1853 The following is a list of the number and names in Buffalow District No. 2 which commenced the 8th day of August and was out the 14th day of Dec., 1853. A term of 4 mos. (80 days). I certify the following to be correct. James T. Bostick

Robert W. Capel John Ewing Joseph Ewing Jesse Capel
Nathan Bowdon Thomas Ewing James Chappel William Crouch
Hiram Baldwin Jenkins Bennette John Bowdon Calvin C. Covington
Nathan Covington M. T. Covington Alexander McIntire John McIntire
Thomas Tyson James Morrison Angus Morrison Nathan Baldwin
John Elliot Calvin Crouch John Jenkins Luvenia Ewing
Ann Capel Eliza J. Bowdon Sarah Ewing Mary A. Bennette
Sarah Baldwin Dizy Baldwin Elizabeth Tyson Mary A. Tyson
Sarah Baldwin Martha J. Tyson Elizabeth Morrison Elizabeth Elliot
Sarah C. Jenkins Jane Jenkins

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