Contributed by: Carolyn W. Smith of Crystal River, Fl.  and  Myrtle Bridges.   November 22, 2005

"Dale Ralph Smith, born in Coral Gables, October 12, 1940.

Ralph Neal Smith, born in Miami, July 23, 1918, parents Ralph Eli and Anetta Smith.  He died in 1981, had 
no siblings.  All his life he thought he was without family, raised (not known to him) by Ralph Eli Smith's 
older sister, Cora Lee Smith Gerock.  Letters between his father and his father's sister surfaced after his 
death and thus began our quest to find out about the Smiths.
Ralph Eli Smith, born 1878 in LaFayette, GA.  Found him in 1910 Census, Dade County, Miami, Fla. Got death 
cert. for him, he died in TB Sanitarium, Alto GA in 1922, she was Anetta Stephens Smith born in 1899, 
Alexandersville, Echols County GA, 1899.  She died of TB in Madison, Fla. June of 1921.  This is Dale's 

Josept Smith, born 1849 Wolf Pit, father Eli Smith, mother Lucy Smith.  Found him for the first time in 
a 1900 Census in Hernando County, Brooksville, Fla.  Showed Ralph Eli Smith (Dale's grandfather and family).  
Then nothing. Wife, Martha Watson Smith, NC.  This is Dale's great grandfather.

Eli Smith, born in SC 1822  (Dale's great, great, grandfather, found him and  Dale's great grandfather in 
Sch. 1, 1850, Wolf Pit Census, Dwelling #393.  Also, 1860 Census of Rockingham, Wolf Pit, also 1870 Census 
of Rockingham, Wolf Pit, Eli Smith now had 3 other sons, Paul, Layfayette, and Simon & a daughter named 
Martha.  Eli Smith's 1st wife was named Lucy, she was born in NC 1826.  The next time I found Eli Smith 
was in the 1900 Census of Richmond, Mark's Creek living with his son Paul and his family and 2nd wife Mattie.

Please contact Carolyn if you have Eli Smith Family Records to share."

Generation No. 1

1.  ELI1 SMITH was born December 1829 in South Carolina, and died Abt. May 1910 in North Carolina.  
He married (1) LUCY Abt. 1848.  She was born 1827 in North Carolina, and died Abt. 1892 in North 
Carolina.  He married (2) EFFIE A. SMITH 1893.  She was born March 1858 in North Carolina, and died 
Aft. 1911 in North Carolina.

Notes for ELI SMITH:
Wolfpit District of Richmond County, NC 1860
Eli Smith 30, is shown as a turpentine operator. His wife is Lucy, 29; children are: Joseph 10; Emily 8; 
Paul 5 and Simeon 2 yrs.

1861 We, the School Committee in District No. 8, of the County of Richmond do hereby report the number 
of white Children six years old and under twenty one to be reported and their  names are as  follows: 
Eli Smith, Stephen Gibson and D. McFadyen

Thomas McDaniel; Henry B. Freeman; Paul Smith; Simeon Smith; Joseph Smith; Lauch. L. McKinnon; 
Darby Gibson; Mastin Clark; Flora Eliz. McFadyen; Ziba Gibson; Robert H. Morrison; Archibald Morrison; 
John A. Morrison; Ann Gibson; Eli Parham; Henry Parham; James McDaniel; Virginia V. Russ; Emily Smith; 
Caroline Gibson; Rebecca Gibson; Jennet K. McKinnon; Eliza Jane Gibson; Elizabeth Clark; Fanny L. Siller 
Russ; Ann Steen; Eleanore Pinner; Martha Ann Steen; Laura Steen; Isabella McSween; Eliza Ann Parham; 
Escellar Smith; Dan. Blue McFadyen; Rebecca J. Parham. 

Wolfpit District of Richmond County, NC 1870
Joseph Smith, 20, Stiller, and his wife Martha J. Smith 17, living with his parents. (Column to right 
shows they married in February 1870) Eli Smith 40, manufacturing turpentine, Lucy 36, Paul 15, Simon 13, 
Lafayette 12, and Columbus 9 yrs.

Wolfpit District of Richmond County, NC 1880 (Dwelling 300)
Eli Smith 52; Lucy 51; Paul 20; Simeon 21; Lafayette 18; and Columbus 16. Dwelling 305 shows Eli's 
daughter Emily (shown Amelia) 28 and her husband E. Champ Terry 37; Elverder 9; Winston 7; Gaston 5, 
and Jenks b. Sep. 1880.

1890 Census for Richmond County not available

1900 Census of Marks Creek District (Wolf Pit renamed - It is same area)
Dwelling 408 shows Paul Smith b. Feb. 1848, 45, m. 10yrs; Maggie, b Feb. 1865, 35, mother of two 
children; Marshall b. Jan 1893, 7 yrs; and Mattie b. Oct 1896, 3 yrs.
Dwelling 410 shows Eli Smith 70, b. Dec. 1829 and his 2nd wife (m. 7 yrs.) Effie 45 b. Mar. 1855 NC.

1910- North Carolina, Richmond County - In the Superior Court. Paul Smith, being sworn, doth say: 
That Eli Smith late of said County is dead, without leaving any will and testament, and that Paul 
Smith is the proper person entitled to letters of administration on the estate of the said Eli Smith. 
Further, that the value of said estate, so far as can be ascertained at the date of this application, 
is about $150, and that Paul Smith, the heirs at law of Joseph W. Smith, heirs at law of Simeon Smith, 
heirs at law of Columbus Smith, heirs at law of Emily Terry and Effie Smith, his widow, are entitled 
as heirs & distributees thereof. (signed) Paul Smith. Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 3rd day 
of May 1910. Thos. L. Covington, Clerk Superior Court.  Richmond County Estate Book III - Bridges

Notes for EFFIE A. SMITH:

March 1903- Statement made Robert & Thomas Newton concerning money owed to Younger Newton at his 
Younger's death in 1902:
"That since the execution of the bond and mortgage deed set out above the defendant Eli Smith has 
intermarried with the said Effie Smith, his present wife."  Richmond County Estate Book III, pg 56 - Bridges.

Effie A. Smith, 49, widow, was living next door to Paul and Maggie Smith in 1910.
Children of ELI SMITH and LUCY are:
2.	i.	JOSEPH W.2 SMITH, b. August 1849, North Carolina; d. Bet. 1900 - 1910, Brookville, Hernando 
County, FL.
3.	ii.	EMILY SMITH, b. Abt. 1847, North Carolina; d. Bef. 1910, North Carolina.
4.	iii.	PAUL SMITH, b. February 1855, North Carolina.
5.	iv.	SIMEON SMITH, b. January 1860, North Carolina; d. Bet. 1900 - 1910, Hernando County, FL.
	v.	LAFAYETTE SMITH, b. Abt. 1858, North Carolina; d. Aft. 1888.
6.	vi.	COLUMBUS C. SMITH, b. June 1862, North Carolina; d. Bet. 1897 - 1910.

Generation No. 2

2.  JOSEPH W.2 SMITH (ELI1) was born August 1849 in North Carolina, and died Bet. 1900 - 1910 in 
Brookville, Hernando County, FL.  He married MARTHA J. WATSON February 24, 1870 in Richmond County, NC.  
She was born July 1851 in North Carolina.
	i.	CORA LEE3 SMITH, b. January 1871, North Carolina; m. GEROCK.
	ii.	LENA B. SMITH, b. October 1874, North Carolina.
7.	iii.	RALPH ELI SMITH, b. January 1877, North Carolina or LaFayette, GA; d. 1922, TB Sanitarium, 
Alto, GA.
	iv.	COLIN J. SMITH, b. September 1885, FL.
	v.	HAYWOOD W. SMITH, b. August 1888, FL.

3.  EMILY2 SMITH (ELI1) was born Abt. 1847 in North Carolina, and died Bef. 1910 in North Carolina.  
She married E. CHAMP TERRY Abt. 1870.  He was born 1843.

Notes for E. CHAMP TERRY:
School Teacher
Children of EMILY SMITH and E. TERRY are:
	i.	ALVERDA3 TERRY, b. Abt. 1871.

Alverda, 40, single was living with Winston and Maggie in 1910.

8.	ii.	WINSTON TERRY, b. 1873.
	iii.	GASTON TERRY, b. 1875.
	iv.	JENKS TERRY, b. September 1879.

4.  PAUL2 SMITH (ELI1) was born February 1855 in North Carolina.  He married MAGGIE Abt. 1890.  
She was born November 19, 1865 in North Carolina, and died June 01, 1926 in Richmond County, NC.

Notes for PAUL SMITH:
Smith Alton K.	6/21/16	7/31/33	
Smith Cora E.	10/8/1892	1/11/20	w/o M.K. Smith.
Smith Margaret	11/19/1865	6/1/26	w/o Paul Smith.
Smith Mattie Lee	10/1/1896	6/20/17	d/o Paul & Maggie Smith.

Notes for MAGGIE:
S. Gibson Cemetery is in the vicinity of Oak Ridge Baptist Church on Oak Ridge Church Road, Hamlet, NC.

More About MAGGIE:
Burial: S. Gibson Cemetery, Richmond County, NC
Children of PAUL SMITH and MAGGIE are:
9.	i.	MARSHALL K.3 SMITH, b. January 1893, North Carolina; d. Bet. 1920 - 1930.
	ii.	MATTIE LEE SMITH, b. October 01, 1896; d. June 20, 1917.

5.  SIMEON2 SMITH (ELI1) was born January 1860 in North Carolina, and died Bet. 1900 - 1910 in 
Hernando County, FL.  He married LAURA M..  She was born June 1864 in South Carolina or GA.
Children of SIMEON SMITH and LAURA M. are:
10.	i.	BLAINE W.3 SMITH, b. August 1887, FL or North Carolina; d. Bef. 1930, FL.
11.	ii.	PEARL SMITH, b. August 1889, FL.
	iii.	CARL E. SMITH, b. January 1892, FL; m. GUSSIE; b. 1903, FL.

Notes for CARL E. SMITH:
Carl E. Smith lives with his Brother Blaine W. and wife Florence E in 1920 in Sanford, Seminole 
County, FL

	iv.	CORA BELL SMITH, b. August 1896, FL.

6.  COLUMBUS C.2 SMITH (ELI1) was born June 1862 in North Carolina, and died Bet. 1897 - 1910.  
He married RACHEL.  She was born March 1861 in South Carolina, and died Aft. 1930.
Children of COLUMBUS SMITH and RACHEL are:
	i.	LIZZIE M.3 SMITH, b. December 1892, North Carolina.
	ii.	HAMBY SMITH, b. April 1895.
	iii.	JULIA SMITH, b. July 1897, North Carolina.

Generation No. 3

7.  RALPH ELI3 SMITH (JOSEPH W.2, ELI1) was born January 1877 in North Carolina or LaFayette, GA, 
and died 1922 in TB Sanitarium, Alto, GA.  He married ANETTA STEPHENS.  She was born 1899 in 
Alexandersville, Echols County, GA, and died June 1921 in Madison, FL.

Died of TB
12.	i.	RALPH NEAL4 SMITH, b. July 23, 1918, Miami, Dade County, FL; d. 1981.

8.  WINSTON3 TERRY (EMILY2 SMITH, ELI1) was born 1873.  He married MAGGIE.  She was born 1877.
Children of WINSTON TERRY and MAGGIE are:
13.	i.	BULAH M.4 TERRY, b. 1905.
	ii.	MILTON C. TERRY, b. 1907.
	iii.	MABEL TERRY, b. Abt. 1908.
	iv.	MARY ALMA TERRY, b. Abt. 1911; d. August 09, 1913, Hamlet, NC.

In March Term, 1914 of Richmond County Superior Court Jenks Terry, Administrator of Mary Alma Terry, 
deceased, the two year old child wandered onto the railroad near the residence of Winston Terry  
about two miles South of Hamlet near Ghio Depo and was struck and killed by a train on the 9th day 
of August 1913. The defendant states, "The plaintiff's intestate went upon the defendant's tracts 
near a public crossing, and lay down upon said tracts, concealing herself  between two of the cross 
ties thereon, and that the tracks at said point is straight for some distance, and that said intestate 
was a young child, and did not know the danger which attended its going upon said track." Defendant 
expressly denies negligence. George E. Dargan, Robinson, Caudle and Pruett and M. W. Nash, Attorneys 
for Defendant. J. E. Hancock, Vice Pres. North & South Carolina, Railway Co.  
Estate Records - Book III - Myrtle Bridges

	v.	EMILY M. TERRY, b. Abt. 1917.
	vi.	MYRTLE TERRY, b. Abt. 1919.

9.  MARSHALL K.3 SMITH (PAUL2, ELI1) was born January 1893 in North Carolina, and died Bet. 1920 - 1930.  
He married CORA F..  She was born October 08, 1892 in North Carolina, and died January 11, 1920 in 
Richmond County, NC.
Children of MARSHALL SMITH and CORA F. are:
	i.	WILMER4 SMITH, b. Abt. 1915.

By 1930 Wilma, 15, niece; Alton K, 13,nephew; and Waren L. 11, nephew are living with E. J. Kelly and 
wife Maggie

	ii.	ALTON K. SMITH, b. June 21, 1916.
	iii.	WARNER SMITH, b. Abt. 1919.

10.  BLAINE W.3 SMITH (SIMEON2, ELI1) was born August 1887 in FL or North Carolina, and died Bef. 1930 
in FL.  He married FLORENCE E..  She was born 1893 in Alabama.
Children of BLAINE SMITH and FLORENCE E. are:
	i.	EDITH W.4 SMITH, b. 1913.
	ii.	RICHARD M. SMITH, b. 1915.

11.  PEARL3 SMITH (SIMEON2, ELI1) was born August 1889 in FL.  She married DEMETREUS FERNANDENOS 1908.  
He was born 1873 in Greece.

Naturalized 1903.
	i.	THOMAS4 FERNANDENOS, b. Abt. 1909, FL.

Generation No. 4

12.  RALPH NEAL4 SMITH (RALPH ELI3, JOSEPH W.2, ELI1) was born July 23, 1918 in Miami, Dade County, FL, 
and died 1981.  He married DORIS EGGLESTON 1940.  
14.	i.	DALE RALPH5 SMITH, b. October 12, 1940, Coral Gables, FL.
15.	ii.	MARCIA SMITH, b. 1947.

13.  BULAH M.4 TERRY (WINSTON3, EMILY2 SMITH, ELI1) was born 1905.  She married UNKNOWN SMITH.  
Children of BULAH TERRY and UNKNOWN SMITH are:
	i.	RANSOM5 SMITH, b. 1927.
	ii.	BETTIE SMITH, b. 1929.

Generation No. 5

14.  DALE RALPH5 SMITH (RALPH NEAL4, RALPH ELI3, JOSEPH W.2, ELI1) was born October 12, 1940 in 
Coral Gables, FL.  He married CAROLYN W..  She was born August 04, 1945.
Children of DALE SMITH and CAROLYN W. are:
16.	i.	KEVIN RALPH6 SMITH, b. March 18, 1965, Coral Gables, FL.
	ii.	DEREK-SEAN SMITH, b. December 20, 1972, Miami, Dade County, FL.

15.  MARCIA5 SMITH (RALPH NEAL4, RALPH ELI3, JOSEPH W.2, ELI1) was born 1947.  She married MICHAEL BARNETT.  

Generation No. 6

16.  KEVIN RALPH6 SMITH (DALE RALPH5, RALPH NEAL4, RALPH ELI3, JOSEPH W.2, ELI1) was born March 18, 1965 
in Coral Gables, FL.  He married CAROL ARIAS December 20, 1998.  She was born September 03, 1975 in 
Costa Rica, CA.
	i.	BIANCA SMITH-ARIAS DE CASTELLEON7 SMITH, b. September 01, 2001, Costa Rica, CA.

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