(The data on this page from personal correspondence of Bea Lane to my mother, Mary Chappell in 1976)
Posted August 19, 2004 by Myrtle Bridges

"Lacking evidence of a name, it will be referred to as the Douglas Cemetery of Laurinburg. To reach it: Travel Laurinburg's King Street to the intersection with B-pass N 401/501/15, from there continue westerly one mile on Old Sneads Grove Road State Road 1300 toward Sneads Grove and Marston. The cemetery is on the left side of the road. The trees and underbrush are high, all but hiding the tombstones. On April 6, 1976, the following tombstones were standing. Indications are that many other people were buried here but the stones have been stolen or destroyed or buried under debris." (Remarks by Bea Lane)
Angus Douglas died June 30, 1819   Aged 60   
Born 1759. Oldest child of Daniel Douglas, Richmond Co., NC.

In Memory of John G. Wilkinson  Born in Argylshire, Scotland  Died Jan 12, 1831   Aged 47 years.  
Born 1784. Came to this country when an infant with his father Duncan Wilkinson.

Catherine E., Daughter of Duncan & Margaret Wilkinson  Born Jan 7 1854   Died Nov 11, 1854
Died at 11 mos. Dau. of Duncan and Margaret McGeachy Wilkinson.

In Memory of Margaret, Relict of John G. Wilkinson and daughter of Daniel Douglas  
Born June 3, 1788  Died Jan 12, 1860 71 yrs. 7 mos., & 9 days  Margaret Douglas, 
daughter of Daniel Douglas of Richmond Co. In 1850 Census Margaret states she was born in NC

In Memory of Angus McDonald  A native of the Isle of Skye Scotland, who died Dec 8, 1861  
Aged 92 years Born 1769 in Scotland. Came to America as a boy

In Memory of Catherine  Consort of Angus McDonald  Died Sept 25, 1856  Aged 60 years  
This is Catherine Buchannon b. 1796; daughter of William Buchannon. Her husband was 
27 years her senior.

In Memory of Alex McDonald  Son of Angus & Cathy McDonald  Who died Jan 23, 1851  
Aged 32 years  Born 1819

In Memory of Sarah Ann  Consort of Angus Leach and dau of Angus & Cathy McDonald  
Born Sept 10, 1823  Died May 16, 1846

In Memory of Mary  Wife of John McDonald & Daughter of Duncan and Sarah Douglas who 
died Feb 23, 1854  Aged 35 years, 10 mos., 5 days  This is Mary Douglas, b. 18 Mar 1818, 
daughter of Duncan Douglas & Sarah (McLaurin) Douglas of Marlboro Co., SC  John McDonald 
is son of Angus and Cathy McDonald

Louise L. daughter of A & Mildly McNeill  Born Aug 10, 1825, Died 1907

Christian Washington  Died April 24, 1904  Aged 54 years

John McCoy  Died June 21, 1909  Aged 42 years

February 14, 1985: "Today I visited the Douglas Cemetery Bea Lane had given me 
information about from her 1976 visit. On this date, I found the same tombstones standing 
as she did.  However, I went through the trees to another small family type cemetery. This 
could also be part of the Douglas Cemetery. If so, then it would be assumed that the territory 
between the two sections was also burial ground and that it was a large cemetery with most 
tombstones now lost. In addition to the ones on Bea's list, the tombstones I found 
standing February 14, 1985:"(Remarks by Mary Chappell)

Infant daughter of Lula Campbell born 9-15-1902 died 9-15-1902

Caroline dau. of Issac & Rachel McDonald  Wife of Robert Leach  Born May 1857  Died April 20, 1892

Our Baby  September 25, 1883  September 24 1883

Tom Leach son of Jack Leach  died at the age 14 years

Annie Laurie Daughter of John & Annie Elebey  Died March 29, 1904  Aged 7 days

Julia Oats wife of Fletcher Oats Died June 11, 1917

Julious Legett Died June 20, 1909  Aged 66

Emerline wife of Doc Revels Born Dec 5, 1865  Died September 10, 1901 
(There is a tribute on the stone indicating that her husband survived her)

Thomas Revel Died May 19, 1903 (may be 1908) Age 92

Frank Williams Died March 22, 1921 Age 60
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