September 26, 1860, 1860 issue of the WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, North Carolina)
   Transcribed and Posted by Myrtle Bridges February 01, 2003

On Saturday evening we had the pleasure of meeting Col. Walter L. Steele, our friend and co-delegate 
from this district to the Charleston and Baltimore Convention. Col. Steele is strong in the faith, 
and will do good service for Breckinridge and Lane. By the way, he thinks that even in the case of 
any amount of fusion in New York, the changes are strong-too strong-that Abe Lincoln will carry that 
State. He thinks better of Pennsylvania. The regular Democratic Electoral ticket in that State has a 
very fine showing. The split so-called strait-out-Douglas ticket will receive little countenance, 
save from Forney, and a few others, who have already gone too far over towards the freeolilers to 
have any influence with the Democrats. This coincides with our own views.

In the Pee Dee country there is no Douglas split, nor showing of a split.

The Douglas managers claim Illinois for the "Little Giant," and that is about all they do really claim 
North. Bell stock is simply a "fancy," with no ascertained, appreciable value. It sort of does to trade 
around on, but will not do as an investment. Col. Steele was just from the North, on his way home. He 
had been in attendance at the Pomological Convention at Philadelphia. Things apparently had changed 
little since we were there-Wiley had changed little since we were there. Wilmington Journal.
[pomology- the science and practice of fruit growing]
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