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ELLERBE    December 28, 2004
I am seeking information on my great grandparents, Martha and William or Bill ELLERBE of Richmond 
County in the Piney Grove area I do not have birth date or death information. I would like to know 
also Martha's maiden name. I have been told that she was of the Cherokee tribe. please tell me 
where I can get information. They had 3 daughters Alice Ellerbe-Simmons, Mary Ellerbe-Steele and 
Nan, I am not sure what her married name was. Thank You. Alice Simmons-Baker

STANBACK / JENNINGS    September 10, 2004
I am seeking information on Thomas STANBACK who resided in the Little River community of Richmond 
County during the late 1700s into early 1800s. He was listed as part of Anson County before being 
in Richmond County.  He operated an ordinary or tavern near Mask's Ferry and from what I understand 
the ferry was renamed Stanback Ferry.  Need his date of death and, if known, did he have an earlier 
marriage before marrying Mary JENNINGS. I have read he was a widower when he married Mary. I know 
he had sons, David and George.  Were there more children?  Thanks!  Lydia Sides

FLORAH MCDONALD'S VISIT    September 10, 2004
I found this photograph in an article by Maude Radford Warren in the February 1912 issue of 
Harper's Monthly Magazine entitled "The Land of the Pine Barrens." The caption says that 
Flora McDonald once visited this house. Does anyone know whose house this was, and is it still 
standing? Steve Edgerton

(This answer posted November 12, 2006) 
	Dear Steve,
You may long ago  have gotten an answer to your question, but I beleive I recognize this house.
I believe it to be what I think was known during Civil War era as the Harrington house. 
It is off Hwy 1 in the Wolf Pit Community. Just around the corner from Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. 
Sand Hill Rd?? There is a sign on Hwy One that points to Pleasant Grove Bapt. Ch. 
The house stands about 1 mile down on the right just before a stop sign. Pleasant Grove is around 
the corner on the right. Sincerely, Elaien A. Jones

CAMPBELL / PATE / SWEENEY    August 13, 2004
I am looking for information on Alex. CAMPBELL who married Sally PATE and moved from Richmond County, 
NC to McKenzie TN (either Carroll, Weakley or Henry County TN) in about 1830. Sally PATE was the 
daughter of Stephen PATE Sr. and Honor SWEENEY (alternate spellings SWINEA and SWINNEY). Stephen Pate Sr. 
(over 45) was on the 1820 Richmond County NC census, so I assume that Alex. Campbell was also there. 
Alex and Sally had four children Alexander (Sandy), Philip, Daniel, and Margaret. The first two being 
born in NC and the other two born in TN. Daniel and Margaret Ann later moved to Crittenden County KY.
Larry Campbell

RIDDLE / SLAUGHTER    August 13, 2004
Hello, I'm seeking additional information regarding my RIDDLE family.  My ancestor is:
John R. RIDDLE, b. Dec 1804, Richmond Co., NC, m. Abt 1833, Richmond Co., NC (m. Rebecca 
SLAUGHTER, b. 8/19/1817, NC), d. 1/31/1865 Carroll Co., MS.  Thank you, Dina McBride 

BULLARD / RUSS / PINNER/PINNIER    August 13, 2004
Seeking any information regarding Daniel Davis BULLARD who married Fannie E. RUSS in 
Richmond County, NC about 1878.  She was the daughter of Isham RUSS and Mary PINNER(PINNIER). 
Thank you Sue Skaggs

WALLER / CARVER / BLAKE    June 28, 2004
I am searching for information on a Joseph WALLER md. Annie CARVER, Henry C. WALLER md. Wincy BLAKE
and William their father, widow.  I found a marriage license for Henry showing he was from Richmond 
County, married Wincy Blake from Montgomery Co. Joseph is my Great-Grandfather from Lenoir Co. 1880 Census.  
I lose him until he moves to Durham NC. C. Whitfield 

McLEAN    May 13, 2004
I found John Malloy and Sallie Davis McLEAN in your listing of Spring Hill Cemetery.  
Has anyone done a recent survey of Spring Hill?  I am looking for their two sons, John 
and Archie McLEAN who were living in McColl, S C and Wagram when Sallie died in 1931. 
Any suggestion would be welcomed.  Ken Davis

MEACHAM / STUBBS    May 07, 2004
I am the granddaughter of Edgar Morris MEACHAM, born in 1885 in
Rockingham, N.C. I dont know much about Edgar's early life but would
like to know more. I  have found out that his first wife was May STUBBS
of Richmond Co. NC.  Edgar was the son of Starling and Susan C. Downer
MEACHAM. May was the daughter of M.R. and Caroline STUBBS. They were
married on April 2, l906 by Rev. N.L. Seabolt of Richmond Co.
Witnesses at the marriage were L.A. Maness,  B. F. Sinclair and John
Seabolt. Edgar and May later divorced and Edgar married my grandmother,
Edna Mae Alderman in Birmingham, Alabama. 

I would like to know if anyone knows more about this family.  Any
information would be greatly appreicated. Shirley Meacham Carpenter

PARKS / LEVINER    May 07, 2004
I am trying to find information on my PARKS family. They were all in Rockingham, Hamlet area. My father 
died when I was only 6 years old. There are only a couple relatives left on that side and they are really 
up in age and the memory isn't so good. Do you have anything on PARKS. I will share the information I have.

Great-grandfather:  Sandy Parks    B: abt. 1825 S.C.
Great-grandmother: Effie Parks      B; abt. 1820 S.C.
Sarah Parks      B; abt 1845
Lom Parks         B; abt 1847
Malcom Parks     B. abt 1849
Martha Parks     B; abt 1851
Alexander Parks   B: abt 1854
William ( Bill ) Parks  B; abt 1856 S.C. D; 7/10/1935 N.C.
William ( Bill ) Parks was my grandfather, buried at Nebo
Wife: Mariah Leviner B: abt 1860  D: 7/21/1930  
Della Parks B: 1/19/1878 N.C. 
Rosa Parks  B; 04/1880
James Madison Parks Smith  B: 10/10/1883 D: 4/29/1951
Alene Parks  B: 1/1885
Joseph Parks  B: 5/1890
Charlie ( Ped ) Parks  B: 9/1894 
Alma Parks B: 12/18/1898
Willie Parks B: 1/10/1900
Addie Parks
All were born in and around Richmond County, N.C. and I think what was called the Wolfpit or Osborn district.
My Father was James Madison Parks Smith. Any help you could give would be appreciated. May God bless INDEED !
Alma Parks Chaney  in IL.


Searching Richmond County for information on my family.  Marion Butler Martin born 7/27/1896 
in Morven, NC.  Son of Edward W. MARTIN and Sallie SIBLEY.  Married Mary Alice STARNES born 
5/11/1899 in Montgomery County, NC to Milas R. Starnes and Fannie Lee JORDAN on 12/23/1915 in Old  
Sneedsboro, Anson County, NC.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much 
Linda Martin, 7832 DaVinci Lane,  Charlotte, NC 28226

COLE   April 14, 2004

Would appreciate any information (parents, wife, children) about Jesse COLE.  Jesse is listed on several 
early marriage records in Richmond Co – possibly a Justice of the Peace or Pastor?  He is also listed on 
some early tax records for Richmond Co.  Time period 1800 to 1806.  Thanks.  Gordon Bevens

WALL   April 11, 2004

I have tried to research the WALL name and have found the following. My father  was Roscoe Orin WALL 
and changed his name several times. Born WALL changed to Gates by his father in 1920 and in 1937 changed 
again to Murphy, thus married my mother under the name, Patrick Steven Murphy in Anderson, S. C.  
24 DEC 1937 B. 6 DEC 1906 Washington D. C.  - 20 Jul 1945 Baltimore, MD. his father was Steven Roscoe 
WALL changed name to Steven Russell Gates around 1930 died under this name b. 10 Oct 1857 Oberlin, 
Lorain Co., Ohio  d. 22 May 1934 Washington, D. C. His father was an important Lawyer and is listed in 
Ohio as Boot and shoe merchant, who recruited African American troops in Ohio during the Civil War, 
O.S. B. WALL was the only colored Captain in the Civil War receiving his commission as Captain in the 
closing months. He was regiment and Quartermaster in the Bureau of Freedmen, Refugees, and Abandoned 
Lands at Charleston, S. C.   Orindatius Simon Bolivar WALL was born of a white Father Stephen WALL and 
a slave woman (still doing research??) born 12 August 1825 Rockingham, NC and died 26  April 1891 
Washington, D. C. buried Arlington Nation Cemetery with a very large obelisk marker for him and his wife. 
I was told that Stephen WALL 1791 (Virgina ?) 19 Sep 1845 Rockingham, N.C. was a very large plantation 
owner and slave trader who had several families with 3 of his slave women and sent many of his family 
before the Civil War to a Quaker settlement in Ohio and provided for them. This is where it ends for me. 
I am 61 and my mother passed in January this past year she was 85 so alot of my information ends here. 
Strange, though during my research O.S. B. WALL was listed with his family as M=mulatto in the census 
until 1900 and when he died then the children all married white men and women and were started to be 
listed then on as white! I never knew there was any Black in our genealogy until I started this almost 
10 years ago and have come to so many people who don't want to discuss that part of the family. Any help 
you can give me will be greately appreciated. Thomas L. Muphy

WEBB / COVINGTON / CHEARS   March 29, 2004

My family line in Richmond county is: John WEBB, 1717 -1784, died Richmond County, His son, Robert WEBB, 
1740 - 1816 - is my ancestor. I have not been able to find antecedents of John (1717) or where Robert was 
born or married.  I have names of both Robert's Wives, Keziah  COVINGTON & Sophia CHEARS, and names of his 
I would like to know if anyone has  information on John's son William.  I do not know his date of birth, or 
who he married. I assume he was born somewhere around 1740 or later.
The third brother of Robert and William, so named in the will of John was Hendley WEBB, who moved to
Edgefield County SC and was in a Revolutionary War troop from SC. Does anyone have info on William? 
Irene Webb Dorsey 

MEACHUM / WRIGHT / McFARLAND   February 27, 2004

Looking for the family of Ida Mae MEACHUM b.5-1-1887 d.3-8-1939 & May WRIGHT b.1858 d.2-3-1931.  
They had 1 daughter, Mary F. Wright b. 1920. Mary F. may have been called Louise. She went to 
Nursing School near Wash. DC. She may have married a doctor named McFARLAND & moved to Pa.  
They had 1 son that I know of.  Ida Meachum's parents were John & Mary F. Meachum of Richmond Co. 
Ida & May Wright are buried at Zion Methodist Church, as are John & Mary Meachum. Susan Hoke 

McDONALD   February 19, 2004

I am trying to trace the family of my great grandmother, Sarah Safronia McDONALD, born in Richmond 
County about 1846.  We think her parents were William and Eliza or Sarah McDONALD.  She married William 
Aires Inman of Brunswick County, NC around 1861.  She died in Brunswick County in 1923.  We have but a 
few sketchy clues from which to start.  We have heard she was related to the first sheriff of Richmond 
County, her mother may have been Native American, she may have been related to Flora McDONALD, the heroine, 
and she camped out on the Waccamaw River, Brunswick County, on a wagon trip to the coast with her parents 
when she met my great grandfather.  None of these things have been verified. 
Any information would be appreciated. Bill Dillard

McQUEEN / YATES   February 09, 2004

Looking for any info about the families of Mary Bell YATES, born July 28, 1880, Hoffman, Richmond 
County, married Martin A. McQUEEN, born March 19, 1870, Mineral Springs, Richmond County. Thank you. 
Lee Erickson, Chicago, ILL

McDONALD / EWING   February 08, 2004

Pg. 23 Flora McDONALD bought 2 plantations from Calib Touchstone. In 1777 she refused allegiance to 
the US and left the country for Scotland. pg 43 picture of Touchstone plantation built by Isaac EWING 
about 1797. Would this be Flora McDONALD's home when she came to live in Richmond County,  Family 
history informs me that John EWING father of Isaac built a home on Mountain Creek in 1785. Reference to 
book No ordinary Lives, A History of Richmond County NC, By John Hutchingson. Jim Allred

BARBER   February 06, 2004

Looking for any info on a Benjamin or Jeremiah BARBER in Richmond County, North Carolina. 
I think one of these men married a Nancy in Richmond Co. about 1805/1807, so I assume the birth 
date for Benjamin or Jeremiah BARBER probably would be between 1775 and 1787. Just a guess.
Would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance, Sherry

HARTWELL   February 01, 2004

I am looking for information on Leroy HARTWELL who died in Hamlet, Richmond County on 6 December 1996. 
Any information regarding his history (place of birth, survivors, address at time of death, etc) would 
be appreciated. Valerie Fishler

COVINGTON   January 27, 2004

Looking for information on my COVINGTON roots. A lot of COVINGTONS in Richmond county, and wondering 
if you have any record of a child born around 1810 by the name of Wyatt/Wyate/Wyeth COVINGTON, possibly 
the child of a Henry COVINGTON OR H.C. COVINGTON OR HENRY C. COVINGTON. Thanks for checking.
Larry Covington 5101 E Roberts Ln  Nampa, ID  83687-9525


My name is David GROOMS.  I am from Scoltand County NC.  I am doing reseach on my GROOMS family line. 
I know where Stewardsville Cemetery is at.  My question is this.  Where is Stewards Cemetery in Scotland 
County NC?  In my research my Great Great Grandmother Mary Jane _______ ? Grooms' death was in 1907 - 
the wife of William M. Grooms) Mary is buried in the Stewards Cemetery in Scotland County NC.  Mary was 
listed on the Scotland County NC 1900 Census record living with her son Evander Grooms in Springhill 

Also I descend from The CHANCE line from Richmond County NC.  My Great Great Great Grandmother was 
Ann Eliza CHANCE birth 12/1828 - She might have been the daughter of Samuel Chance & Judith Terry - 
CHANCE  ???????  Ann Eliza married Peter GRANT - birth 07/1827.  Peter Grant was supposingly the 
brother of Jeremiah, John G. & Barnabas GRANT who were loyal unionists- they were the sons of Malachi 
and Penelope GRANT.  Peter and Ann E. owned land in Smithville Township/ its boundaries set on SC/NC - 
Osborn NC.  Peter and Ann Eliza are found on the 1860 Marlboro County SC census records with 3 children: 
Archie - who married Martha J. WILLIAMS, Sarah Jane - who married Henry Thomas LEVINER, Drucilla - who 
married Malachi PEAVY.  Any help you can give me would be Greatly Appreciated.   
Thanks For your Help, David Grooms in Scotland County.

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