List of Casualties, Co. H., 26th Reg't. N. C. T., Battle at Gettysburg, Pa., July 1, 1863
(Weekly Standard Issued July 29, 1863)
Posted October 16, 2003 by Myrtle Bridges
From the 26th N.C. Troops.-We are permitted, says the Fayetteville Observer, to make the following 
extracts from a letter of Lieut. John H. McGilvary, to his father in this place. (John Hale McGilvary 
of Moore County, North Carolina enlisted as a Corporal on 13 May 1861 at the age of 20.) Lieutenant McG. 
Was struck three times, and writes from Winchester, where he is recovering from his wound, and hopes to 
be well again in a week:--
							Winchester, July 9, 1863
	The battle was grand, sublime, awful. Neither language nor pen can describe the scene. The enemy were 
strewn in piles-some in rows just as they were standing when they fell-the ground was literally blue. Our 
brigade (Pettigrew's) that day was opposed to the Iron brigade-never having been repulsed before (so I heard 
some of the prisoners say) but, said they, "we were compelled to yield this time." One asked, "what men 
fought them that day" in a certain part of the line, being answered "North Carolinians," he said, "I don't 
want to fight them again."

List of Casualties, Co. H., 26th Reg't. N. C. T., Battle at Gettysburg, Pa., July 1, 1863
Lt. Murdo McLeod, com'dg.-Killed-Sergt. A. M. McAulay, Corpl. Sam'l P. Short; Privates Arch'd A. Clark, 
Colin B. McKinnon, Thos. Johnson, S. J. McIntosh, N.A. Currie. Wounded-Lt. Murdo McLeod, severely, breast 
and shoulder; Lt. G. Wilcox, painful wound, side and foot' Lt. J. H. McGilvary, slightly, leg; O Sergt. 
A. M. Dunlap, severely, thigh and arm; Sergt Jas D. Gilliam, severely, side; Sergeant L. A. Currie, flesh, 
leg; Corpl W. J. McNeill, slightly, lower part of breast; Corpl Z. Hogans, flesh, thigh; Privates Dan'l 
Bailey, hand; W. P. Blue, slightly, hand; Bradly Brady, severely, thigh and arm; Malcom Brewer, hand; 
W. D. Brewer, shoulder, (since died;) J. S. Brown, supposed to be killed; J. A. J. Buchan, slightly, groin; 
A S. Caldwell, flesh, leg; Jas. N. Caddell, slightly, shoulder; L. W. Currie, severely, side and arm; 
Levi Davis, flesh, thigh; W. T. Denson, slightly, hand; W. J. D. Dowd, badly, both legs; A. B. Fry, 
severely, breast; J. C. Fry, slightly, hand; George T. Fry, severely, side; David A. Graham, slightly, 
side; W. H. Graham, severely, arm; C. C. Harrison, flesh, both legs; Thos. J. Hogan, badly, jaw; N. 
Hunsucker, slightly, head; S. J. Johnson, flesh, elbow and side; Jno. E. Keith, slightly, foot; Daniel 
Malone, bowels and hands, (since died;) J. S. Maness, dangerous, throat; J. B. Martin, severely, shoulder; 
J.A. Medlin, dangerous, abdomen; Daniel McCaskill, severely, thigh, (since died;) A. D. McCallum, shoulder, 
(since died;) Dan'l McDonald, slightly, right hand; John McKinnon, throat (since died;) Wm. McKinnon, 
(missing;) J. A. N. McLeod, breast; (since died;) W. K. Nunnery, flesh, jaw and leg; John Parsons, flesh, 
leg; Wm. M. Persons, dangerously, breast; J. P. Seawell, flesh, arm; Joseph P. Seawell, flesh, shoulder; 
C. W. Shaw, stunned by a shell; Lindsay Stutts, leg, (amputated;) Andrew Stutts, lip; H. C. Tyson, flesh, 
thigh; Wm. A. Vuncannon, slightly, head; J. H. Warner, flesh, side and arm; A. S. Warner, slightly, head; 
Harman H. Wilcox, lower part of bowels, (since died;) A. P. Williams, flesh, both thighs; A. J. Williams, 
slightly, foot; Kelly Williamson, slightly, hip; Henry Yow, badly, arm.
	You will see that our company did its duty. The regiment went into action with about seven hundred 
and fifty effective men, and lost in killed, wounded and missing, five hundred and forty-nine. Col. Burgwyn 
was killed on the field while gallantly leading his men in battle-bearing our colors, and calling upon them 
to push onward to victory. Just before he died, about the last words he said, were: "I am dreaming; I know 
my gallant men will do their duty nobly; where is my sword?" Such were the last words of our Colonel; he 
sleeps under a tree near the battle-field, far away from his friends, in the land of the stranger, yet he 
is not forgotten-no! his memory will be cherished, fresh and green in the hearts of the men who have 
followed him until they too shall be as silent as he. May he rest in peace!
	Lieut. Col. Lane was badly wounded, and I hope will recover soon. Major Jones was struck with a shell, 
and stunned pretty badly. Adjt. Jordan was badly wounded. Sergt. Maj. McRae's thigh was shot very badly.

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