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CAMERON    December 13, 2002
MURDOCK CAMERON in on the 1810 census of Richmond County, NC. He owned land there as shown on Richmond Co land records. He supposedly married Nancy Outlaw of Chesterfield Co, SC. He is on the 1820 census of Chesterfield Co, SC. The family moved to Henry Co, Al and are on the 1830 census there. Their first son was born in SC in 1808, his name being ANGUS CAMERON. Would like any information about the family. Thank you, Ted M. Kennedy, Jr

EVERETT    December 4, 2002
Hi, My name is Jewel Everett, from Laurinburg. My uderstanding is that my families roots began at the Everett Plantation in Richmond County. Do you have the names of slaves from Richmond County? I undersood that there was a black school in Richmond County during the late 1800 or early 1900 named (Pee Dee?) Any information to include names of the students who attended? Thank you, Jewel Everett

MORRIS / ROGERS    December 4, 2002
I am hoping you can help me with an early family of Richmond Co., NC. My 4X grandfather was Valentine MORRIS married to Ruth (?). Their son Elijah is the one from whom I descend. I figure Elijah to be born about 1770 to 1780 probably in Richmond. Elijah married Sarah Ann ROGERS in 1795. I believe Valentine moved to Warren Co., KY in the early 1800s where he died in 1807/1808. Elijah moved to the Hickman Co., KY area around 1828 where he died between 1845 and 1850. Sarah Rogers has listed on their marriage record a William Rogers which I believe to be her father but maybe an older brother. Anything you might know about these families would be much appreciated. I have written to a historical society in Richmond (which the name of escapes my mind at the moment) and never received a response. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for any help you my have. Thank you, Bonnie

McINNIS / COOPER    December 4, 2002
I am researching the McINNIS name, and just found out that I was on the wrong track. I am working from a bible entry listing the names of John and Christiana COOPER's children. Here are the childrens names:
John McInnis b. 14 June 1813
Kenneth Cooper b. 7 Oct. 1821
Martin Cooper b. 9 Mar 1823
Roderick Cooper b. 24 Nov. 1824
Nancy Jane Cooper b. 14 June 1826
Elisabeth Cooper b. 30 Nov. 1827
George Cooper b. 31 Aug. 1829
The reason I am troubling you with the names is probably obvious to you, but had to be pointed out (embarrasingly) to me ! I assumed that the Mother's name was Christiana McInnis, since the middle name of the oldest child is McInnis. Another researcher pointed out that the first child's name is John MCINNIS, meaning that his LAST name is McInnis, and the other children's last name is COOPER. This was a real DUH moment for me.

I should have noticed that there is an 8 year gap in children, which indicates that Christiana probably lost her first husband, and then married a Cooper.

So, what I am looking for, is a marriage for a Christiana or Christian female who married a McInnis male before 1812. They had a son John McInnis in 1813. The McInnis male died before 1820 since the second child is born in 1821. All I know of this McInnis family is that they were born in North Carolina.

Surfing your site, I did find a marriage entry for Murdock McInnis to Christian McDaniel on May 6, 1804. I have no way of knowing if this could be my Christian.

Can you help me? I truely don't know how to proceed with my McInnis search ! Thank you so much, Libby Stone

SNEAD / SHUE    December 4, 2002
Searching for anyone who may know the whereabouts of the original Bible of Henley SNEAD (one time resident of Anson/Richmond County, NC; b abt 1735 in Va, d abt 1816; son of Israel & Johannah (Henley) SNEAD). A marginally readable copy of the Birth, Death, and Marriage Record from this Bible are shown on pp. 54-55 in the "Snead Notebook" by Elizabeth (Snead) SHUE, published 1991. A note at the bottom of those copied pages indicates that the Bible and/or photographs of the record were owned by I. Judson SNEAD ca1954. Ken Snead

CANNON/FINCANNON/CANON    November 25, 2002
Seeking information on an obituary and information that might have been in the newspapers during February 1946 on the death of John Wesley CANNON (last name maybe FINCANNON or CANON). John was my grandfather. The story goes that he was fishing on the PeeDee River, was hit by a truck and killed. The driver of the truck was never found. My father James Charles CANNON apparently posted reward money but no one came forward. If there is anyone who could research this timeframe for me, I would greatly appreciate it and be willing to reimburse for any photocopying, postage or other expenses. Would appreciate your assistance and any response. Thanks. Judy Moses

WILLIAMSON / TERRY    November 23, 2002
Seeking information on Peter WILLIAMSON. He was born about 1820 in N.C. I think it was Richmond County. He married a Catherine TERRY. Daughters Susan and Mary. He was in N.C. at least till 1843. He was in Mississippi in about 1847. I would like to find out something about his parents. He could have gone by the full name of Thomas Peter Williamson. He was on the 1860 census in Mississippi. His age was 40 at that time, wife 2 years younger. Any information will be appreciated. I will compensate if there is a charge. Thank You. Robert Williamson

SNEAD    November 22, 2002
Searching for anyone who may know the whereabouts of the original Bible of Henley SNEAD (one time resident of Anson/Richmond County, NC; b abt 1735 in Va, d abt 1816; son of Israel & Johannah (Henley) SNEAD). A marginally readable copy of the Birth, Death, and Marriage Record from this Bible are shown on pp. 54-55 in the "Snead Notebook" by Elizabeth (Snead) SHUE, published 1991. A note at the bottom of those copied pages indicates that the Bible and/or photographs of the record were owned by I. Judson SNEAD ca1954. Ken Snead

KING / ELLERBE    November 10, 2002
I am doing research on my Kings, Sinclairs, Stuarts, Warners, etc. from Richmond County. In looking through pages of an old scrapbook belonging to William Walter KING (3/21/1878-7/8/1952), my great Uncle who lived in Rockingham and had the Watson-King Funeral Home, I find a copy of a letter from Hattie ELLERBE. As a youth, I spent many summers in the apartment above the funeral home and went across the street to a school to take piano lessons from a "Miss Hattie". I am wondering if anyone knows who this Hattie ELLERBE was, and if she taught music. Julia English Spicer

HUTCHINS/HUTCHINGS / DUMAS    October 23, 2002
Susannah HUTCHINS (also spelled Hutchings) was probably born and married in Richmond County, NC. Her father may have been James Hutchins, but I have no proof. Susannah HUTCHINS married Benjamin DUMAS in 1780. Their children were David DUMAS (1781-?), Benjamin Franklin DUMAS (24 Aug 1783-1 Mar 1852) and Moses DUMAS (19 Sep 1787-5 May 1865). Thank you, in advance, for your help. J D Gray

BROOKS    October 21, 2002
Looking for information about the Philip BROOKS family of the Rockingham area spanning from 1745- 1800. He may have been one of the Highland immigrants. I would really like to get in touch with someone doing reasearch in this area. Please email if this sounds appealing to a local researcher. Thank you, Tracy Brooks

I'm researching the DONAHO families of the Richmond County area. I'm seeking information regarding my 5th great-grandparent's James DONAHO and Delilah JOHNSON DONAHO. Both James and Delilah were born in the Richmond County area. James DONAHO in 1762 and Delilah JOHNSON (Possibly JOHNSTON) in 1764. This couple was married in the Richmond County area in 1784. I believe the James DUNNETHOE recorded on the Old Cheraw Districts 1790 census is possibly my ancestor James. There is also a Charles DONAHO listed on the Richmond County, NC. 1790 Federal census. Seeking info on a connection for James to Charles? James and Delilah DONAHO are also connected to William and Rachel THOMAS COVINGTON. Two of James and Delilah DONAHO'S daughters Martha (Patsy) and Pheraby married son's of William and Rachel COVINGTON in Warren County, KY. Peter COVINGTON married Patsy DONAHO BOYCE in 1807 and James COVINGTON married Pheraby DONAHO in 1809. Any information regarding the DONAHO, JOHNSON, and William and Rachel COVINGTON families of Richmond County would be appreciated. I could also use helpful hints or tips in researching Richmond County and the Old Cheraw District of the Pee Dee area in the late 1700s. Ideas and hints for researching for more information for these men who were in the Confederate Army from Richmond County, NC. is also needed. Columbus C. DONAHOE, 5th Batt.
Frank DONAHO, 23rd Regiment
James DONAHOE, 18th Regiment
John DONAHOE, 5th Batt. Thank you, Ed Donaho

McKINNON / McCALL / LOVITT / McLAURIN    October 10, 2002
I am looking for information on Daniel McKINNON b. 1780, N.C., moved to Marion County, MS. about 1818. I believe he lived in Richmond Co., N.C. His son William also went to MS and married Jennet McCALL 1823. A Major LOVITT married Jennet's sister Catherine McCALL January 22, 1818 in Richmond County, N.C. I believe Jennet and Catherine were born in Marlboro Co., S.C. to Laughlin and Catherine McLAURIN McCALL. Any help on McKINNONS appreciated. Thanks, Carlene McKinnon Piloian

MILLER / BOWYER / TALLENT    October 09, 2002
I am trying to locate information on some Richmond families which I have hit a brick wall and was hoping you could lead me in the right direction. I have a Jemmima MILLER who married John W. BOWYER in Marlboro SC. Her parents were Abner MILLER and Sarah TALLENT. I know nothing about Abner Miller and the only thing I know about Sarah is that her parents were Thomas and Hannah Tallent of Richmond NC. I believe Abner and Sarah married in Richmond and moved later to Marlboro. I am trying to locate who Abner's parents were and who Thomas was the son of. I am also wondering what Hannah's maiden name was. Does any of these surnames ring a bell in Richmond? I appreciate any help you can give me in my research. Sincerely I am, Brenda Wagner SC Marlboro Rootsweb Co-Coordinator

SASSER/ GARDNER    September 28, 2002
Joseph Dee SASSER born May 22, 1866 in RICHMOND County. Died March 20, 1927. Married Ida Lee GARDNER born April 11, 1870. Died May 3, 1952. Any information on this family or any SASSER family member will help. Wayne Thompson

THOMPSON / FREEMAN    September 26, 2002
Need ancestors information on Harley T. THOMPSON. from Richmond County. Born April 13, 1896; died April 13, 1968 Married Josephine FREEMAN Born July 22, 1899; died June 8, 1971.

Where in Richmond County is the location of the Morgan Cemetery? Wayne Thompson

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