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In a family letter from John Harrington to Kate Duncan Smith dated Aug 25, 1894 is this story:

My grandfather Sion Harrington was not in the regular army but doubtless acted with the Whigs in 
the expression of the British and the Tories, from the fact he was captured with a squad of others 
at old Jacob Gaster's in Moore Co NC.  That he was in the militia service of the country seems evident.  
They had thrown out a picket guard knowning the enemy was near, but though they had had time to test 
the quality of old Jacob's cider the picket soon gave the signal the enemy were coming, but under the 
combined influence of cider and patriotism the Whigs were lost to retreat.  It was folly to resist, but 
as the enemy dashed up "Old Duncan Taylor Buie" one of the Whigs saluted them square in the face, with 
his old flint and steel wounding a British officer, but old Buie in turn was cut down with the "broad 
sord" as they called it in that day and time.  This was in August, 1781 and the day was exceedingly hot 
and Buie fainted from loss of blood.  There was a woman along with the British who stamped Buie in the 
face with the heel of her shoe and left himi for dead but he recovered and went to his grave many years 
later bearing the marks of the British swordsman.  The whole squad was captured as prisioners of War.

Col. Philemon Harrington on hearing the news immediately gave pursuit and followed with a troop of 
horses and pressed Fanning so closely that at Moore's Creek near Wilmington NC, Fanning released my 
grandfather.  As he anticipated, it had the desired effect - Wilmington was strongly garrisoned by 
the British and Col. Harrington returned with his command to Middle Carolina.  In his pursuit of 
Fanning he (Col. Harrington) bivouacked the first night on a considerable eminence near the town 
of Fayetteville and it is known to this day as "Harrington Hill."
Source: The Letters of Kate Duncan Smith and John Harrington 1894 - 1907 -- Page 79

I do have a little additional info on the Buie line and have lots of info on the Harringtons if anyone
would like to contact me.  Thanks, Jackie Wood 

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