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North Carolina, Richmond County - Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, January Term A.D. 1845. To the Worshipful 
Court now in Session. The petition of Martha Jane Stanback (she the said Martha Jane being an infant petitioning 
by her guardian, James D. Pemberton.) (Martha Jane m. June 21, 1849 Oliver H. Dockery in Richmond County, NC) and 
William P. Stanback, distributees of David Stanback and Phebe D. Stanback, 
dec'd, humbly praying respectfully sheweth unto your Worships:

1. That sometime in the year 1833 their father, David Stanback departed this life seized and possessed of a 
considerable number of Negro slaves, as well as other chattel property, he having first made and published his 
last will and testament, by which said last will and testament he bequeathed to his children most of the said 
Negroes and other property to be held by them as tenants in common until such time as a partition should be 

2. Your petitioners further shew that their mother, Phebe D. Stanback, departed this life sometime in the year 
1834 having first made & published her last will & testament by which she bequeathed to her children six Negro 
slaves and their increase. (Phebe was the former Phebe Pemberton, daughter of John Pemberton (d. 1814). Her 
siblings were William Pemberton, Simeon Pemberton, James D. Pemberton, Jeremiah Pemberton and Martha Pemberton.
Richmond County Estate Records - Book III - Myrtle Bridges)

3. Your petitioners further shew unto you Worships that their parents, David and Phebe Stanback left them 
surviving three children, to wit., Elenore F. Stanback and your petitioners, that Elenore F. has since departed 
before she had attained the age of twenty-one years or married, leaving your petitioners her next of kin and 
lawful distributees seized as tenants in common of all the slaves and their increase, and other property, thus 
left by their father & mother in manner aforesaid.
4. Your petitioners further shew unto your Worships that they are entitled to have partition of said slaves now 
about fifty six in number, and also of the other property, that such partition was by their father's will directed 
to be made when your petitioner Wm. P. Stanback should arrive at the age of twenty-one years, or when your 
petitioner Martha Jane Stanback should marry, and that your petitioner Wm. P. is now 21 years of age.

5. Your petitioners therefore pray your Worships to appoint three freeholders, unconnected with your petitioners 
by consanguinity or affinity, who being first duly sworn, may divide the said Negroes as nearly co-equally as 
possible and also the other chattel property belonging to them, and allot to your petitioners their respective 
shares in severalty and report their proceeding to the next Term of this Court according to the act of assembly 
in such case made and provided and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray. J. W. Cameron, Sol. Pro. 

An inventory of the property of David Stanback, deceased, as taken by the executors the 2nd day of January 1834 [shows the following fifty one Negro slaves]: Jack Sr., Jack Jr., George Sr., George Jr., Jim Sr., Jim Jr., Frank, Stafford, David, Jerry, Warren, Charles Sr., Charles Jr., Handy, Cary, Tony, Will, Tom, Rachel Sr., Rachel Jr., Easter Sr., Easter, Jr., Jenny Sr., Jenny Jr., Vilet, Lucy, Lizzy, Sam Sr., Sam Jr., Adam, Nelson, Judah, Mill, Bob, Moranda, Chany, Milly, Peggy, Edmund, Jacob, Ann, Ben, Silvy, Moriah, Phillis, Betty, Aggy, Willis, Harriet, Claiborn and Ralph.
State of North Carolina, Richmond County. We, the committee appointed at the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of the April Term referring back to us a report made to April Term 1845 to correct a mistake made in a partition of slaves between W. P & M. J. Stanback by assigning Mell & child Eliza to W. P. S. and Mill & child Spencer to M. J. S. In compliance with said order, we have proceeded to correct said mistake by assigning Negro Mill & child Spencer to W. P. and Mell & child Eliza to Martha J. Stanback adjudging each lot of Negroes to be of equal valuation. Given under our hands and seals this the 16th July 1846. (signed) Wade Legrand and Thomas Little.
David Stanback, deceased, held book accounts on the following persons. All small amounts under $4.32, considered desperate and dated between the years of 1829 and 1833. Priscilla Slaughter, Richard Morris, Joshua Hicks, George McAuley, Domonick Morton, William Robinson, Dr. Dismukes, Jourden Morris, W. P. Robinson, Samuel Crouch, William Smith, Nathan Beverly, Martin B. Martin, Charles Robinson, A. A. Robinson, Jno. Dickson, William Terry, John Crouch, Rob Scott, Martin Pickett, Jno. Ingram, S. D. Pemberton, James H. Robinson, Nelson G. Chance, Rolen Kelly, John McLeod, Robert Powell, Randol McDaniel, Samuel H. Parr, Azariah Chambers, John Campbell, James Smith and Gilbert Townsend.
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