List of Casualties in the 23rd Regiment N.C. Troops
(Weekly Standard Issued May 27, 1863)
Posted October 18, 2003 by Myrtle Bridges
List of casualties in the 23rd regiment N.C. troops, Col. Daniel H. Christie commanding, in the 
battles of May 2nd and 3rd, 1863, on the Rappahannock.

Field and Staff-Missing-Major C. C. Blacknall. 
Company A
Killed-Private J. D. Birmingham, P. P. 
Gaddy, W. P. Dunlop. Wounded-Capt. F. Bennett, in leg; Corpl J. R. Knight, in leg; Privates W. 
Horne, in arm; J. J. Cox, in shoulder; Spencer Short, in side; W. T. Tucker, in arm; John Killiard, 
in hand; Thomas Rushing, in arm; D. D. Gaddy, in side; H. Barger, in shoulder; John Hendrick, in 
shoulder. Missing-Sergt. B. F. Billingsly, privates J. Crump, John Munnerly, R. M. Allen.

Company B
Killed-Sergeant. M. V. Seagle, Corpl. J. A. Shittle, Wesley Hudspeth, Privates Eli Hoke. 
Wounded-Camp. G. W. Hunter, severely; Lieut. W. A. Thompson, and Lieut M. M. Hines, slightly; privates 
G. B. Hollman, Andrew Hedrick, F. S. Stewart, Thomas Davis. Wm. R. Whitworth and John Hill, severely;  
Milton Ramseur, Caleb Hober, W. H. Harrison, George Seagle, and Daniel Hartzo, slightly. Missing-Sergt.
 A. S. Carpenter, Marcus Tubyfill, privates M. L. Fuiger, Amos White, L. Houser, Wm. Bysinger, H. Campbell,
 Caleb Leanard, Daniel Lutz, P. D. Seagle, N. M. Sherrill, L. Wilson, Jacob Wilson, Marcus Williams.
Company C
Killed-Sergeant Brantly Harris, privates W. R. Smith, L. M. Tucker, J. M. Long and W. O. 
Davis. Wounded-Capt E. H. Lyon, seriously; Corpl J. M. Lilly, slightly; privates E. J. Lilly, E. Green, 
W. G. Davis, T. Whitley, A. A. Huntsucker, P. W. Hilliard and W. A. Burris, severely; Privates L. 
Brown, W. White, J. E. Love and H. Dayton, slightly. Missing-Privates W. Scarborough, M. Freeser 
and Thomas Bowden.

Company D
Killed-Lieut. J. S. Knight, privates Kenneth McKenzie and Malcolm Morrison. Wounded-Capt. 
A. T. Cole, slightly; Lieut E. A. McDowell, severely; Sergt. W. C. Covington, privates Dan'l Shrum, 
Simon Keener, H. C. McLean, Elbert Andrews and Robert L. Webb. Missing-Geo. Walker.
Company E
Killed-Sergt J. R. Kinton, privates J. A. Winston, C. T. Goss and S. W. Nance. Wounded-Capt. 
A. D. Peace, Lieut. R. V. Minor, Sergts. M. A. Coley, R. M. Estes, Corpl. J. M. Heflin, privates J. H. 
Coley, D. G. Crews, S. Clark, W. H. Duke, H. T. Ellington, J. G. Terrill, R. H. Flemming, J. M. Mise, 
W. J. Rogers, J. N. Smith and Dow Vaughan. Missing-P. P.Bolin and Daniel Mangum.

Company F
Killed-Private J. A. Pool. Wounded-Sergt. A. G. Propst, severely; privates Alias Reinhardt, 
W. T. Cline, Anthony Bolch, Newton Whitner, W. D. Shell, John Suther, J. T. Dellinger, George Warlick, 
W. A. Towell, M. A. Huffman and A. M. Yoder, severely; J C. Fry, slightly. Missing-W. T. Warlick, 
Philip Shuford, George Jarrett, J. L. Pool, Eli Burns.

Company G
Wounded-Lieut. W. F. Overton, mortally; Lieut. J. A. Breedlove, sertiously; Corpl. R. T. 
Champion, slightly; privates B. A Dunn, W. H. Cheatham and Rufus Daniel, severely. Missing-Corpl. 
J. T. Stone, privates Alex Bailey, T. G. Cheatham, Wm. Falkner.

Company H
Killed-C. Myers, J. C. Ford, R. N. Glenn, R. H. Reid. Wounded-Lieut J. B. F. Riddle, in leg; 
Sergt. J. C. Fronebarger, in thigh; Corpl. J. C. Kizer, in thigh; privates T. L. Clinton, leg fractured; 
J. C. Linebarger, leg fractured; J. A. Ford, leg fractured; G. E. Manuel, in nose; W. L. Smith, in hand; 
D. W. Ford, in thigh and arm; H. M. Wallace, in hand; W. R. Milling, in arm; H. A. Torrence, in back; 
D. L. Long, slightly; W. Vandervort, in shoulder; J. D. M. Price, in thigh; R. S. Torrence, B. T. 
Lomely, in hand; W. E. Reid, in hand; J. L.Wallace, Eli Kiser. Missing-J. D. Torrence and P. F. Herren.

Company I
Killed-Stephen West and Robert Adcock. Wounded-Lieut. N. A. Gregory, Lieut G. B. Bullock, 
Sergt. S. L. Puryer, Corpl J. A. Jones, privates Robert Blackwell, H. J. Hester, Robt. Hester, John 
Clarke, Wm. Faucette, W. G. Braynt, Henry Y Puryer. Missing-Sergt. R. R. Chandler. Privates J. W. (?), 
Wm. Currin, David Duncan, J. R. Puryer, Willis Royster, Robt Wade, Alex West.

Company K
Killed-Sergt. J. T. Killiam. Wounded-Sergt. S. T. Thompson, Corpl. H. Little, privates 
Alexander Hoover, Edney Hover, David Jingle, Robert Hager, Robert Harris, Robert Little, Jackson 
Howard, John Little, Elisha Womack, Abram Gacriel, Ephraim Smith, Columbus Guthrie, Gehu Baker, 
Josiah Munday. Missing-Elam Lockman, Jas. Little, Jas. Nixon, John Thompson, Jas. Burch, Jacob 
Workman, Marcus Munday, Wm. Brotherton, John Killiam, Stanhope Hunter, Thomas Henderson, Lieut. 
J. A. Caldwell.

Color Guard-Wounded-Corpls. B. W. Ramseur, E. S. Hart, L. H.a Beasley and Spencer Bryant.

Total killed 31; wounded 132; missing 56. This regiment went into action 454 strong. By order: 
J. B. French, Acting Adj't., 23rd N.C. Regiment.

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