January 25, 1860 Issue of the WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, North Carolina)
   Transcribed and Posted by Myrtle Bridges March 30, 2003

We are now more confirmed in the opinion than ever that North Carolina is a better State for farming and 
enterprise generally than Texas or any of the other far off countries. We find the following in the 
Salisbury Banner:
	H. M. Diggs, of Anson county, has two boys, brothers, that picked on different days this season, the 
following weights of cotton: 730, 714, 612, 603, 578, 572 [pounds].
	Mr. Diggs has just returned home from Texas, where he had been to find a "better place and a better 
country," perfectly satisfied with the old North State. He says he would not take five hundred dollars 
for the trip. This statement was made to me by Mr. Diggs on his return on Monday last.

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