Fayetteville Observer, Monday, June 21, 1858

Myrtle Bridges   January 08, 2010

Letter to the Editors of the Observer, dated
					Richmond County, June 08, 1858
A few days ago as a party of gentlemen, of whom I had the good fortune to be one, were passing the 
road near Little's Mills our attention was arrested by some considerable show of excitement just 
before us. On arriving at the scene of action we found a lady of the neighborhood seated in her 
carriage holding the reins, and in an excited manner giving directions to her driver, who was 
engaged in an interesting reencounter with a large eagle, which had been wounded so as to be 
disabled from flying. For some time the contest was doubtful, the boy now making an advance, 
and then being repulsed by the blows of the eagle, which were dealt in no slight manner both 
by wings and claws. The lady continued to give the boy some important hints as to how he might 
take advantage of his opponent, until finally his eagle-ship was captured. And then such a treat 
the company enjoyed in the way of some happily expressed thoughts which the occasion drew forth 
from the lady captor, in connection with this "bird of liberty." Of course all felt very patriotic, 
and were at once carried back to the times of '76.

It is common to disclaim against "Woman's Rights" as defined in Conventions, so called, and I do 
not know that making 4th of July Orations is numbered among those "rights," but if the remarks which 
fell from the lips of the lady on this occasion be taken as a specimen, I think the sex has a peculiar 
talent for speeches of that character. And whether they ever exercise it or not in a public way, should 
either of the gentlemen present at the capture of the said eagle, ever have occasion to speak of the 'bird 
of liberty,' they will have to aid them some fine "gems of thought" to which the said lady gave expression. 
At her request I took the noble bird in possession, and he is now to be seen at the store of Cox, Austin & 
Co., where he is doing well; feasting on birds and rabbits. "Long live" the eagle and "the Republic."

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