McMillan Elisha L. Bennett Livie Johnson L. C. McInniS
William K. Dawkins Malcom McInnis Kenneth A. McLeod Bella McElyen
John R. B. Duncan W. McIntyre John G. Wilkinson William Johnson

Colored Teachers Examined and Approved:
James W. Graham Charlotte A. Leak Bettie A Russell J. S. Stanton
Edward Davis William Gibson J. L. Quick Jas. T. McLauchlin
James M. Simmons William Woodard Thomas A. Powell Martha M. Lee
J. T. Nichols R. R. Nichols Anthony L. McRae Rosa E. Leak
T. A. McEachin L. L. Townsend William H. Woodard A. W. Covington

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