Fayetteville Observer, (Fayetteville, NC) Tuesday, October 21, 1834

Myrtle Bridges   November 16, 2009

Another Revolutionary Patriot Gone!-Died in Carroll County, Tennessee On the 23rd ultimo in the 81st year of his age, 
Capt. Wm. Flewellen, a native of Halifax County, North Carolina. Capt. Flewellen entered the army of the United States 
in the Revolutionary war as a volunteer private in the 3rd North Carolina Continental Line, commanded by Gen. Jethro 
Sumner, was shortly after promoted by the Quartermaster of the rank of wagon master, and marched from the county of 
Halifax with his regiment early in the year 1776. After serving a long and toilsome campaign in the States of South 
Carolina and Georgia, in which the army suffered greatly from the unhealthiness of the climate, and innumerable 
hardships, that portion of the regiment to which he was attached was marched to Halifax and discharged. He was 
subsequently elected captain of a volunteer corps of cavalry; and was actively engaged in suppressing the Tories, 
in that part of the country, until the close of the war. Many years afterwards he settled in Robertson County, Tenn., 
from whence he removed to his late place of residence, where he lived to an advanced age; feeble, and afflicted in the 
decline of life, but honored and respected by all who knew him.-Nashville Whig

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