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In addition to the following accounts W. F. Wright reported on February 8, 1898 that he found in  
the safe of the deceased the sum of $1057.70, and the proceeds of the personal property sale amounted to $1182.25.

He paid the following people out of the proceeds from the Estate of Darling P. Wright:
J. A. McNeill for services, $15.00
D. W. McLean for advertising sale, $.75
W. B. Adams, Auctioneer sale, $3.50
J. A. McGregor Clerk at sale, $1.00
H. D. Gibson and B. F. McGregor services in division of land, $4.50 each.
J. W. McElwee for tombs, $30.00
Z. F. Long, fees on account, $2.50
F. B. Gibson for casket and gloves
Dr. W. T. Pate account in full, $15.00

Personal property delivered to heirs:
Cash to Maggie Heustess, heir, $130.00
Jennett C. Wright, heir, $88.43
N. F. Stanton, heir, $170.00
D. A. Wright, heir, $155.10
W. F. Wright, heir, $200.00
S. M. Wright, heir, $68.95
D. O. Wright, heir, $146.57
S. J. Mason, heir, $170.00
D. J. Wright, heir, $131.15
W. F. Wright, heir, $45.00 

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