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A.The Family of Daniel and Catherine Morrison, Rev. #1

From Chesterfield and Darlington Counties in S,C,
Barbour (and also Pike and Bullock Counties) in Alabama

I believe this family to be located in Chesterfield Co. SC in the 1810 US Census, in Darlington Co. SC in the 1820 
and 1830 US Census' and in Barbour Co., Al in the 1840 and 1850 and 1860 US Census'.. The families of least four 
daughters lived in, and/or are buried in Pike and Bullock Counties. I have also looked at the 1850 and 1866 Alabama 
State Census'. I have also used cemetery records, when available.

Based on my current knowledge and aligning with these Census records, I believe the family consisted of:

Father:  Daniel Morrison who is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula. The cemetery record has him born about 1782. He 
died 7 Dec 1846. My guess is he was a farmer. He seems to have, in SC, brothers Murdock and Angus.

Mother: Catherine Morrison, who is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula. The cemetery record has Catherine born about 
1788 (per the 1850 US Census, she was born in Scotland about 1785). She died 23 Apr 1855. 

Two DAR applications done by the descendants of her daughter, Catherine Morrison Hanson, claim the mother's maiden name 
was McCrimmon (See DAR Application #80845, Samuel Hall Feagin, Alabama and DAR Application #86926 William Boykin Haynes, 
Florida.( Both are available on I am still looking to find a record proving this name.

I have two records in 1831, which, taken together, indicate that the wife of Daniel Morrison of Darlington Co. SC in 1831 
is the daughter of Rachel and Murdock Morrison of Richmond Co. NC. ((Rachel Morrison's October 28, 1831 will, Richmond Co.
NC, and a July 31, 1831 "Deed of Relinquishment" to Malcom C, Morrison, also to be found in Richmond Co.).

Until evidence is presented to the contrary, I believe it more reasonable to believe that the Catherine Morrison that comes 
to Barbour Co. AL and is Fairview Cemetery in 1855 is the daughter of Murdock and Rachel Morrison of Richmond Co. NC.

Children of Daniel and Catherine: (all born in South Carolina)

1) John M. Morrison, 1810 Owned land in Darlington Co.  SC. Came to Barbour Co. a merchant. The 1850 Census includes a 
wife Elizabeth., sons James and Andrew,  and possibly a daughter, Sarah. I need to do more on this family.

2) Margaret  b, Jan 15, 1812 d.. unmarried, 27 Jun 1855, Buried Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula.

3. Rachel b.1815 d.8 Jul 1862 buried at Elam Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Pike Co. Ala.
Married Angus McCormick in Darlington Dist, SC and had a large family near Goshen, Pike Co. Al.; probably moving there in 
1835. Children included Sarah (b. 1829, probably by previous wife), John C. (1834 SC), George W. (1836 Ala),. Daniel B.(1837 AL), 
Nancy (1839 Al), Mary A.(1841 AL),  Neil Alexander (1844 AL), Malcom L. (1852 AL), Rachel Sarenah (1855 AL), Salemnah, 1857 AL)..

4) Catherine. b. ca 1816,  wife of Fredrick (F.J.C.) Hanson, lived in Bullock Co., AL
 Children in 1860 included Sarah 19, Donald 14, Elizabeth 12, George W. 11., John 10, Mary 8, Margaret 6, and Flora 4. I have 
 not found record of her grave but would assume she is buried with her husband.

5.) Flora b. Apr 28, 1821, d. unmarried, 1 Sept 1860. Left will in Barbour Co. naming nieces Salemnah Olive McCormick and Flora 
Hanson. Based on her US Census age given in 1860, she would have been born ca 1824. She is buried in the Orion Methodist Cemetery, 
Pike Co. Al.

6.) Unknown female, b. between 1825 and 1829 see especially, 1830 US Census. (SC)
Could have died or could have married before 1850

7.) Unknown female, b. between 1825 and 1829, see especially, 1830 US Census (SC)
Could have died or could have married before 1850

8).Murdock B.  b. ca 1827, married Sarah C.., Administered estate of mother, Catherine  beginning in 1855 and named executor of 
his sister Flora's will in 1860. Died in 1864 presumably in the Civil War, leaving son Eugene E (b. 1859) and wife, Sarah. By 1873 
Sarah and Edward had moved to Melinville, Florida. and Barbour Co. estate administration ceased. (See Barbour County Orphan's Record 
Book 19, p.478.)

9). Mary b. 13 Nov 1828, married John R. Siler, and lived in Pike Co.  d. 8 Apr. 1857, buried at Orion Methodist Cemetery, Pike Co.
Had one daughter, Flora H. born 29 Sept 1856 d. 29 Jan 1857. buried  at Orion Methodist Cemetery, Pike Co. There is an earlier 
marriage of Mary Morrison in Barbour Co. Al to William Usery that could also be hers .

Glenn H. Morrison
Damon, Texas
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Glenn H. Morrison Damon, Texas

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From the updated version of my book, The Morrisons, They Came To The Land That Hudgin Drains, published in 1994.

What evidence supports the belief that Daniel and Angus of Putnam Co. Ga. are related to the Morrisons of Richmond County, N.C.?

In April of 2006, after I submitted a DNA sample, it was discovered that we had a match on 31 of 32 comparable markers with 
Hal Morrison of S.C. .  DNA has become a well accepted method for determining family connections. I had the 37 marker test 
done by Heritage. Hal had done the 37 marker test with Family Tree DNA. It turns out the two companies tested 32 of the same 
markers and used different markers for the other five tests. I had the missing markers done separately by another company. We 
also had a match on 34 of 37 markers with another Morrison family to be discussed later. DNA is tracable male to male and female 
to female. Since in our culture, names are carried by the male line, it becomes practical to trace for several generations only 
through the male line. Mutations occur only after several generations. Matching in 31 out of 32 markers means that there is an 
approximate 60% chance we are related within four generations, an 87 % chance we are related within  eight generations and a 96% 
chance we are related within twelve generations. 

Hal's family information and subsequent research showed that Hal's line connected back ot Malcom C. Morrison of Richmond Co. N.C.. 
This county borders South Carolina, and is about 100 miles NE of Columbia, S.C.. After checking available evidence, I have concluded 
that this is the same Malcom C. Morrison mentioned below in the estate settlement of Angus Morrison who died in Putnam Co. Ga. in 1816.

Estate administration papers for Murdoch Morrison who died without a will in Richmond Co,. N.C. in 1828 name Malcom C. Morrison as 
his administrator. In an accounting of  notes collected on behalf of Murdoch's estate,  it is recorded that, "The amount of a legacy 
received from the state of Georgia due said estate by  Malcom C. Morrison, $160.00." This report was filed with the Court in the April 
Term, 1829.  This corresponds in time with the estate administration of Angus Morrison of Putnam Co. Ga. and the amount is substantially 
the same. I am willing to assume the $13 descrepancy in amount was absorbed in some sort of administration costs."

Searches of the land records of Richmond Co.,  N.C. provide an additional link. On July 28, 1810,  Angus Morrison and Daniel Morrison 
"of Putnam Co. Ga." sold 100 acres of land "more or less" lying on the West side of Leith's Creek in Richmond Co. N.C.  to Norman 
Morrison for $50. 

While on a visit to the area in the summer of 2006, I was able to meet with additional descendants of  Malcom C. Morrison's family 
including Alex Morrison. Alex agreed to submit a DNA sample which, not surprizingly, turned out to be identical to the Hal Morrison 

The two documentary links plus the DNA connection leads to the conclusion that Daniel and Angus of Putnam Co., Georgia are related 
to these N.C. Morrisons and came to Georgia from Richmond County.

Always working backwards,  we asked, who were these Morrisons?. How were they all related?  Where did they come from? 

While much remains to be learned, we do have a few markers to guide us along the way. Fortunately, for researchers, Myrtle Bridges 
and others have collected and published or made available on the internet, a substantial amount of estate and cemetery records for 
Richmond and Scotland county. Early marriage records are limited for Richmond Co.. Scotland County was formed in 1899 from what was 
the eastern portion of Richmond Co. roughly including land from Gum Swamp Creek, plus a little, east to the Lumber River.

There is one record that places a John Morrison in this general area before the Revolutionary War. The Land record of Anson County, 
a year beore Richmond Co. was carved out of it, says, "Oct. 31, 1778, Henry DeBerry enters 50 ac in Anson Co on Dumas Branch waters 
of Clark's Cr; includes John Morrison's cabbins."  This could be the John Morrison who lives near Laurel Hill. 

I found the following note on Myrtle Bridges website under Cemeteries,. It is a verbal history quote from Catherine McNeill regarding 
the "McMillan/Patterson/Buchanan Cemetery":

Many years ago I was taken to this cemetery by my late father-in-law, who was the son of Sallie McNair McNeill listed here. I guess 
you would say it was near Laurel Hill, and not too far from the old McNair place, where the mill was.I will try to get better directions 
if I can, it was hidden in the woods then."

The listing included:
"Sacred to the memory of John Morrison
Who departed this life Dec 2, 1838
Aged 76 years"


"Erected to the memory of Mary
Consort of John Morrison
Died Aug 7 1829
Aged 60 years

A wooden marker"
Mrs. Bridges memo said this note was posted March 24, 2000. As of now I have not connected this family to the three Morrisons who 
bought land in Richmond Co. in 1789, the group I take, most firmly to be, "Our Morrisons".

Based on Richmond County Naturalization Records mentioned above, I believe our Morrisons come to the United States after the 
Revolutionary War --one family histroy says 1785.This listing, based on county records, has been published in several places 
including in Our Native Heath by  Mrytle Bridges, pp.43-44.  The following Morrisons were included. I have translated years 
of residence into the probable year of immigration. This listing is for those still residing in Richmond Co. in 1813. Others 
who may have died before this date (e.g. Angus1), or moved on (e.g.Daniel, Angus2) would not be included on this list but may 
have come during this period. It also would not include any who came before 1776. Morrisons in included are:

Name	Year of Arrival	Age in 1813 if given	Place of Origin
John Morrison	Before 1795		
John Morrison	"		
Murdoch Morrison	"		
John Gillis	"		
Murdoch and Norman McLeod	"                     		
John Cameron	"	
Malcom Morrison	1802	40	Scotland
Norman Morrison	1802	48	Scotland
John Morrison	1802	38	Scotland
John McD.K.* Morrison	1802	23	Scotland
* This could be Kenneth.

Land records show that in the year  1789,  Norman, John and Angus Morrison each bought land in the county.  Norman bought 
200 Acres on "Big Juni" (Juniper Creek).   John bought 150 acres on Jourdan Creek.  Angus bought 100 acres "east of Gum Swamp".  

These three creeks parallel each other in the upper half of what is now Scotland County. Jourdan's Creek runs into Juniper 
and they flow into the Lumber River. A fourth creek, Leith's Creek drains land in the lower half of the County between Gum 
Swamp Creek and the "Big Juniper". It runs by the current county seat of Laurenburg. Leith's Creek and Gum Swamp drain into 
the Pee Dee River.

Land is described by "metes and bounds". This system combines waterways, neighbor's lands, trees and other physical markers 
with compass bearings and linear measurements to describe a piece of land.

Since neighbor's land was rarely used to describe the land that John, Norman and Angus bought, it is feasible to assume their 
land was described as originally surveyed. They may or may not have had many neighbors in 1789. The one exception is Angus' 
land was near a corner of Moses Turner's land. Angus bought his land from Daniel McLendon. John bought his land from Archibald 
and Elizabeth Campbell. Norman (spelled Normand) bought his land from Malcom McDearmid.

There are three Census records that are helpful in this early period, also.

1) There was a "State Census of North Carolina" for the years 1784 to 1787. In Richmond Co., only two Morrison families are 
present in Richmond Co., John who is either under 21 or over 65 and Ann. Ann has 2 males and three females including herself. 
The males are either over 60 or under 21. John  has one female with him. I have thought this likely to be the John Morrison 
whose "cabbin" was mentioned in the Anson Co. record cited above. The group of Morrisons believed to be ours were not there. 
They could have been among the Morrisons with many of their same names in Cumberland, Moore or Robeson counties: if so, I have 
no way to make that connection as of now.

2) By the 1790 US Census in Richmond Co., we find as heads of household, Anguish Morrison, Angus Morrison, Norman Morrison, 
Flora Morrison, and two John Morrisons. All have more than two persons in their households except for one of the Johns. Angus' 
family includes 3 boys, two men and two females. This family is on the same page with Norman and is most likely to be "our Morrisons". 
It is my current belief that Angus, Norman and one of the John's (John 2) are "our Morrisons". This census, developed at least 
partially for military purposes lists 1) heads of households, 2) Males either over 60 or under 16, 3) males between 16 and 60, 4) 
females. John1 and John2 are my own designations.

Anguis Morrison	3	2	2
Angus Morrison	3	2	2
Norman Morrison	2	1	5
Flora Morrison	2	1	2
John Morrison1	0	1	1
John Morrison2	3	0	2

There are two Murdoch Morrisons with families in Robeson County but none shown in Moore, Cumberland or other neighboring counties. 
Since our Murdoch's first child was born in 1790, his young family might be living with another family, for example his in-laws, 
whoever they were. By family tradition, this child, Margaret, was born in Cumberland Co., N.C. Our Murdoch might also be one of 
the Robeson Co. families. Robeson County neighbors Richmond Co. on the southeast, and is south of Cumberland Co.. 

A listing of Richmond Co. taxpayers in 1790 includes: Anguish, John and Norman. 

In 1799, John, Murdoch, Malcom, Dan'l and Angus McLeod sell their interest in 113 acres of land "between the Little Pee Dee and 
Jourdon's Creek" to Norman Morrison. The Little Pee Dee turns out to be another common name for "Gum Swamp".   What makes this 
transaction especially significant is the metes and bounds description of the land. It happens to match exactly the metes and 
bounds description for the 100 acres of land purchased by Angus Morrison in 1789 noted above, on three of its four sides. I take 
it the fourth side is different to enclose the additional 13 acres now existing in the tract. 

 If we ask, "How did this group of Morrisons come to own this land?" the most obvious answer is that they inherited it from their 
 father. That would make Angus the father of all of them (Angus McLeod would likely be married to a daughter) and Norman, who bought 
 out the others is either a brother or uncle to the rest. This would mean that Angus (I will call him Angus1) died before 1799. If 
 Murdoch, John and Norman are brothers, then the subsequent distribution of Angus 2's estate in Putnam Co. would indicate there was 
 a son Angus (Angus 2), as well. At the time of this land sale he would have still been a minor, 15 years old. At this time, court 
 records seem to be scarce and some of the formalities of the later legal system cannot be assumed to be in place or just were not 
 utilized. Families handled much of their own business among themselves. 

An interesting realization for me, was that the common language of these early Scots farmers was Gaelic, not English. Many of them 
had trouble speaking English, much less writing it. Hence, so many signatures found as "X, his/her mark". I read of a church in a 
neighboring county that was so glad to have found a Presbyterian preacher who could conduct their service in Gaelic. Gaelic hymnals 
were common for the time.

All of this provides us with what I prefer to call "a working theory" that Angus1 is the common ancestor that connects the group 
Angus1 would then be my 4th great grandfather. He would also be Hal Morrison's (my DNA "cousin") 4th great grandfather. Hal and I, 
if this turns out to be correct, are actually six generations apart from a common grandparent.

Angus1 would be Alex Morrison's (my other DNA cousin) 3rd great grandfather.  He is actually one generation closer to Angus1.

In May of 1994, Ransom McBride published a summary in the north Carolina Genealogical Journal titled "Some Immigrants From North 
Britain to Richmond County, N.C. 1782-1790.(p.118-119) This article summarizes  a petition filed in the General Assembly  Session 
Records., Nov-Dec 1899, Box 3: Folder "Petitions-Miscellaneous", North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, NC. Ransom writes:
"On 13 December 1799 in Richmond County North Carolina, in the presence of Murdock McDuffie, Justice of Peace, the following persons 
took an oath that they were prevented from voting for  ( It would make more sense if the word here was "by". I will explain later., GHM) 
Duncan McFarland  (who had been elected to the North Carolina General Assembly-GHM) in an election in said county  where allegations 
of impropriety were raised.. A petition was sent to the  North Carolina General Assembly by those concerned". The petitioners identified 
themselves as immigrants from  great Britain (North Britain or Scotland per other papers in this case) between the years 1782 and 1790 
all of whom have or are willing to take an Oath of Allegiance to this state.

The list of petitioners included 86 names. Among them were a significant list of Morisons. The name was spelled with one "r" as was 
typical in these early years. The list included three John Morisons, and one each named Norman, Murdock, Daniel,  and Malcom . The 
names of John, Daniel, Malcom, Murdock are the Morisons who sold (their interest in ) the land of Angus Morrison in 1799, which I 
have taken to be an "estate settlement" for their father's land. Additional names of interest in the list including that of Angus 
McLeod and John Cameron 
The significance of this list for me is that it suggests that Norman, Daniel, Malcom John and Murdock all came to the US after the 
Revolutionary War and before 1790. I have thought, since Norman, John and Angus all bought land in Richmond Co. in 1789 that they 
arrived at or near the same time, probably in 1787-1789. I consider this an important confirmation of that theory.
I also looked on Ancestry at a book titled, Ships From Scotland To America by David Dobson,  whom, incidentally, I met in 2009 at 
the NAS. Ships listed included  "The Fame of Greenock", a 218 T, Brigantine which travelled from Skye to Wilmington, NC , arriving 
July, 1788. "with passengers".. Master James Leitch was at the helm.  In this period, typically, passenger lists are not available. 
Emigration laws in Great Britain become much stricter for a few years, aimed at curtailing the out flow of Scotsman, primarily. When 
those laws were relaxed about 1801-2, heavy emigration resumed.  As we know from the Richmond Co. NC Naturalization applications, a 
number came into the Cape Fear area in 1802-4. One ship listed in this time period was named "The Duke of Kent". It was probably 
typical of many. The note on it said it was a 600 T. Brigantine travelling from Braccadale, Skye to Wilmington, NC with 600 passengers 
from Skye especially from Sleat, When in this area of southwestern Skye, we drove around this large bay, called  Lock Braccadale in 
Scotland.  .Dunvegan is on the north side, Satran and Talisker a little farther south. Beyond Satran are the bare, towering peaks of 
the Cullins. If the passengers were mostly from Sleat, I would guess the "The Duke of Kent"made a stop at Lock Eishort, or another 
mooring-points nearer that part if the Island. These were not "ports", but bays. The ships would anchor in the bay and the families 
would use small boats to travel from shore with their worldly possessions. Many in this period who came were not destitute and might 
well have enough money to buy some land when they arrived.
The area around Braccadale, traditionally, was Macleod land. Sleat , and much of the north and east side of the island was MacDonald 
land. I like to think our Morrisons were from the Macleod area of Skye, but they well might have been from elsewhere in western Scotland, 
including the Outer Hebrides.

3) The 1800 Census, Angus has disappeared and there is a Daniel who is a male between 26 and 45, a female over 45 and four younger 
boys and four younger females. It is just possible that this is the residue of Angus' family and Daniel is older son in the family, 
and so could be listed as head of household. If so, there could be sons and daughters for whom we do not have names. 
Some time after 1800, Daniel goes to Georgia. Daniel is a single man, and unsuccessful drawer in the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery from 
Burke County.  This means he has been in  the state 1 year and over the age of 21 to have been eligible. Mattox, in his listing of 
"Family Heads 1805, Georgia", lists on page 137, "Morrison, Daniel, Burke Cty, d. 1819 Putnam Cty. w. Mary." 
In 1808, Angus Morrison secures a pass to go into the Indian Territory with John and Waid Hill.  I take this to be Angus2, and whom 
I believe to be son of Angus1 and brother to Daniel.


Others of these Morrisons scatter and are difficult to trace. 
An interesting query to the Richmond County Record  in 1999 says: 
"Seek any information on John Morrison "…and family. He was born in Scotland about 1759; was married prior to leaving Scotland, 
(name of his wife unknown). Their first child , Murdoch was born at sea in 1785. John, his infant son and wife arrived in Richmond 
Co. in 1786. John's occupation was farming. He moved from Richmond Co. and died in DeFuniak Springs area of Florida in 1849" Mrs. 
Deborah C. Morrison, P.O. Box 3023, Bruce, Fl. 32455  After finding a Florida descendant, Noah Morrison, and having a DNA test done 
for him, this seems to be a different set of Morrisons. There is a reasonably close DNA match of this family with the John Morrison 
family of Pike Co. Ga. And the John Cameron Morrison family of North Carolina.

One North Carolina John Morrison, born in 1800, died in Augusta, Ga. in 1839.  He is buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Ga. His 
tombstones says he was 39 years old. Estate papers indicate a wife, Meary, and children John Daniel, George McDuffin, Catherine, 
and Mary Frances (Mrs. L.G. Skinner). He may, or may not be from Richmond Co..

There was also Cider John, so named in the 1840 Census for Richmond Co.

There is a record, published in the Deed Abstracts of Robeson Co., N.C. of a Murdoch Morrison buying 50 A. of land from Mary Black
 on the 4th of June, 1790. Mary Black had patented the land on May 18th, 1789. The land is located on Rockfish Creek.  Rockfish Creek 
 flows into the Cape Fear River just below Fayetteville, and is in the heart of the Scottish settlement there, I believe. Fayetteville 
 was earlier known as Cross Creek.

The new item is the deed I found, where on November 16, 1805, Murdoch Morrison of Richmond Co. sells land on Rockfish Creek, which he 
had, purchased from Mary Black to Donald McDonald.  

This, for me, ties our Murdoch to the Robeson Co. Murdoch, and is the earliest evidence I know of his being in Richmond Co.. He does 
show up there on the 1810 Census.

Murdoch and family in 1810 Census.  He is found with a one additional male (Malcomb C.?) and three females .  With him are one son 
and three females, presumably a wife and two daughters, In 1820 he is found with a son 16-25 (Malcom C., I suppose), and a daughter 
under 10. Murdoch and his wife (Rachel) are listed as over 45 years of age. 
Murdoch dies in 1828 leaving his wife, Rachel and children. Malcom C. is administration of his estate. By 1828, Murdoch has bought 
land on Marks Creek south of the present town of Hamlet. Rachel dies in 1832 leaving a will  naming he children as:
   John Gillis, presumably a son by a prior marriage.
   Margaret McLaurin  
   Malcom C. Morrison (12/24/1795-12/13/1851)
   Catherine Morrison (wife of Daniel Morrison, Marlboro Dist. , S.C.  & Barbour Co., Ala.)

Margaret Morrison was born in Cumberland Co. in 1790 by family tradition, and married Lauchlin McLaurin, son of Duncan and Catherine 
McLaurin. This family moved to Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi, then on to Travis County, Texas. She is buried in Hornsby Cemetery, 
Hornsby Bend, Texas, near Austin. She died Feb 28, 1879. 

Recently, (Spring,2009) I learned from Dorothy Landoll, a Hornby descendant, that Sarah Morrison Hornsby, interested in the education 
of her children, encouraged her husband, Reubin to ask Sarah's  "cousin", Margaret McLaurin to encourage son, Angus McLaurin to move 
to Texas to teach school before 1850. By 1850, Angus, Margaret and Lauchlin McLaurin are all in "Hornsby Bend" Texas, along with the 
other children of this family. If Margaret Morrison were Sarah Morrison Hornsby.s first cousin, that would mean probably mean that 
their fathers were brothers. For more on this connection, see Malcom Morrison discussion below. 
Malcom C. Morrison marries Mary McMillan on Dec. 27, 1821.  Children of this marriage include:
Margaret Anne, (1822-??)
Archibald (12/22/1824-11/22/1848)
Murdoch (12/18/1826-6/7/1904) the gunsmith.
Gilbert (4/18/1835-1/25/1882) He was a physician.
Mary died 7/1/1837

Malcom C. married, secondly,  Catherine Morrison, the dau. of John and Flora Morrison,  on December 22, 1839. he was 44, she 
was 19 per family data provided by Catherine Dillehay and Johnsie Morrison. 

Their children included:
Mary Catherine, ca. 1841 (married  David M. Henderson)
John Alexander, ca. 1845 (Married Queen Victoria Covington Cadieu and moved to Milam Co., TX)
Robert Henry, ca 1848  (A descendant, Hal Morrison's DNA sample substantially matched my own)
Archibald (11/22/1850-1/27/1927)( A descendant, Alex's DNA sample substantially matched my own)

Malcom C. died in 1852.

Catherine Morrison, Malcom C. widow,  then married Duncan McFadgen and had four more children:
Flora Elizabeth, b.1854
Daniel Blue, b. 1856
Christian Minerva, b. 1858
Duncan Alexander, b. 1860
Catherine, wife of Malcom C. died 9/21/1898
Malcom C.'s son Murdoch is known as Murdoch the gunsmith. He married Sarah Elizabeth Buchanan 11/9/1856. She was the daughter 
of William Buchanan, whose father, John was also a gunsmith. At one time William Buchanan was sheriff of Richmond Co.  Murdoch 
maintained a gun factory and supplied Confederates with knives and rifles. It is said to have produced 5000 rifles for this conflict. 
This factory was destroyed by Sherman's troops in March, 1865 as the Federal chased the remains of the Confederate army back to Durham 
Station where they finally surrendered at "Bennett's House", April 26, 1865. 
For more on this family see the appendix written by Catherine Dillehay. 

CATHERINE MORRISON (1788-1855), is turning out to be an important link for us . My proof on this is thin. It does not have the 
multiply layers of verification one needs for solid family history, but it does link together well enough for me for me to think 
it valid. 

Catherine is the daughter of Murdoch and Rachel, had a civil suit filed in her behalf in 1808. The records of this suit can be 
found in Our Native Heath by Myrtle Bridges, pp 28 -34.  The suit was filed against Malcom and Angus McQueen, (it is not clear 
to me whether there was only one suit or two!) , defendant (s?)t. Catherine alleged that Malcom. Had said "in the presence of 
several citizens" he had "gotten the better part of her"  and seems to have claimed that this was her business, i.e. to sell 
herself for money. Angus said to John Gillis, Catherine's half brother , "Your sister earns dollars".

Out of the affair, which was not settled in court until June, 1810, Catherine lost her betrothal to one John Leslie but the McSween 
family  was made to pay her 25 Pounds and also to pay court costs of 24 Pounds, eleven shillings and eleven sixpence for court costs. 
The identification of Catherine Morrison as John Gillis' brother clearly is shown by the 1832 will of Rachel Morrison.  In this 
will children named are John Gillis, Catherine Morrison, Malcom C. Morrison, and Margaret McLaurin. Catherine does marry one 
Daniel Morrison, possibly a cousin, and moves to Darlington District of South Carolina. They are found there in the 1830 Census, 
then, I believe, move to Barbour Co., AL by 1833.

The marriage of Catherine and Daniel, mentioned above is evidenced by a "Deed of Relinquishment" filed in Richmond Co. in October, 
1832.  In this deed, Lauchlin McLaurin by right of  his wife Margaret and Daniel Morrison by right of his wife, Catherine of the 
Darlington District, South Carolina relinquish all right of property granted them in Richmond Co.  "by right of our father, Murdoch" 
in favor of Malcom C. Morrison. Daniel and Lauchlin signed, Catherine and Margaret gave their "mark".

The 1830 Census for S.C. lists: (add data)

The above relinquishment was no doubt given as the family was leaving for new adventures in the west. A 1833 census in Barbour Co. 
Alabama lists a Daniel Morrison family with on male under 21, one male over 21, five females under 21, one female over 21 and five 
The 1840 Census for Barbour Co.  Al.. both of the D. Morrison (Daniel and Catherine with a son and seven daughters) and Daniel Morrison 
with a wife only are listed. 

The 1850 Census for Barbour Co Alabama
#2279	$1600	(age)	(sex)	Pl. of birth	Notes
Morrison	Catherine	65	f	Scot	(1785)
	Margaret	38 ??	f	S.C.	(1812) ??
	Flora	24	f	S.C.	(1826)
	Murdoch	22	m	S.C.	"farmer" (1828)
	Mary	19	f	S.C.	(1831)
An 1851 lisiting of land owners in Barbour Co. reads:
Morrison, D, Danl, Daniel ..16-10-27 & 26-10-27 Ssec., R. Twp. ??). Daniel Morrison d. 7 Dec 1846, age 64 (i.e. born ca.  1782). 
Catherine -----wife , b 1888 Scotland, d. 23 April, 1855, both buried Fairview Cem., Eufaula, Ala..
A cemetery listing  shows :  Daniel Morrison died 7 Dec. 1846, age 64, wife Catherine.
                                  Catherine Morrison born 1788,  died 23 April, 1855,      Husband:              Daniel
                                           Margaret Morrison 15 Jan 1812, 27 june1856, Mother Catherine                
                                           Father  Daniel.
All this, to my mind, satisfactorily connects Catherine to her father Murdoch and mother, Rachel' Her family through her at least, 
are "cousins" to all the descendants of our  Angus 1. The 1850 Census that would date her birth in Scotland  about 1785 may be more 
accurate than her tombstone date of birth date. 1788. It is neat to be able to follow this story for a young lady who was mis-accused 
of "working for dollars".

Candidate #1 ( Most probable, in my opinion, ed.)
There is a Malcom Morrison who died in Richmond Co in 1804, His estate is administered by Nancy  and John Morrison.  Nancy and John 
Morrison and Murdoch McDuffie post the bond. . We have searched for additional records both in Raleigh and in Richmond Co. to confirm 
who this Malcom is without success. One good possibility is that he is  the husband of Nancy McDuffie. Nancy  shows up in Greene Co. 
Mississippi in 1815 tax records and 1816 State Census, without a husband. Some of the subsequent family knew her husband as Alexander 
and some as Malcom. For the time being , I call him Alexander Malcom (or Malcom Alexander). A great deal is known about the later 
generations of this family. There were seven children. A daughter , Sarah married Reuben Hornsby and by 1832 or 1833 were in "Hornsby 
Bend" Texas, on the western edge of the Austin colony., in a bend of the Colorado River.

Several of the sons, and mother Nancy, moved to Hinds Co. Mississippi and some of the descendants live there still. A DNA sample from 
one of the known descendants of this family  is a close match to my own sample, lending much credence to the kinship 
of this family to our other known North Carolina and Georgia. Morrisons.

A document found in the NC Archives in October, 2010 adds substantially to connecting this Malcom to the Mississippi Morrisons. It 
is the guardianship bond (renewal) dated 20 Dec. 1809 in Richmond Co. N.C.. The bond is made by Nancy Morrison, Roary McDuffie and 
Lauchlin McKinnon. Binding Nancy Morrison the guardianship of the following children: Sally, Angus, Alex., Peggy. Dan'l and John. 
Allowing for the fact that "Sally" is a nickname for "Sarah",  and "Peggy" a nickname for Margaret, these names exactly match the 
name of the children of Alexander Malcolm Morrison as listed in Hornsby Tapestry published in 2010. 

There were at leas four early Malcom Morrisons in Richmond Co. N.C. before 1850, but none of the other three are believed to be our 
"Malcom , son of Angus". Two of these die between 1820 and 1030

There is the Malcom whom Myrtle Bridges,  in a footnote she traces back to The Clan Campbell Society, Spring 1991, says Malcom 
Morrison married Margaret Douglas and their daughter, Catherine marries Angus Campbell (b. 1805). He is possibly the Malcom Morrison 
who dies in 1818 and whose estate is administered by Angus Douglas. 

A third Malcom died in 1822 and is buried at the Stewartsville cemetery, south of Laurenberg.

Census records (condensed) allow us to trace a fourth Malcom as follows:
Year/ page	(Males 16 or Older)	(Females 16	or Older 
1820/172	0	1	2	2
1830/198	0	1	2	0

This Malcom  is found living near "John Sr." in 1820 and near "Cider John" and Malcom C. in 1830 in Wolf Pit Township.

His will of 1831  does not list a wife. His oldest daughter is named Nancy. The only son named is Kenneth. Three other daughters 
are named as Sally, Catherine and Christian. Nancy and Sally have reduced amounts in the estate, so Catherine and Christian are 
probably the two daughters living with Malcom in 1830. 

This could be the same Kenneth who is found in the U.S. Census' for Marlboro County S.C. in 1820, 1830 and 1840. Kenneth dies 
there before October, 1846, and is believed by this writer to be the husband of Flora and father of her four boys.  If so, this 
Malcom probably came to the U.S. about 1800. and would be the great grandfather of Governor, Cameron Morrison, to whom, per current  
DNA results,  we are not closely related.

On the 14th day of December, 1846, the Ordinary Court, at the request of Flora Morrison vs. Norman Morrison and others, directed 
the Sheriff of Marlboro Co. to sell 154 acres of "lands and tenaments of Kinneth Morrison, Decd."--(which Flora Morrison had surveyed 
October 21, 1846 per the attached survey document --Kenneth must have died before this date-- Note, Daniel, the youngest son was born 
in 1844.)
Therefore the sheriff, T.C. Weatherly, sold the land to the highest bidder, Abner Weatherly, for $210.00.  It is unclear why Flora 
took this action to sell the estate's land.

By 1850, Flora and the four boys had moved back to Wolf Pit district on Richmond Co. N.C.. 

House	Name	Age	Birthplace
448	Flora Morrison	49	Scotland
	Norman	12	NC (Should be SC)*
	Malcom	10	NC           "
	John	8	NC           "
	Daniel (Daniel M.)*	4	NC           "
447 (Neighbor)*	Daniel (Daniel D.)*	39	NC
	Christian	30	NC
	Margaret	48	Scotland
"	Editor's notes. I believe Daniel D. to be the son of Norman and that Christian, Margaret and possibly even Flora are his sisters. 
There is a family story that Daniel M.'s mother and father were unrelated Morrisons and both were born in Scotland, coming on the same 
boat together. Daniel D. did become the first Guardian of the children of Kenneth Morrison . Since I find no support  for his being 
Kenneth's brother, I will leave it open that Flora could have been his sister. Further research could change this conclusion of course.
"	Regarding place of birth, Daniel M. says he was born in S.C. in the 1910 Census (Richmond Co. E.D. 106. p.14b) and I believe this 
correction could apply to all four sons. 

"	Most probably, Flora and Margaret came to the USA in 1802 and  her father, Norman, was the one naturalized in 1813 as a 48 year 
old who had been in the USA for 11 years, and is not related to the Morrisons that bought land in Richmond Co in 1789, the group that 
for now I am calling "Our Morrisons". 

"	The Malcom C. Morrison family also in Wolf pit was listed on the 1850 Census on p. 558, household 520, so while living in the same 
area, they were not close neighbors. However, because of known subsequent family contacts, the current descendants of Malcom C. believe 
that a kinship exists. 
Flora signs and is referred to as Flora K. (Or R.) in some of the estate administration. 

In the 1860 Census, her family moves to Stewartsville Township  in SE Richmond Co. There she is listed as Flora, age 60, with sons 
Malcom 21, John 19 and Daniel 16. I have not found her after that census. 

Daniel M. Morrison married Martha Cameron and they were the parents of four children before Martha died June 13, 1874. The sons were 
Cameron and John Worthy. Daughters were Ida and Ada.  Cameron became a lawyer in Rockingham, moved to Charlotte and was elected governor 
of North Carolina 1921-1924.  He also served as a U.S. Senator from 1930-1933 and a Congressman from 1943-1945.

Name	Born	Died	Burial
Daniel M. Morrison.	10/31/1844	05/04/1917	Eastland/Richm. Co. 
Martha Cameron M.	08/05/50	06/13/1874	            "
Cameron A.	05/10/1869	20/08/1953	Elmwood /  Charlot.
Ada   (unmarried)	03/08/1871	16/04/1934	Lincoln, Co. N.C.
Ida C. ( m. Nuttal)	03/ 08/1871	16/12/1938	Eastland/Richm. Co.
John Worthy	15/09/1873	09/09/1843	Eastland/ Richm.Co.
Most of the above information in the above table was furnished by James Laughter, a descendant of John Worthy. Burial information 
is from Eastland Cemetery listing and other sources. In 1910, 

The 1870 Census  lists Daniel M. with his wife, Martha J. and eight month old son, Cameron. His next neighbor is Christine Cameron 
with five children. I take this to be Martha J. Cameron's mother.

For a brief biography of Cameron Morrison, see pp. 328-30, Vol. 4. Dictionary of North Carolina Biography. The article written by 
Nathaniel F. Magruder which included these words:

Impulsive, emotional, and "bluff and hearty in his bearing and manner" Morrison was easily one of the more colorful public figures 
in North Carolina of his day. But there was little reason to suspect that as governor he would provide anything other than unimaginative, 
routine leadership. His administration, however, proved to be one of the most constructive in the state's history, (p. 329).

The connection of this family to the other Richmond County Morrisons still is not clearly known. Martha Cameron Morrison's brother, 
John W. Cameron is remembered as having his own room in the old Morrison house, and Cameron is said to have come and cleaned out his 
things after he died.  Daniel M. Morrison at one time held a mortgage on part of the Morrison land that was made by Archie Morrison 
in (Look at Grantee  Index to read clearly-1896??Bk and page?) and paid off in 1907 -- (Deed book 53, p.119).

Malcolm the son of Kenneth and Flora, and a brother of Daniel M. Morrison would also be the father of John Franklin Morrison who 
married Lovelady McPherson. This family is described in the Richmond County Heritage book, pp. 221-222 and submitted by Jaunita 
Morrison McGowan. John Franklin and other members of this family are buried at Marks Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery north of 
Hamlet, in Richmond Co.

I have no information of John, son of Kenneth and Flora.

Copyright, Glenn H. Morrison
Damon, Texas

with special reference to  the Marks Creek. Morrisons 
Copyrite, Glenn H. Morrison, August., 2011

Governor Cameron Morrison, "The Good Roads Governor", is deservedly one of Richmond County's favorite sons. It is not surprising 
that many of the Morrison families of Richmond County, want to claim him as a relative.

My own Morrison relatives cite the fact that John Cameron, uncle to John Cameron Morrison had his own room in the old Morrison home 
south of Hamlet. And since John Cameron Morrison's grandmother (Flora) and grand father (Kineth, Kenneth) were both Morrisons, from 
different families per their own family tradition,. DNA results from the two lines indicate that the family of Murdoch (died 1828, 
and of my line) and the family of Kenneth are different Morrison families. 

I cannot rule out that Flora's family (she was a Morrison before she married Kinneth) and the family of old Murdoch may have been 
related, but if they were, they came to America dozen or more years apart. Flora, born about 1800 always reports on the Census' that 
she was born in Scotland, and I have no reason to doubt that. Murdoch's family came to the U.S., on or before 1789. John Cameron's 
closeness to this family may have been because he was related to Catherine Morrison's second husband, Duncan McFadgen. I believe 
they were brother in laws.

Jaunita Morrison McGowan in her family history of John Franklin Morrison, published in the Richmond County Heritage, also claims 
kin to John Cameron Morrison. John Franklin Morrison and several of his family are buried at the Marks Creek Presbyterian Church 
up the railroad, north of Hamlet. Census records appear to indicate this is not an accurate claim.

Having mostly Census data to work from, I find reason to disagree with Ms. McGowan's conclusion. I have no idea what family information 
Ms. McGowan had passed down from her family. It looks to me like there may have been confusion as to which Malcom Morrison married 
Rebecca Cole.

In the 1850 Census there are two young Malcom Morrisons in Richmond Co. One is the son of John and Nancy Morrison of Laurel Hill, 
the other the son of Flora Morrison and brother to Daniel M.. Cameron Morrison's father. 

Census data indicates John Franklin Morrison descends from the first Malcom named above, not the second..

For one thing, there is a sister to the Laurel Hill Malcom named Alsy, who can be found with the family each year from 1850 to 1910, 
however the census takers/transcribers vary the spelling of her name from Alsy to Golsy to Ailsy to Elsie to Alcy. She dies in 1912 
and the Marks Creek Cemetery lists her as name as Alsy and in parentheses, Ailsey. Her tombstone pays tribute to her life saying,, 
"She lived for others, not for herself."

The 1880 Census gives the most definitive linkage of the family of this Malcom to the family of John and Nancy.
Home in 1880: Laurel Hill, Richmond, North Carolina 
Age: 79 
Home in 1880: Laurel Hill, Richmond, North Carolina
Household Members: Name Age Relation to head birth, Father's Birth Mother's Birth
Malcom Morrison 43    (Head)  US, US, Scot; (Buried at Marks Creek Church cem.)
Rebecca Morrison 42    Wife  US,US,US,      (Buried  Mark's Creek Church cem. -)                 
Emma W. Morrison 11    daughter US, US, US
John L. (sic) Morrison 10     son       US, US, US           (This is John Franklin GHM  )
Sarah L. Morrison 7     daughter  US,US, US
Nancy Morrison 79       Mother   Scot, Scot, Scot (She was a sister to Margaret McLeod, 
                                      per Murdoch McLeod's will)         
Alsy Morrison 45        sister US, US, Scot
Margart McLowd 80      aunt (McLeod) scot, scot , scot

Malcom Morrison, brother to Cameron's father, died before August 17, 1867 when Flora K. filed what seems to be her final estate
settlement. There is no indication that he ever married.

For the above reasons, I believe the family of John Franklin Morrison is not a part of Cameron Morrison's family. 

John Morrison  Wolf Pit  (This should be John M.  to correlate with will of Murdock McLeod, p358-359, Bridges, Final Words)
Age: 45 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1805 
Birth Place: North Carolina 
Gender: Male 
Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Laurel Hill, Richmond, North Carolina 
Household Members: Name Age 
John Morrison 45    (John M. Morrison- see Murdock McLeod's will, 1840 census p. 247 w/Norman who may be his father. GHM.)
Nancy Morrison 48   Nancy McLeod, (dau.. of Murdock b. Scotland see his will.  Final Words,  pp 358-9 GHM
Daniel Morrison 17  (Daniel L.)
Dilsy Morrison 14   (This person is spelled (or transcribed) differently in every subsequent Census through 1910, i.e Golsy, 
Ailsy, Alsy , Alcy, Elsie. She helps connect the family back to John M. and is buried in Marks Creek Cemetery with the epitaph, 
"She lived for others, not for herself", GHM)
Malcom Morrison 12   (This is Malcom L.  GHM)
John Morrison 9      
Margaret McLeod 50   (sister of Nancy b. Scotland GHM)
Sarah McLeod 60  
1860 Wolf Pit

John W Morrison (John M.??)
Age in 1860: 56  
Birth Year: abt 1804  
Birthplace: North Carolina  
Home in 1860: Wolf Pitt, Richmond, North Carolina 
Gender: Male  
Post Office: Rockingham 
Value of real estate: View Image 
Household Members: Name Age 
John W Morrison 56  (John M I think)
Nancy Morrison 59  
Daniel L Morrison 27  (named in Murdock McLeod's will  GHM)
Golsy Morrison 25  
Malcom Morrison 23  
John Morrison 19  
Margaret McLeon 62  ( sic McLeod)


Nancy Morrison 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1806 
Age in 1870: 64  
Birthplace: North Carolina  
Home in 1870: Williamsons, Richmond, North Carolina 
Race: White  
Gender: Female  
Value of real estate: View Image 
Post Office: Rockingham  
Household Members: Name Age 
John Morrison 60  
Nancy Morrison 64  
Ailsy Morrison 30  
1880  Laurel Hill
Nancy Morrison 
Home in 1880: Laurel Hill, Richmond, North Carolina 
Age: 79 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1801 
Birthplace: Scotland 
Relation to Head of Household: Mother 
Father's birthplace: Scotland 
Mother's birthplace: Scotland 
Neighbors: View others on page  
Marital Status: Widowed 
Race: White 
Gender: Female 
Cannot read/write:
Household Members: Name Age 
Malcom Morrison 43     US, US, Scot; Buried at Marks Creek Church cem
Rebecca Morrison 42      US,US,US, Buried  Mark's Creek
Emma W. Morrison 11  
John L. Morrison 10    This should be John Franklin M. b. at marks Creek
Sarah L. Morrison 7  
Nancy Morrison 79    scot, Scot, Scot
Alsy Morrison 45    buried at marks Creek 1912
Margart McLowd 80  ( sic McLeod)
Malcom Morrison
[Malcom Marrison]   
Home in 1900: Laurel Hill, Scotland, North Carolina  (Scotland Co. formed in 1899)
Age: 62 
Birth Date: Jun 1838 
Birthplace: North Carolina 
Race: White 
Ethnicity: American  
Gender: Male  
Relationship to head-of-house: Head 
Father's Birthplace: North Carolina  
Mother's Birthplace: Scotland  
Spouse's Name: Rebecca 
Marriage Year: 1872  
Marital Status: Married  
Years Married: 28  
Residence : Laurel Hill Township, Scotland, North Carolina 
Occupation: View on Image 
Neighbors: View others on page  
Household Members: Name Age 
Malcom Morrison 62  
Rebecca Morrison 63    dies 1908
Sarah L Morrison 27  
Elsie L Morrison 63  

John F Morrison
[John T Marrison]  
Home in 1900: Laurel Hill, Scotland, North Carolina 
Age: 30 
Birth Date: May 1870 
Birthplace: North Carolina 
Race: White 
Ethnicity: American  
Gender: Male  
Relationship to head-of-house: Head 
Father's Birthplace: North Carolina  
Mother's Birthplace: North Carolina  
Spouse's Name: Louedy E 
Marriage Year: 1896  
Marital Status: Married  
Years Married: 4  
Residence : Laurel Hill Township, Scotland, North Carolina 
Occupation: View on Image 
Neighbors: View others on page  
Household Members: Name Age 
John F Morrison 30    Probably son of Malcom and Rebecca see 1880 above
Louedy E Morrison 25  
Ava Morrison 10  
Herman Morrison 10/12  


Macone L Morrison
[Malcom L. Morrison]  
Age in 1910: 69 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1841 
Birthplace: North Carolina 
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Father's Birth Place: North Carolina  
Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina  
Home in 1910: Laurel Hill, Scotland, North Carolina 
Marital Status: Widowed  
Race: White 
Gender: Male  
Neighbors: View others on page  
Household Members: Name Age 
Macone L Morrison 69   (Malcom dies 1928 Buried  Marks Creek cemetery)
Alcy Morrison 73  (Dilsy Morrison   This person is spelled (or transcribed) differently in every Census  i.e  Golsy, Ailsy, 
Alsy,  Elsie, Alcy, but is a key name in linking this family. She evidently never married.) 
John Morrison 
Age in 1910: 35
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1875
[abt 1872]  
Birthplace: North Carolina 
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Father's Birth Place: North Carolina  
Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina  
Spouse's Name: Lovery 
Home in 1910: Beaver Dam, Richmond, North Carolina 
Marital Status: Married  
Race: White 
Gender: Male  
Neighbors: View others on page  
Household Members: Name Age 
John Morrison 35    Dies 1917
Lovery Morrison 35  
Ora Morrison 12  
Herman Morrison 10  
Maud Morrison 3  
Floyd Morrison 6  
Charey Morrison 4  
Chester Morrison 1 7/12  
Jessie Morrison 1 7/12  
Herman Morrison 
Home in 1920: Wolf Pit, Richmond, North Carolina 
Age: 20 years  
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1900 
Birthplace: North Carolina 
Relation to Head of House: Son  
Spouse's Name: Alma 
Father's Birth Place: North Carolina  
Mother's Name: Londa 
Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina  
Marital Status: Married  
Race: White 
Sex: Male 
Able to read: Yes  
Able to Write: Yes  
Household Members: Name Age 
Londa Morrison 44   This is Lovedy, she is the head of HH and is widowed
Maude Morrison 18   Maude, Herman and his wife, Alma are all employed either  spinners or weavers.
Floyd Morrison 16  
Claira Morrison 13  
Jessie Morrison 11  
Chester Morrison 11  
Ralph Morrison 6  
Earl Morrison 5  
Herman Morrison 20  
Alma Morrison 17  

Hernan F Morrison 
Home in 1930: Wolf Pit, Richmond, North Carolina
View Map 
Age: 30 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1900  
Birthplace: North Carolina  
Relation to Head-of-house: Head  
Spouse's name: Alma C 

Parents' birthplace: View Image 
Neighbors: View others on page  
Household Members: Name Age 
Hernan F Morrison 30  (Herman)
Alma C Morrison 27  
Myrtle J Morrison 8  
Margrete E Morrison 7  
Fredrick E Morrison 6  
John F Morrison 5  
Sarah F Morrison 2 3/12  
Harold L Morrison 2/12  

also 1930
Home in 1930: Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
View Map 
Age: 15 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1915  
Relation to Head-of-house: Son  
Parent's Name: Lovedy E 
Race: White 
Household Members: Name Age 
Lovedy E Morrison 55  
Ora Morrison 39  
Floyd M Morrison 26  
Clara B Morrison 24  
J Chester Morrison 21  
Jessie M Morrison 21  
Ralph N Morrison 16  
Earl J Morrison 15  
Morrisons in the Marks Creek Cemetery, Richmond co. NC

From the Richmond Co. Cemetery listing with comments.

Morrison Rebecca Cole	Marks Creek 	1837 	3/22/1908 	w/o M.L.
Morrison Asly (Ailsey)	Marks Creek 	10/31/1836 	2/7/1912   She lived for others, not for herself 
Morrison John Franklin 	Marks Creek 	5/24/1870 	6/17/1917  son of Malcom and Rebecca Morrison
Morrison M.L. (Malcom L.)	Marks Creek 	6/12/1837 	1/16/1928   C.S.A. Co B 32nd Inf 
Morrison John Chester    09/04/1908     04/24/1991   WW II, son of John F. and Lovedy McPherson
Morrison Jessie Mae      Marks Creek   09/04/1908  12/11/1996   son of John Franklin and Lovedy McPherson Morrison
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