Researching the William Byrn Smith Family
From the research notes of Arden Inabinette

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Posted October 17, 2001 by Myrtle Bridges

William Burn (could be Burns; possibly Byrn) Smith, Sr. emigrated from Glasgow, Scotland c1803. He settled in the Laurinburg, NC area.

Wm. B. Smith, Jr. (age 14 in 1803)
girl (possible married name Pate)
girl (possible married name Waller) (These married names came from notes made by a cousin)
girl (possible married name Brown)
girl (possible married name Wright)

Wm. B. Smith Jr. married Alice Lamb of Laurinburg NC sometime prior to 1835. They moved to Marion County, SC sometime after 1835.

Wm. B. Smith III; born 9-3-1835 (married Julia Olive Kirton)
Nathaniel (married Martha Foxworth)
Betsy (married Allen Smith, Reedy Creek section of Marion County, SC)
Mary (married Griffin Coleman)

Wm. B. Smith III married Julia Olive Kirton

Dora married William Atkinson-8 children
W.C.(Charlie) married (1) Robby Owens-7children (2)Carrie Huggins (3)Kitty Mims Singletary (no children)
Henry Gilmore (born 1865) married Sarah Ida Ozella Kirton - 6 children
Ida married W.W. Nye of Orrum, NC 6 children
Helen married Jess Hamer-no children
Lillie married Walter Carmichael 5(?) boys
William Bright married (1)Dora Prevatt from Lumberton, NC. 6 children; (2)Gussie Lucille Anderson, 8 children
Hannah -married R.W. Smith -9 children
Tracey - never married
Alice - never married
Kemper - married Jane Coffy; no children
Olin married Louise Snipes; 5 children

Henry Gilmore Smith and Sarah Ida Ozella Kirton married on Dec. 24, 1891.

Buelah Ida died as infant
*Henry Luther (1-19-1894-198?) married Hix Murden; Children:
Nancy Esther (8-17-1896 - 1996) married W. B. King: children: Basil, Elizabeth Julia Inez - died as infant
Ashby Gilmore (10-2-1899 - 198?) married Pearl Lane; children Miriam, Mable, Kenneth , James, Gilmore
Mary Marion (10-7-1905-living) married W. A. Walker - one child-Mary Arden (me!)

*Luther rearranged his name to be Luther Henry

I have a fairly complete line for the family of W. C. (Charlie) Smith and for the family of William Bright Smith, plus the names of the other cousins in my line. The families of the children of William Burn Smith III get together for a family reunion every year, so the names of all the other family members are available, I just haven't gotten all of them yet. My grandfather, Henry Gilmore, was educated at a boys academy in North Carolina (I don't know the name of it) He had a career in law enforcement. When he was courting my grandmother he was working in Stirling NC--I have letters written by him from there. He was later sheriff of Dillon County SC and then in Marion and Mullins--was Chief of Police in Conway SC (I think)

Several of us have been told that William Burn Smith Sr, gave some of the land that makes up The University of North Carolina---I have no verification of this---I just think that it is interesting that each of us has heard the story but each from a different person. I haven't found the SR. Smith listed in any of the cemeteries that I have checked, so I haven't been able to determine if he stayed in Laurinburg or left.

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