April 16, 1862 issue of the WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, North Carolina)
   Transcribed and Posted by Myrtle Bridges February 09, 2003

We understand that the congregations of the Episcopal, Presbyterian, Baptist and Methodist Churches
of this City [Raleigh], have all donated their church bells to the government to be melted into cannon.

Bells--The following action of the Presbyterian Church has been handed us for publication:
						Raleigh, N.C., April 3, 1862
Hon. G. W. Randolph, Sec'y of War:--
	Sir: We, the undersigned the pastor and Session of the Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, N. C., acting 
in the name and by the authority of the congregation, most cordially tender for the public service our 
Church bell, weighing almost one thousand pounds.
	We believe that all Christians and patriots are called upon in this crisis to make every effort and 
sacrifice to sustain our government in the noble endeavor to repel our invaders.
	Invoking the blessing of Heaven upon our arms, and commending our just cause and oppressed people to 
the protection of the Most High, we cheerfully anticipate ultimate and complete success. 
Joseph M. Atkinson, Pastor, Wm. Peace, and C. Dewey, Elders.

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