CHRISTIAN'S GOLD MINE  (Montgomery County)
Fayetteville Observer, Thursday, October 28, 1858
From the Wilmington Herald

Myrtle Bridges   January 09, 2010

Mr. Samuel Christian of Montgomery County, was here on Tuesday last, exhibiting to the wondering gaze 
of his acquaintances and others specimens of gold taken from his newly discovered diggings. He had 21 
nuggets, varying in weight from two ounces to 8 #frac14; pounds, -altogether weighing about 55 pounds. The most 
of the lumps contained more or less quartz, dirt, or gravel; but the weight of each indicated the relative 
amount of pure gold which is seen sticking out in large glittering masses all over them. In the whole 55 
pounds we do not think there was exceeding three or four dross. Mr. C. says the mine holds [ore as well], and that 
the workmen there continue to find big lumps. He did the same thing here as he did in Fayetteville, some 
weeks ago. After showing these lumps to a few persons, he quietly dropped them back into his travelling bag, 
and carried them off. It is a troublesome load to walk about with, though Mr. Christian submits to it with 
great complacency, and he is as careful of it as any little girl with a new doll. Salisbury Watchman.

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