Fayetteville Observer, Thursday Thursday February 02, 1837

Myrtle Bridges   November 19, 2009

Adamsville, Marlboro' District, S.C. January 17, 1837

Killed in this vicinity, on Sunday the 15th instant, Mr. ELIJAH WATTER, of Marion District, who was on a visit 
to his relations in this District. The deceased was on his return from Church, on horseback, accompanied by two 
of his friends, when, arriving at a turning of the road, his animal became refractory and evinced a disposition 
to go forward in a straight direction, thereby bringing the riders breast in contact with a tree, which prostrated 
him on the ground. He made some exertions to arise and was assisted by his friends, who endeavored to carry him to 
a house which was near, but they had not proceeded far before he was discovered to be dying, and was laid down, and 
he expired immediately, after an interval of not more than fifteen minutes from receiving the fall-not having spoken 
a word. He was an amiable young man, of a good disposition and exemplary habits, in the bloom of youth and vigor of 
health. His sudden transition is deeply lamented by numerous relations and an extensive acquaintance.

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