Democratic Meeting in Richmond County

February 08, 1860 issue of the WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, North Carolina)
   Transcribed and Posted by Myrtle Bridges February 01, 2003

At a meeting of a portion of the Democratic party of the county of Richmond, held in Rockingham 
on Monday, the 23rd January 1860, the following proceedings took place:

On motion of John D. Shaw, Esq., Col. Henry William Harrington was called to the Chair, and William J. 
Everett appointed Secretary.

On motion of Col. Walter L. Steele, a committee of five was appointed to report resolutions for action 
of the meeting, consisting of W. L. Steele, Dr. P. W. Stansill, William C. Leak, John D. Shaw and 
D. B. Nicholson.

The Committee retired, and after a few minutes, presented the following resolutions, which were 
unanimously adopted:

Resolved, that this meeting has full confidence in the patriotism and nationality of the present 
Federal Administration.

Resolved, That His Excellency, Governor Ellis, has discharged the duties of his office so as to 
command our unqualified approval, and we hereby express the wish that he may be nominated for 
re-election by the approaching State Convention.

Resolved, That in view of the dangerous and threatening doctrines of Black Republicanism, and the 
possibility that the party holding them may become successful in the coming Presidential election, 
it is the duty, in the opinion of this meeting, of all conservative men to unite in an endeavor to 
defeat it; that the existing state of things shows conclusively that the only party which can make 
a hopeful struggle in defense of the Constitution and the rights of the States, is the Democratic 
party; that all attempts to produce the impression that a third party (by whatsoever name called) 
can get, or stands any chance to get, the control of the Government, however boastful it may be of 
its strength or its patriotism, are fatal and delusive because of their tendency to divide the South, 
and thus strengthen her enemies; that the contest, in the approaching Presidential election, is clearly 
between the Democratic and the Black Republican parties, as it was in 1856, and in such strife no 
patriot ought to hesitate to give a hearty support to the former; that in view of all this, it is no 
time for the friends of the South to be raising non-essential issues, useless tests, or subjects of 
domestic or local broils, wasting their energies in warring upon one another, but a time for united, 
hearty, and zealous action in defense of our honor, and of the peace and quiet safety of our homes and 
firesides, and the rights secured to us by the patriotism and gallantry of our ancestors.

Resolved, That entertaining these opinions, we invite the co-operation of all good and true men, by 
whatever name they may have been heretofore called, asking them to forget past differences and animosities, 
and join with us in sustaining the Democratic party, the South and the Constitution, against the assaults 
of Black Republicanism.

Resolved, That the Chairman of this meeting appoint ten delegates to represent this County in the District 
Convention-this meeting suggesting Fayetteville as the place for holding the same.

Resolved, That twenty-five delegates be appointed to the State Convention, to be held in Raleigh on the 
8th of March; though any Democrat of this County, present, shall be considered as entitled to act, and 
the Chairman and Secretary shall be delegates to both Conventions.

The Chairman then appointed the following gentlemen delegates to the District Convention, viz:--
Thomas T. Covington, Jas. T. Roper, Col. Charles Malloy, Dr. Daniel Shaw, Robert N. Fairley, Walter F. Leak, 
John D. Shaw, Thomas C. Leak, P. M. Powell and Daniel B. Nicholson. The following delegates to the State 
Convention:--Noah Gibson, Col. Charles Malloy, Thomas T. Covington, Jas. T. Roper, Angus D. Blue, S. J. Gibson, 
T. C. Leak, W. B. Cole, Col. Walter L. Steele, Wm. C. Leak, W. F. Leak, B. B. McKenzie, R. L. Steele, 
Major Wm. E. Smith, J. T. Moorman, Dr. Archibald McFayden, P. M. Powell, John F. Ledgetter, John W. Leak, 
Robert N. Fairley, John D. Shaw, M. S. Austin, Wm. Gibson, Malcom Blue, M. D. Bethune and Dr. W. B. McKinnon.

On motion, ordered that the proceedings be sent to the North Carolinian and Wilmington Journal for publication, 
and other Democratic papers in the State be requested to copy. The meeting then adjourned. Henry Wm. 
Harrington, Chm'n, Wm. J. Everett, Sec'y

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