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ODOM    December 12, 2006
I am searching for information on my grandfather, Belton N. ODOM, of the 
Hamlet/Rockingham area.  Little is known about Belton.  My father's 
birth certificate indicates that Belton was born in Hamlet and his 
occupation was a machinist.  His approximate age at the time of my 
father's birth in 1919 was 26 years old (being born around 1893).  A  WW 
I draft registration was found on the computer that list his age as 22 
in 1917 with his birthplace and address as Hamlet, NC.  His occupation 
was working for Adams & Graham which was a sawmill in Hamlet.  It is 
possible that Belton is not his given name and may be a nick name.  The 
closest person (B/D 1894) I could find in the Hamlet/Rockingham area was 
a Benjamin Milton Odom on the 1900, 1910 (could not find him on the 1920 
census) but he popped back up on the 1930 census.

I know this is not much to go on but it is all that I have.  My father 
is 87 years old and in declining health.  It is my mission to find 
something out about his father before it is too late.  I submitted an 
article in the Richmond County Daily Journal and have called most all 
the Odom's in the Hamlet/Rockingham phone book (14 names) with no luck.  
I know there must be more in the area. 

There are some more questions I could answer.  If you feel you can help 
me.  Please respond. Thank you, Sandra Odom Meece

HATCHER / CHAVIS / JACOBS    November 24, 2006
John Henry HATCHER and Georgianna CHAVIS Hatcher were my great grandparents. I am searching for 
information on Georgianna's father George CHAVIS, that died in Civil War, but cannot find anything 
except on the 1860 census. He is with family, wife Caroline Jacobs CHAVIS, and some of his children. 
Caroline is the daughter of Asa and Elizabeth JACOBS. Thank you for what ever help you can give me, 
Patricia Jacobs Hallman

GREEN CHAPEL CEMETERY    November 12, 2006
I have a few relatives buried in Green Chapel Cemetery.  Can you tell me anything about it?  How it 
came to be in this particular place?  First people interred here?  How many of these people are relatives?   
Is there a map of the cemetery?  Is there a connection between the church and the cemetery? Thank you so 
much for whatever information you are able to give me. Sincerely,  Odessa Bethea

WEST / SMITH    October 20, 2006
I am looking for somebody who may be visiting Mary Love Cemetery. My g-grandmother is buried 
there Annie Pearl WEST (maiden is SMITH and she is originally from Gloucester, Virginia) I would like 
a pic for my records. It is unlikely that I can make the trip there anytime soon (I have 6 kids and 
live in Richmond, Virginia) so I was hoping somebody might be kind enough to take a pic for me.
Christina Welch 336-625-1718

COVINGTON    October 11, 2006
Descendents of Benjamin Covington/Rebecca Hunter - trying to find proof of who is the father of 
Benjamin (born 1780). Contact Jean Covington 336-625-1718

SMITH CEMETERY    September 15, 2006
I am looking for information from anyone who may have ancestors buried in Sallie SMITH Cemetery, 
Smith Cemetery Road Richmond County. My father took me to this cemetery once and told me that My 
Great-Great Grandfather Daniel L. SMITH is buried there. I know I have other relatives buried there 
also, any information would be appreciated. Thank-You Lou Smith (910)276-3690

WALLIS/WALLACE / NORTON / JONES    September 08, 2006
Seeking information on a : WALLIS/WALLACE, Aron Aaron who married Frances NORTON, 12 April, 1798 
in Richmond Co, NC. According to the 1820 census, Richmond Co, NC census, Aron WALLACE had a male child 
under the age of 10yrs. I have a family of John Wallace, b. 1812, NC. This John Wallace and wife, Sarah 
Jones were in Richmond Co, NC with children: John, Henrietta Catherine, Evander, William G., Mahala Ann, 
Hugh Theodore, James and Thomas in 1850, NC. They appear in Myrtle's book as school children. I can track 
them from 1860 in Texas. I am seeking a connection to the parents and family of John WALLIS/WALLACE; 

DAWKINS / NICOLS / BOLING    September 04, 2006
Seeking information on the surname Dawkins, Nichols, Boling from 1850 to 1920. Jim McPhatter.

BLAKE FAMILY CEMETERY    August 27, 2006
I am looking for my family that lived on the Montgomery/Richmond line named Cheeks Creek.   
So far I can't seem to locate it.  I am looking for the BLAKE Family Cemetery. Sharon Blake.

TUTTLE    August 21, 2006
Looking for any information about Bogan TUTTLE.He lived in Richmond County around 1900 to
1915. Thank you very much for your help. Jimmy Cassidy.

McLEOD    August 20, 2006
This is all I have about my Mother's paternal g-grandfather, William McLEOD Jr. See Genealogy of William McLeod.
My question is, how can I trace the Richmond County connection? The McLEOD were a pioneer family in Florida, 
(as were the Albritton's my Mother's Mother). How can I find William McLEOD Senior's family in Richmond 
County? Any direction or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have looked on many sites and 
records but the dates and names haven't matched up. I would like to trace backwards to Scotland. 
(The highlighted name, of the children at the bottom, Naaman Seth McLEOD, is my Mom's grandfather)
Thank you very much, Joni Berman.

STUBBS / GIBSON CEMETERY    August 07, 2006
Allen STUBBS..Please  contact Catherine re:Shockley GIBSON cemetery.  Your address bounced. Catherine

CHAVIS / O'NEAL    July 28, 2006
My grandmother's, Nellie CHAVIS O'NEAL Paschall, at one time a resident of Rockingham,  husband 
disappeared sometime around 1937-1941 from Rockingham.  She has since passed away but I wonder whatever 
happened to my grandfather.  My mother, Thelma O'Neal Horne, says he left to look for work when she was 
just 3 years old.  He never returned.  After a year or so, my grandmother was granted a divorce for 
abandonment.  To this day we still do not know what happened to my grandfather.  I have very little to 
go on.  His name was James William O'NEAL or either William James O'NEAL.  We think he was born in the 
1890's.  My grandmother had no papers of any kind.  I know he was in the army in 1933 and 1934 but all 
of his records were destroyed in a fire.  If I had a social security number I could track him down and 
see when and where he died.  I wonder if their divorce decree has any information.  I don't know who to 
contact.  I came across this site and thought maybe you could send me in the right direction. 
Thank you kindly, Donna Cribb, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

NORTON / GROOMS    July 07, 2006
My name is Mom was a NORTON before she married...Her dad's name was Charlie H. NORTON..He 
has a brother named Carlie...1 named John a sister Sally. Charlie H Norton's dad was Daniel......His Mom 
was Julie GROOMS before they married. I think Charlie was born in Marlboro County SC but moved to Richmond 
County ...Then to Moore County. I have a picture of his mom.. I would appreciate anything you could tell 
me. Thank You Mary Star Bogle

THOMAS / BREEDEN    July 07, 2006
Searching for the parents of Lewis THOMAS, who lived in Richmond Co. from at least the 1770's to 
around 1815.  He either died there about 1817, or went with adult children to southern Indiana around 
1815.  He and his wife Agnes were members of Piney Grove Monthly Meeting of Quakers.  Lewis was born in 
1750, and he married Agnes BREEDEN around 1795 in Richmond Co. (have not found the record yet). He had 
sons named Stephen, Joseph, Tilden, William.   Any help would be much appreciated. Col. Bud Totten

McINTYRE    June 29, 2006
I am descended from Mary McINTYRE, b. 1847 in Richmond Co., NC, daughter of John McINTYRE, b. 1803 NC.  
I find them on the 1850 Richmond County Census in Fairground District:
John McIntyre, 46m, farmer, NC
Abegail McIntyre, 35f, NC
Flora McIntyre, 23f, NC
Jane McIntyre, 20f, NC
Eliza McIntyre, 15f, NC
Sallie McIntyre, 11f, NC
Alexander McIntyre, 10m, NC
James McIntyre, 9m, NC
John McIntyre, 7m, NC
Mary McIntyre, 3f, NC
Calvin McDonald, 30m, (black), laborer, NC

John died a couple years later:
Old Concord Cemetery
John McINTYRE 8/9/1803 - 3/8/1854
several other family members buried there also.
There is an 1854 probate of "a" John McINTYRE, but it seems to be the "other" John McIntyre from the 
southern part of the county that later became Scotland County.
John's widow remarried:
Crouch, Samuel married McIntyre, Abigal, 8 July 1863, by J. A. Baldwin, JP

Several of the children married in Richmond Co., also:
Ewing, William to McINTYRE, Jane, 8 Apr 1851, by R. S. Ledbetter, MG
Harris, Martin C. to McINTYRE, Mary, 12 Nov 1863, by J. A. Baldwin, JP
Harris, Rowland to McINTYRE, Flora, 9 Aug 1863, by H. H. Gibbon, MG
McINTYRE, Alexander to Ewing, Martlia Jane, 21 May 1867, by A. Baldwin, JP
McINTYRE, James to Smith, Miranda,  21 Nov 1865, by W. D. Townsend, JP

John (Jr.) married in Montgomery Co., NC:
McINTYRE, John to Harris, Rebecca, 26 Oct 1863
My question to you is this:  Do any of your records or books seem to tie to THIS 
particular McIntyre family?  I've not had much luck trying to get further back on 
this line. Thanks so much! David Henderson, Rogers, Arkansas

GREEN(E) / CHAIRS (CHEAIRES)    June 24, 2006
Looking for information on Edward GREEN(E).  Listed as Edmond on 1830 census in Richmond County NC. 
with 2 boys and 3 girls - wife living but unknown.  Lived close to Joseph CHAIRS (CHEAIRES).  Supposed 
to be a connection between the families  (Some of children raised by an Aunt "Jobbie" Cheairs south of 
Jackson TN. )  Unable to locate family in 1840 - apparently Edward & wife were desceased.   In 1841 in 
Hardeman Co., TN Edward Green's estate:  Division negroes by J J POLK, John J Cheairs, & James SHRIVERS 
to John J. PARKER (husband of Sophia GREEN), Christopher CHAPPELL (husband of Julia Ann GREEN), Robert 
GREEN, William GREEN, Sarah GREEN, Lively Jane GREEN (later m. Elijah HOLTZCLAW  in MS.) Patsy Penney

TERRY / WATKINS    June 22, 2006
I am looking for my gggrandmother who had a daughter by the name of Sarah Jane TERRY in Richmond county, 
Sarah had  childern by Aaron WATKINS from the Beaverdam community. I am also wondering if is Sarah a 
family member of John Terry, because I read he married a woman by the name of Elizabeth, and by the way 
my grandmother name is Sarah and her sister name is Elizabeth could they have been name after them....

My great-grandfather mane was Rosevelt WATKINS born 1908-1990, his mother named was Sarah Jane TERRY, 
I have no idea when she was born or died, so I am hoping you could help me. Cathy Wall

McDONALD / McKINNON    June 20, 2006
I am searching for any record of John McDONALD who was born 5 Aug 1808 possibly in Richmond County, 
North Carolina. He died 10 Jul 1860 in Hot Spring County Arkansas. He married Mary McKINNON. I have 
not found their marriage record. She was born abt 1813  North Carolina she died Mar 1887 in Garland 
County Arkansas. Children Cornelious Neil McDONALD abt 1828; Nancy McDONALD abt 1830; Allen Alexander 
McDONALD1832; Daniel Columbus McDONALD is my great grandfather. 

War: McDONALD, Daniel C.  Pvt/Pvt  Co. F  age 23    
Enrolled: 23 Mar 1864  Little Rock, Arkansas     
Birthplace: Montgomery County North Carolina     
Deserted at Little Rock, Arkansas  31 Aug 1864.  

Any information would be appreciated. Don A Dyer

LEGRAND / ALSTON / LEAK / LITTLE    June 02, 2006
I am researching my relatives from Richmond County: Surnames are, LeGRAND, ALSTON, LEAK, LITTLE.
They were Mullatto, given names, Sylvia, Sallie, Cam(Calvin) and Mary Jane Leak.Esadale, Bisco, Brydette 
and Lola.  Lola (my Father) was drafted into the Army in 1917 from Stanly County, he was born in 1896. 
Mustered out of Army in 1918 in Albermarle, relocated to Roanoke, Va. His brother Cam(Calvin) was said 
to be a ferryman on the Pee Dee River. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Ruth LeGrand Davis

McRAE    May 06, 2006
Seeking info on Murdock McRAE....believed born in Richmond County 1810. Thanks, Joe Webb

FREEMAN / HOGAN    May 03, 2006
William King FREEMAN  1828 - 1863, wife Elizabeth HOGAN b 1825.  Children:  Mary b 1852, 
John Thomas b 1855, Nancy b 1857, Elizabeth b 1850?, William King Jr. b 1863, James b 1876.  
All from Richmond County.  Would like to know the parents of William King FREEMAN and Elizabeth 
HOGAN, any desendants of the children, any information would be  appreciated. Tammy Pearce

O'BRIANT / O'BRIEN    April 22, 2006
Looking for any info on Dennis O'BRIANT / O'BRIEN(spelled different on each census) in the 1850
census in the Fairgrounds District, in 1870 census in the Beaver Dam Township, and in 1880 census 
in the Mineral Springs Township, all in Richmond County at the time. He was probably born around 
1818, if his age on the census is correct, and was married to Martha Jane. Their youngest child, 
Preston, I believe to be my grandfather. Thanks, Phyllis O'Briant Worthington

UNDERWOOD    April 17, 2006
John UNDERWOOD was my gr gr gr gr grandfather, he was born in 1804, his mother's name was 
Mary "Polly" UNDERWOOD - Russell.  He was a plow boy at a very young age, since the age of 
8 yrs old.  He did moved to Mississippi when he was about 21 years of age.  John was a Mollatto.  
I know he was born in Richmond County North Carolina in 1804, I do not know, but, I am guessing 
that he was a slave at some point.  He later migrated to Vigo County, Indiana.  Do you 
have any records of a slave boy by the name of John or a Mary, or Polly, Underwood?  I do see 
some records in will's of slaves that were hired out for work, I did see a John and a Polly, 
but, I am not sure if either would be my ancester's.  The list indicated they were Malloy slaves.  
If you can help, with any information, I would appreciate it. Sheila R. Dean

RAINWATER    March 29, 2006
I am looking for information on Moses F. RAINWATER B.7/18/1804 Richmond N.C. to 
James RAINWATER and Charity Fowler RAINWATER. I believe he was a circuit preacher for 
the methodist churches in Clinton  county in 1831. Any information you can find would 
be appreciated. Thank you. Patti Burris, Terre Haute, IN

HAMM / JENKINS    March 26, 2006
Through my searches, I have found that Hester H. Jenkins (nee HAM(M)) who died May 7, 2003, is buried 
at the Ellerbe Cemetery.  She was married to Raymond R. JENKINS who I believe died years ago ( 1960?).  
Her father's name was Samuel HAM, which may have been changed to HAMM (as my family went through this 
spelling change a generation or so ago).  I noticed online, there is a Samuel HAMM also buried in the 
Ellerbe Cemetery.  I am trying to locate living relatives of Samuel HAMM and Hester JENKINS.  If you 
are able to offer any information, or forward this email to someone who can, I would appreciate it 
very much. Sincerely, Bob Hamm, Massillon, Ohio

MOORMAN / BOUNDS    March 15, 2006
I am a descendant of Andrew B(ounds) MOORMAN. I need help with Andrew MOORMAN(1757) and Jane 
BOUNDS(1759). I have found no research for several years but the research I found has this Andrew 
and Jane mixed up with another Andrew MOORMAN and Jane "Jennie" BOUNDS(1747). Bounds family research 
proves this connection but does not follow Andrew. Can you help? John Moorman, Grenada, Ms.

GILLIS / MCLAURIN / TUCKER    March 14, 2006
Searching for whereabouts of Malcolm GILLIS age 27 in 1850 Census with wife Nancy age 21 and son 
John age 1.  Also in household Lauchlin MCLAURIN age 7 probably Nancy's son by marriage to John A McLaurin 
(deceased) and John GILLIS age 50 probably Malcolm's father.  Can find no further trace of Malcolm or Nancy. 
John age 1 has disappeared also but was alive in 1880 when he and Lauchlin MCLAURIN inherited a share of 
their grandfather's estate in MS. Other heir to part of that share was Mrs. Janie TUCKER.  Who is she? 
Another child of Malcolm and Nancy?  I really  need help with this family. Martha Cofield

COVINGTON / WILLIAMSON    February 25, 2006
I am need information that would verify that Henry W. COVINGTON (b.abt.1783- d.abt 1876) m. Elizabeth 
WILLIAMSON (b. abt. 1800 - d. before 1836) and that they had a child named Hannah (b.1814 - d. after 1830).. 
Also, that this Hannah married Thomas John COVINGTON (b.1810 - d. abt.1885). I am trying to get in the DAR.
Please help. Martha

McABEE / BELCH / GIBSON    February 18, 2006
Trying to find parents etc. for John McABEE, married Mae BELCH in Laurinburg, Scotland County on 
December 24, 1912. John was a brother of James McABEE (married to Viola GIBSON, and the father of Ben 
McABEE and Edward Franklin McABEE. Any info will be appreciated. Thank you, Rena McAbee Baudouin

McPHATTER / DAWKINS / NICHOLS    February 13, 2006
Seeking information on the listed names for periods prior to 1950 in Richmond county and the 
surrounding counties. Jim McPhatter

I am looking for GGGrandfather George Washingston SOLOMON, wife Martha Jan USSERY. George was 
living with William and Tabitha Collins SOLOMON in Richmond County NC. I was told that his mother was 
not married and she gave, him the SOLOMON name. I think his father maybe a LATHAM, Lathon. George was 
born 10/9/1850-9/3/1903. My GGrandfather was William T. SOLOMON, 1st wife Dora Lee WHITLEY, 2st wife 
Sarah Jan LOWDER. My Grandfaher Reuben William SOLOMON marred Hattie LANGSTON. I would love to talk to 
someone about my family in Richmond County NC. My father Windford SOLOMON died at the age or 56, so 
any kind of help well appreciated. Thank and my God Bless you. Teresa Solomon Koonts

BOWYER / SESSOMS    January 19, 2006
I am researching the BOWYER name for my grandson.  All I know is his grandmother was Betty Jean BOWYER 
b. 1942 of Laurinburg and her father was James Douglas BOWYER who married a Lily SESSOMS.  Can you help me? 
I do have more on the Sessoms side of this family, but not much. Thank you very much,  H. Creasman

CAMPBELL    January 10, 2006
My g-g-g-g-grandfather was probably one of the three men named Daniel CAMPBELL who lived in Richmond County 
in 1820. The three were listed pages 103, 104, and 125 of the 1820 census. All three were born before 1775. My 
ancestor lived near Gibson, NC. He was the father of Alexander CAMPBELL who married Sally PATE (c. 1802), 
daughter of Stephen PATE, also of Gibson, NC. My ancestor, Daniel CAMPBELL probably had a wife named Margaret. 
They had left Richmond County by 1830. Alexander and Sally moved to Carroll County and Weakley County TN around 
1831 with several Richmond County families - the RANDLEs, the COLEs, the CRAWFORDs, the COVINGTONs, and SNEADs. 
Any info about any of the three Daniel CAMPBELLs would help me narrow my search - wills, family member names, 
immigration info, anything you have. Thanks a million! Larry Campbell

TERRY    December 12, 2005
Looking for information on William TERRY, born about 1744 in VA. died 20 March 1804 in Richmond 
County, NC. He was buried at Terry Bridge Cemetery in Richmond County. Also, I would like to have 
directions to Terry Bridge Cemetery. Ron Terry

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