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The News and Observer, (Raleigh, NC) Wednesday, October 05, 1898 Issue 24; col B

	Norfolk, VA.- C.D. Clark, of Laurel Hill, N.C., was found in his bed at the Mansion House this morning asphyxiated by gas almost beyond 
recovery. He came here last night on an excursion from Wilmington, with two neighbors, boys by the name of King. About 2 o'clock they 
retired, Clark occupying a separate room. This morning the boys were up early, eager to see the sights and failing to arouse Clark by knocking 
on his door, went out without him, supposing him asleep.
	As they went out they told the bell boy to arouse Mr. Clark for breakfast. The boy failing to get a response, summoned the proprietor, 
who forced the door open and found Mr. Clark about gone.
	A doctor was summoned and after a long day of anxious labor they are now at 6 p.m., rewarded by Mr. Clark's arousing and calling for 
something to eat. It is supposed that Clark blew out the gas.

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