217 Henderson St. Hamlet, NC 28345
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This church has a Columbarium which is in the ground and the stones are flat with the ground.  It is located on 
the right side of the sanctuary, as you are facing the front door to the sanctuary. There are 12 people buried 
there now, and stones already marked for at least 5 more.  
Lt. John Allyn Cortright, Jr.    US Navy Ret.  Feb. 24, 1942---Dec. 20, 2011
Julius Alexander Crowell  Feb. 22, 1916 --  Oct. 20, 2005
Evelyn A. Holland  Sept. 13, 1924--Sept. 3, 2013
Henry Patterson Kime  Jan. 6, 1945---Sept. 26, 2006
Alexander Payton Mask  Aug. 26, 1948--April 22, 1998
Allen Green Mask, Sr.  Dec. 22, 1914---April 22, 2008
Frances Sampson Mask    Nov. 12, 1912---Nov. 12, 2004  wife of James Washington Mask, Jr.
James Washington Mask, Jr.Sept. 28, 1913---June 9, 2010
Robert Sampson Mask  Aug. 20, 1943--April 30,  2003
Joseph F. Maurice  Jan. 15, 1925--March 12, 2014
Ruth Mabry Maurice  May 24, 1928--Sept. 25, 2012  wife of Joseph Maurice
Jerry Lewis Sanders     March 30, 1960---March 20, 2013
Robert Sampson Mask and Alexander Payton Mask are buried together in the same plot

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