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McLEAN / WILKES    November 08, 2007
My name is Sandee Cox and I've been researching my family for many years.  I'm finding a 
Hugh McLEAN in every area and county of North Carolina. According to GA census Emanuel 
County my Hugh (b approx 1795 in NC), his wife Flora (b approx 1810 NC, daughter of Elisha 
WILKES b 1789 Robeson county) I've got no idea when the move to GA took place or when they 
were married, and the earliest census for GA Emanuel county shows Hugh McLEAN in 1840, I 
don't have any information on my Hugh in South Carolina, any information you could provide 
would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sandee Cox

GIBSON    November 08, 2007
Much has been written about Stephen Pate GIBSON , who married Mary 
COVINGTON, his brother John B GIBSON who married Judith SANDERSON, and 
Nathaniel P GIBSON, Jr and his two wives of SC.  Does anyone know the 
spouses and families of his other children?  The 1850 census lists 
Nancy, Elizabeth, Daniel, Mary, Hannah and Honor...who did these people 
marry?  If any descendants are out there let's hear from you. 
Thank you for your kindness. Zelia Cline

McNAIR    November 06, 2007
Does anyone know of someone who might look up a few deeds for me?  I'm  
hoping that the deeds recorded when old Neill McNAIR disposed of his  
land might mention the deeds recorded when he got it; and if he got  
land from anyone named McNair, I might be able to infer parentage.   

Neill McNAIR who died about 1856.  He came over in 1777 or thereabouts,  
when he was three or four years old so obviously with parents or  
other adult.  But we know nothing about his parents.  Nothing down  
through the family and no obvious leads in wills, nothing in a source 
about McNairs, the book by James Birtley McNair.  There are several wills 
in Myrtle's book, 'Final Words', which mention sons named Neill McNAIR, 
but no reason to implicate, if that's the word, any particular one.  
Birtley McNAIR suggests, without giving a source, that the Alexander who 
later went to Simpson Co. Miss. was our Neill's brother.  I'm pretty sure 
that my Neill is the one who refers to himself as Neill McNAIR Esq. in a 
few places, which I see Myrtle's other book and once in the federal census.  
I know Neill's children's names, wife Margaret Patterson.  That's about it.
Suggestions appreciated! Bill Gullickson

McINNIS    November 05, 2007
Looking for information on the MCINNIS family--some of whom left the area around 1810.  
The names--as with most MCINNIS families are Daniel, John, James, Malcolm, and Archibald. 
Thanks, Bettie

McLACHLAN / McFAYDEN    October 09, 2007
James McLACHLAN, born approx. 1795, Kilmeny, Islay, Scotland.  Married to Margaret McFAYDEN and had 
six children, Catherine, John, Colin, Flora, Duncan and Archibald.  Believed to have come to Richmond 
County in 1818 and then to Eldon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada in 1828.  I am looking 
for any information as to where they settled, dates, and information regarding the birth of Colin.  
Also interested in information on his parents. Thanks so much for your help! David MacLachlan

HALL    August 25, 2007
I have been unable to find where my HALL family is buried. I have a date he was born 8/12/1884 and 
died 9/12/1961. His name John Thomas HALL. Social Security has he died 12/9/1961. Last place I find him is 
Rockingham N.C. 1930 census. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Peggy Hall Wise

COPE    August 18, 2007
Samuel Alonzo COPE born 22 May 1847, in North Carolina or Indiana ???
married Georgia Ann SCOTT, 12 Nov 1868, Crane, Stone County, MO
died 04 Jul 1911, in Crane, Stone County, MO

Does anyone have the above Cope mentioned in any of their databases? I have
a copy of his death certificate. It states his father as being Wm Cope born
in North Carolina. Looking for information on Samuel as well as his parents
and siblings. Thank You for looking, Diana {Anderson} Cope Butterfield, MO  65623

GENRETTE / GIBSON / TUNSTALL    August 01, 2007
Ella Genrette (11-6-1860 d. 1-27-1947) who married B F Morgan(6-9-1858 d. 6-27-1937)
 ....both buried in Morgan Cemetery, Scotland Co: Does anyone know how the Genrette's fit 
 into the Gibson/Tunstall family? Zelia H Cline

HARRIS    July 09, 2007
Does anyone on this list know if Howell HARRIS of Richmond County, NC was the son of Jonathan and 
Elizabeth HARRIS of Richmond County, NC? Does anyone know who the children of Howell HARRIS were? I would 
also like to know who the children of Wiley HARRIS of Richmond County were, and his brother, Joseph HARRIS's 
children. Hoping that one of them is the progenitor of who I am trying to track.
The person I am trying to track is my Dad's GG Grandfather Riley HARRIS' family. I found him in 1840 
Richmond County, but he moved to Rutherford County, NC and lived out his life there. Did he come from 
Richmond originally? Does anyone have the name Riley as the son of one of the Richmond County Harrises? 
This Riley was born abt. 1810.  I thank you for your time! Judi Harris Oldridge

GIBSON    July 01, 2007
I am looking for information on the Nathaniel P. GIBSON family who lived in the Williamson township 
of Richmond County.  On the 1860 census, the family consisted of Nathaniel P. and his wife Honor.  The 
children were: Polly (Mary), Frances, Nathaniel, Hannah, and Honor.  I found the wife Honor and some of 
the children on the 1870 census.  Nathaniel P. and the daughter Polly were not listed with the family. I 
am especially interested in learning who the daughter Polly (Mary) married.  I appreciate any information 
you can share on this family.  Thank you...Miriam Williams  Miriam Williams

STEWART / McCORMICK / PATRICK    June 28, 2007
I am looking for info on Allen STEWART who was in the in Richmond County, Fayetteville in 1800.  
He was there from 1800 until 1830.  I think this may be my ancestor.  My Allen STEWART married Elizabeth 
MCCORMICK in NC. I know for a fact that my Allen came to the USA before April 14, 1802.  I have his 
naturalization paper, but they were from the Supreme Court in Robeson County.  I am fairly sure that he 
came here from Scotland with his father John Stewart, his step mother ?, his full brother James (who died 
in Robeson County), and his half brother John.  I know that James was his brother and that their mother 
was? PATRICK.  She had died in Scotland. Mary Renna

GAINEY    June 20, 2007
I am looking for information on Robert Lee GAINEY, my father-in-law (deceased).  His father was 
Henry Lee GAINEY and mother was Zeller.  I have heard that Henry had 3 or 4 wives.  I believe Zeller 
was his last wife.  They were originally from South Carolina and later moved to Cordova, NC.  Any 
information on the GAINEY family would be appreciated. Jere Gainey

LISK / JOHNSON    June 12, 2007
Looking for information on the LISK and JOHNSON families from the Mangum area of Richmond County.  
I found the Hebron Cemetery near Mangum.  Its located near the intersection of Grassy Island Road and 
Smith Ferry Road, approximately ½ mile down Smith Ferry (dirt road).  Apparently, the LISK family 
operated a store in that area in the 1930s.  My grandfather CHARLIE B. LISK ran the store until his 
death in 1931.  My grandmother, MINNIE JOHNSON was raised in the same area.  Her father was a JOHNSON 
but was raised by the STANBACK family.  Thanks. Timothy Lisk

HORN / PHILLIPS    June 08, 2007
I am looking for information on Harriett HORN birth about 1714 she married William PHILLIPS about 1733. 
She died in Richmond Co. Thank you. Caren McLemore

WALLACE / PATRICK / COLE    May 29, 2007
I am looking for a lady named Martha...who was likely  born in Richmond Co., NC ca.1815.  The  surname 
WALLACE has been used down through the years as the middle name for a male child  and it has often been 
considered as Martha's surname. If anyone is working on the WALLACE surname, would you please look to see if 
you have a Martha mentioned in a will or any other kind of document in this family.  She m. Britton PATRICK  
who was probably born ca. 1812 in Richmond Co.,NC also.  So, she may be referred to as Martha PATRICK. 
Both Martha & Britton PATRICK were attending a funeral for a Mary COLE in the Chesterfield Co., SC area at 
one time... so this is another name that might be tied into the WALLACE family. Joanne Harley

WILLIAMS / STEEN    May 22, 2007
I am looking for the family of George WILLIAMS who came from Ireland and lived in the Williamson 
area of Richmond County during 1860, 1870, and 1880.  His first wife was Mary STEEN and his second wife 
was Ester (?).  The children on the 1880 census were Honor, Elizabeth, George W., Mary, David, and Maggie.  
I have located the families of Elizabeth, George W., and Mary.  I found David, his wife Lula, and his 
sisters Maggie and Sallie on the 1900 census but can find nothing on them after this.  They were all 
living together in the Laurel Hill area and working in the cotton mill.  There could be children other 
than Sallie born after 1880.  I just don't know.  I would greatly appreciate any information you could 
share on this family.  Thank you so much.  Miriam Williams

SHEPHERD    April 10, 2007
I am trying to reconcile whether or not Bird SHEPHERD and Little Bird SHEPHERD might have been 
the same person c.1780s or father, son related.  And, their relationship to Jeremiah SHEPHERD, who 
left Richmond County about 1833 and eventually wound up in Randolph County, AL, where he died c.1880.  
I note also in the Estate Records, Vol III, that Jeremiah Shepherd left at least one unpaid debt when 
he left NC.  I have reviewed the Saron Baptist Church records which I fould at the Kemp-Sugg Memorial 
Library in Ellerbe. I have visited Rockingham Courthouse twice and state Archives in Raleigh once and 
have been unable to determine the parentage of Jeremiah. I will greatly appreciate any clues or hints 
that could lead me further.  Jim Shepherd

I am trying to locate the tombstones of Lee LASSITER, his wife Fannie and their son.  They are 
supposedly buried in Spring Hill Township. He was Leander Harrison LASSITER, b. June 1856 or 1858, 
d. June 1943.  His wife was Francis Ella WINFREE b. Oct 1862, d. 14 Dec 1924.  Their oldest son was 
John Winfree LASSITER, b. Oct 1886, d. 1920-1930.  His wife was also Fannie, nee ANDERSON.  I'm 
hoping she is buried there by them.  That is all I have at this time.  They are relatives of mine 
through the Lassiter/Bingham line.  I did find Lee and Fannie's death index on line with ancestry, 
but not the ones for John Winfree and his wife Fannie. I would appreciate any help you can give me.  
Thank you, Ramona in Colorado

CLARK    April 06, 2007
I am seeking information on the Daniel and Celia CLARK family (children: John W.; Mary E.; 
Preston; Henrett) who lived in Wolf Pit, Richmond County, NC. Thank you. Lynn

WILLIAMSON / TERRY    April 06, 2007
I am seeking information on the WILLIAMSON Family. Peter WILLIAMSON married Catherine TERRY from 
Richmond County. He was born in 1820 and was in Mississippi in 1847. He was in the 1860 census in 
Mississippi. He could have gone by Thomas or Peter WILLIAMSON. Thanks for any information you may 
have. Robert Williamson

BAXLEY    March 28, 2007
Any links to BAXLEY History in Richmond County-N.C.  In reference to Grover C. BAXLEY--Owner of 
Waston King Funeral home--now deceased. Thanks, Kevin M. Baxley

MORRISON / SMITH    March 24, 2007
I just stumbled across your webpage last night at 12:00 this morning and have been glued to it and 
your various links every since.  Thank you for compiling such a comprehensive and historical look 
at Richmond County, North Carolina where I trace the roots of my descendents.  I was actually born 
in Hamlet and go back every few years.  My question to you is, I read your webpage that references 
another pieces about the history of the Marks Creek Presbyterian Church in North Carolina and in 
that piece the last name of my great grandmother, MORRISON is referenced (her full name is Amanda 
MORRISON). In the piece, it says that the Scottish founded and were members of this church and of 
the names listed as members was MORRISON.  I've also looked at your webpage on the history of Marks 
Creek and in it you provide a snippet about some Morrisons, Ailsey MORRISON and Daniel MORRISON, 
who were apart of the church and the Hamlet community in the 1900. I am trying to find out more 
information about my great grandmother's father, Andrew MORRISON. I have his marriage certificate 
to my great great grandmother (Mary SMITH) which provides his father's name as Ephnaw MORRISON.  
Andrew is also listed as colored as is Mary SMITH (who looks very fair complexioned and European).  
I do not have a picture of Andrew but am trying to gather more information.  Do you have anything else, 
or could you direct me to, information on the Morrison lineage from this part of the country.
Thank you kindly for your assistance and again for your great work in this area.
All the best, Akilah Folami 718 990-2308

SMITH    March 05, 2007
Searching for information on John B. and Harriet SMITH (Daughter: Lucy) listed on the 1880 Census from 
Wolf Pit in Richmond County. Thank you. Lynn

BETHUNE / MCCASKILL    January 30, 2007
Looking for descendants of John and Christian BETHUNE, early to mid 1800's in in Richmond County. Also 
any descendants of Christian MCCASKILL Bethune, early to mid 1800's in Richmond County, for a document I'm 
compiling for my daughters on their ancestry. My grandmother, Mamie (GA), was a descendant of John Archibald 
Bethune (Malcom Dougald, John and Christian). Thank you so much! Laura Reed

McRAE    January 27, 2007
I need help in locating the land where my ggg-grandfather, Alexander MCRAE, purchased property in 1789.  
He bought "50 acres on the south side of Thomas Branch of Little Mountain Creek, a mile from Grassy Creek 
Road." I have a map which shows an unnamed tributary of Little Mountain Creek flowing about a quarter mile 
north and parallel to Pleasant Hill Road. That appears to be about a mile from the upper end of Grassy Creek 
Road.  Is that Thomas Branch (or Tom's Branch, as it was called on some early deeds)?  If not, can someone 
tell me where Thomas Branch is located?  Thanks. Tom McRae

BARBER / CURRIE / McDONALD    January 21, 2007
I am trying to find the death date and burial of my great great grandfahter, Henderson BARBER abd his 
first wife, Isabella CURRIE BARBER, d/o Malcom and Nancy McDONALD CURRIE. Henderson died sometime after 
1880 census in Rockingham. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Bev Blair

McLEAN / WILKES / LYONS    January 10, 2007
I'm looking for information on Hugh McLEAN b.1795, he was my gggg grandfather, he moved to 
Swainsboro GA, married Flora WILKES, then LYONS, the census gives his birth place as NC and I was 
told by family he was from around these counties you've covered, (Richmond) would really like to 
have his parents names and other info, I've been searching for many years. Thank you, any information 
would be greatly appreciated. Sandee Cox

ODOM    December 12, 2006
I am searching for information on my grandfather, Belton N. ODOM, of the 
Hamlet/Rockingham area.  Little is known about Belton.  My father's 
birth certificate indicates that Belton was born in Hamlet and his 
occupation was a machinist.  His approximate age at the time of my 
father's birth in 1919 was 26 years old (being born around 1893).  A  WW 
I draft registration was found on the computer that list his age as 22 
in 1917 with his birthplace and address as Hamlet, NC.  His occupation 
was working for Adams & Graham which was a sawmill in Hamlet.  It is 
possible that Belton is not his given name and may be a nick name.  The 
closest person (B/D 1894) I could find in the Hamlet/Rockingham area was 
a Benjamin Milton Odom on the 1900, 1910 (could not find him on the 1920 
census) but he popped back up on the 1930 census.

I know this is not much to go on but it is all that I have.  My father 
is 87 years old and in declining health.  It is my mission to find 
something out about his father before it is too late.  I submitted an 
article in the Richmond County Daily Journal and have called most all 
the Odom's in the Hamlet/Rockingham phone book (14 names) with no luck.  
I know there must be more in the area. 

There are some more questions I could answer.  If you feel you can help 
me.  Please respond. Thank you, Sandra Odom Meece

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