Clem Smith Cemetery
Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

From Hamlet, head east on business 74. Turn right on highway 381 to Ghio which is approximately 4.5 miles. If you use the 74 by-pass, deduct one mile. Just prior to Tabernacle Methodist Church turn left on to Scotland County Line Rd. After you go down a small hill you will cross a creek and then proceed up another hill. Just prior to reaching the crest of the hill the cemetery is on the left in a stand of pines. There is a sign but it is located back in the trees and hard to see until you actually get into the tree line. The actually distance from 381 on Scotland County Line Rd is .7 miles. The cemetery is in the pines about 20 feet from the top of the low bank. Jerry Pait    Myrtle Bridges

Brigman Laura	1814	11/14/06	 
Quick Bessie Lee	11/25/1897	1/8/1898	d/o A.D. M.E. Quick
Quick H.D.	12/25/1887	12/28/1887	 
Quick Mary	7/4/1840	1/9/16	 
Smith Infant	9/28/1870	9/28/1870	s/o Clem & Mary C. Smith
Smith Burk	May-01	6/5/01	s/o Monroe & Fannie Smith
Smith Clem	1/16/1836	11/17/03	 
Smith Edith E.	6/17/08	10/6/08	d/o J.B. & Annie A. Smith
Smith Elbert B.	8/16/16	7/17/17	s/o B.E. & A.E. Smith
Smith Leslie	8/5/1897	7/23/1898	d/o J.B. & Annie B. Smith
Smith Liddie	1804	12/28/1872	w/o J.B. Smith
Smith Malcom L.	9/2/1874	9/17/1876	s/o Clem & Mary C. Smith
Smith Mary C.	12/25/1841	8/1/22	w/o Clem Smith
Smith Mary Eliza	6/11/06	5/2/07	d/o B.E. & A.E. Smith
Smith Sarah Jane	3/28/1898	5/10/1898	d/o Monroe & Fannie Smith
Smith Stewart	3/12/1870	10/14/1870	s/o Clem & Mary C. Smith
Taylor George	1872	1956	 
Taylor Mary T.	1858	1941	w/o George Taylor

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