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SASSER/ GARDNER    September 28, 2002
Joseph Dee SASSER born May 22, 1866 in RICHMOND County. Died March 20, 1927. Married Ida Lee GARDNER born April 11, 1870. Died May 3, 1952. Any information on this family or any SASSER family member will help. Wayne Thompson

THOMPSON / FREEMAN    September 26, 2002
Need ancestors information on Harley T. THOMPSON. from Richmond County. Born April 13, 1896; died April 13, 1968 Married Josephine FREEMAN Born July 22, 1899; died June 8, 1971.

Where in Richmond County is the location of the Morgan Cemetery? Wayne Thompson

YARBOROUGH    September 19, 2002
My great grandfather was Henry YARBOROUGH of Hamlet, NC. He married a woman named Elizabeth. They had 5 children: Henry, John, Claude, Robert and Sara. Henry was my grandfather, b. 3 Sept 1925 and d. 31 Oct 1971. He married Helen Winburn b. 18 May 1932. She is from South Carolina and currently lives in Daytona Beach, Florida. I am wanting to find out more information about Henry's (my g-grandfather) family and when he was born and died. If anyone can help in this matter, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sandra Isbell

BERRY / FAIRLEY    September 13, 2002
Looking for information Archibald FAIRLEY born 1795 in Richmond Co, NC, father of Sarah FAIRLEY. Sarah FAIRLEY (abt 1830) married David E. BERRY (abt 1820) probably in Richmond Co, NC around 1846. The families moved to Jackson Co, MS around 1849 and are on the 1850 census in Mississippi. Also looking for information on Leggett BERRY (abt 1824) and Ann Berry (abt 1790) who appear on the 1850 Census for the Stewartsville District, Richmond County, NC. David E. BERRY and Sarah FAIRLEY named one of their sons James Leggett BERRY. This leads me to suspect a connection between the two men. Thank you, Kendrick Harmon

WRIGHT / NEWTON / BROWN    September 11, 2002
I have a John WRIGHT married to Dora NEWTON, really need when he died and where. His father was Eli G. WRIGHT and Martha BROWN. Eli was born abt 1827, need his parents but really looking for John's grave. He was in the 1880 Williamson, Richmond County Census. He had a child in 1890, but in the 1900 census his wife Dora is in the Marboro County, South Carolina Census with the kids. She was born there. Are there any Wright Cemeteries? Where is Eli buried? His son might be buried there too. What Cemetery is there in Williamson [District]. Thanks for your help. Ada in Georgia

SNEAD / BEASLEY    September 11, 2002
I am researching SNEADS of Richmond County, NC. I am descended from James E. SNEAD, b 1836 in Richmond Co., NC d 1886 in Cherokee Co., AL. His mother was Dianah BEASLEY, b 1812 in Richmond Co. d 1886 in Fayette Co., GA. Her father was Daniel BEASLEY, b 1752 in Richmond Co., d 1728-29 in Richmond Co., NC. I do not know her mother. She was married to Mr. Snead, possibly Daniel Snead. There was a Daniel Snead who was a witness to Daniel Beasley's will. She was listed in the will along with "Mr. Sneed." Sometime between the birth of James in 1836 and 1839, when she married Absalom Snead, my Mr. Snead died, apparently along the way to GA. A lot of scattered Snead descendants have been searching for this Mr. Snead. Help! Robert

STEADMAN    September 10, 2002
Would like any information on David STEADMAN, He was my G Grandfather. All I know about him he was born about 1880 in Laurel Hill and died August 4, 1933. would like to know where he is buried. He was married to Fannie KELLY who was born on December 14, 1882 and died Jan.14, 1975. Their son Luther D. STEADMAN was my Grandfather. Would appreciate census infor, burial info, or any thing at all would be of great appreciation Tim Bradshaw

McKINNON    August 27, 2002
Daniel and Christian McKINNON settled in N. C. about 1814 from Scotland. They had one daughter born in Scotland, Christina. Between 1818 and 1832 they had 7 children born in N.C. John 1818; Ann 1819; Augusta 1820; Margaret 1821; Hector 1822; Norman 1825; Daniel A. 1832. They moved to Stewart Co. Tenn. in late 1834. Do you have any records showing if they are from Richmond, Cumberland, Moore, or Robeson Co. N. C. Daniel is my gggg grandather. Thanks, L. McKinnon

GROGAN / NORTON    August 27, 2002
James NORTON b abt 1804 married Matilda GROGAN b abt 1802. They are in RICHMOND CO in the 1830 Census with the following: l male under 5; l male 5-l0; l male 20-30, l female under 5, l female 5-l0, l female 20-30. I am searching for the family of James NORTON and the family of Matilda GROGAN. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Beverly Gaines

HOWELL    August 25, 2002
Searching for James H. HOWELL. Think James H. HOWELL may have come from there or had family there. His son, James Morris HOWELL b. 1855, lived most of his life in Bennettsville, SC and his son, James Patterson HOWELL b. 1885, lived in Wilmington, NC and worked for the railroad. He reportedly made many trips to visit relatives in Hamlet, Richmond County. Any information greatly appreciated. James C. Howell

SMITH / McDUFFIE / LEE    August 19, 2002
I am looking for information on Pleasant SMITH who married Catherine McDUFFIE from the Mark's Creek area. He was born 1849 and died 1907. His father was James and his mother Melinda. Pleasant and Catherine had a farm in what is now Laurel Hill, it faces US#74 and was approximately on the site where the Umbrella factory plant now sits. I am unsure of Catherine's branch of McDuffies but feel they are the McDuffies from Mark's Creek, both she and Pleasnat are buried at Mark's Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetary, as is their daughter Nora SMITH LEE and her husband, Jesse Lee and their infant son Herbert Lee. Any information on Pleasant or Catherine's families would be welcome, and I will gladly share what I have. Melissa Kester

STRINGFELLOW / HARRIS    August 16, 2002
I am interested in receiving and exchanging information on the STRINGFELLOW and HARRIS families of 18th century Richmond County, North Carolina. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, Derrell Wash

HICKS    August 11, 2002
I am looking for Adrey Hicks who is listed as head of house 1790 Fayette district, Richmond county, NC, census. My ggg grandfather Adry (no E) Hicks and wife and childen are listed in 1850 Morgan county, TN. I think his father is the Joseph listed there. But I cannot link us to Adrey. The only census we find Adrey or Adry in are the 2 censes I've noted here. This is THE ONLY place I've found Adrey (1790) Hicks at all... Please help me! Sincerely, Cynthia Hicks Curtis

MALOCH    August 04, 2002
I may not be able to add any names or information to your list, but in looking over your article I find a name common in our family and wonder if you have come across it before. You list Atlas F. MALOCH, a private, who was injured and taken prisoner at Gettysburg. My own father's middle name was Atlas. And if the middle initial (F) stands for Frank, then that name, too, is very common in our geneology. We have traced our family back to the Revolutionary War, when the lone MALOCH settled in NC from Scotland. The huge missing link for us is that first generation born here. We believe there were 3 sons: one staying in NC (with kin in VA), and the other two moving west to AK. Atlas F. could be a grandson or g-grandson. If you can shed any light on this it would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Daniel Maloch, Toledo, OH

Looking for information on my great grandmother, Almena Jane McCORMACK, wife of John Wesley JERNIGAN. I do not know who her parents were. Richmond County marriage records show a marriage between Edward McCormack and Catherine McMILLAN on 1-20-1859. Since Almena was born sometime around 1863, these could have been her parents. 1850 Census records show Catherine McMillan, age 12 in the Stewartsville District, House #36 and Edward McCormick(sp?) age 13 also in Stewartsville District at House #103. Does anyone have any record of Almena as the daughter of Edward and Catherine? Your help would be most appreciated. Jim Utley, Fulton, Md.

SKIPPER    July 30, 2002
My name is Patsy Skipper Tayloe. I am sending this e-mail in reference to my father Thomas SKIPPER that I believed died there (Richmond County, NC). I never knew my father and would like anything you or anyone that you know could tell me he died in Rockingham Oct. 1977. I woould like to know where he was when he died and where he is buried. Thank you, Patsy

WATSON / HORTON    July 26, 2002
Looking for any and all information on Oscar B. WATSON and Cora HORTON WATSON. I know they were married 3/13/1893 and divorced in 1897.. As far as I know they had only one son (my father who died when I was 18 mos old) John Clifford WATSON. I never knew my father, he was 52 when he died and I was 18 months old. I only found out my grandparents names last year. Any information that would help me piece my life together would be greatly appreciated. Cora Watson Smith

THOMAS    July 21, 2002
I am looking for help on the three children born to Daniel THOMAS and wife Sarah. Daniel and Sarah had three children by the time he was drafted into the Revolutionary War on 21 Oct. 1777 I think one of these children would be my ancestor Priscilla THOMAS. Daniel and Sarah lived eight miles from Rockingham, N.C., then Simon THOMAS and William Covington & William Blewett bought three acres of land on the east side of Cartledge Creek and it was to be used for a Baptist meeting house and burial place; this was near Daniel's land; and Daniel was the first preacher. I am trying to find a little more proof that Priscilla was the daughter of Daniel; since she married so young, she was not listed in his will (I have it) a copy and she witnessed it--what other proof can I obtain. Rosemary Brewer

CAMERON / OUTLAW    July 21, 2002
Would like advice on direction..Am researching Murdoch CAMERON, who "probably" married Nancy OUTLAW in Chesterfield Co., SC about 1806. I believe he is the same Murdoch CAMERON on the early census reports of Richmond Co, NC. Murdoch purchased land in Richmond Co. They had one son, Angus Cameron, and Murdoch moved his family to Henry Co, Al about 1830. Would like to verify or either disprove that the Murdoch in Richmond Co is the same and the Murdoch in Chesterfield Co. Also, am interested in verifiying his marriage to Nancy Outlaw. Any thoughts? Thanks. Ted M. Kennedy

CALDER    July 21, 2002
In my husbands search for ancesters he found his ggrandparents last night in the 1880 NC, Richmond Co, Laurel Hill census. The entry reads:

CALDER, Artie w, m, 51, head, farmer
Martha A, f, 46, wife, keeps house
Liddia, w,14, daughter, works in cotton mill
Artie M, w f 12, daughter, works in cotton mill
Noah, w, M 7, son
Eliga, w, m 5, son
Elisha, w, m, 2 son

I would love to find more about this family. I assume they probably had more children as I doubt Martha waited until age 32 to have her first child. I would also like to know what cotton mills were in Lauel Hill during this time, just to learn a little about their lives and how they lived. Any information about the family or history of surrounding community would be much appreciated. Jean Wallace

PARKS / LEVINER    July 17, 2002
I am trying to find information on my PARKS family. They were all in Rockingham, Hamlet area. My father died when I was only 6 years old. There are only a couple relatives left on that side and they are really up in age and the memory isn't so good. Do you have anything on PARKS. I will share the information I have.

Great-grandfather : Sandy Parks B: abt. 1825 S.C.
Great-grandmother : Effie Parks B; abt. 1820 S.C.

Children :
Sarah Parks B; abt 1845
Lom Parks B; abt 1847
Malcom Parks B. abt 1849
Martha Parks B; abt 1851
Alexander Parks B: abt 1854
William ( Bill ) Parks B; abt 1856 S.C. D; 7/10/1935 N.C.

William ( Bill ) Parks was my grandfather, buried at Nebo
Wife: Mariah Leviner B: abt 1860 D: 7/21/1930

Della Parks B: 1/19/1878 N.C.
Rosa Parks B; 04/1880
James Madison Parks Smith B: 10/10/1883 D: 4/29/1951
Alene Parks B: 1/1885
Joseph Parks B: 5/1890
Charlie ( Ped ) Parks B: 9/1894
Alma Parks B: 12/18/1898
Willie Parks B: 1/10/1900
Addie Parks

All were born in and around Richmond County, N.C. and I think what was called the Wolfpit or Osborn district. My Father was James Madison Parks Smith. Any help you could give would be appreciated. May God bless INDEED ! Alma Parks Chaney  in IL.

WILLIAMS / NALL    July 12, 2002
Searching for information on the family of Alfred and Amelia WILLIAMS, in particular their daughter Sarah WILLIAMS who married Thomas Brown NALL. I would like to know how I can verify their marriage which would have occured after June 1, 1880 and before August 8, 1881. According to the 1880 Richmond County, NC all were living in the Mineral Springs township but Sarah is listed as unmarried and Thomas as a farm laborer. Betty Houchins Blevins  Weatherford, TX 76086

HENRY    July 08, 2002
I am looking for a Thomas C. HENRY. The Thomas HENRY I am looking for birth date around 1825-1828. Thomas resided in Tn around 1850. Also, I am looking for a Hannah HENRY, who also resided in Tn. Any help would be greatly appreciated Denise Brown

NORTON    June 29, 2002
If you have an interest in Berry NORTON born about 1791 in Richmond Co., N.C. and died in Fayette Co., GA. Nov. of 1859, all the Berry NORTON information I have is posted at the two following sites: Descendants of Berry Norton and on this site under 'Richmond County Genealogies' Thank You, William A. Norton.

COOPER    June 19, 2002
I'm trying to find an obituary for Walker COOPER died 04/13/1990. Place of death Laurinburg, Scotland, NC. Residence Raeford, Hoke, NC. He was born in SC. Is there any body I can contact to help me with this. Thank You, Cynthia

BALDWIN / SMITH    June 10, 2002
Seek to determine parents of Ruth BALDWIN born 1797 in North Carolina, perhaps to a Baldwin from Richmond Co. NC area. She married c1815 in Kentucky to Abijah H. SMITH (1793.VA-1866.IA) implying her parents had removed there from NC prior to 1815. She then removed to Clay Co. MO for birth of son: Winfry McHenry SMITH in 1825. She resided Pike Co. IL in 1830, Jo Davies Co IL in 1839, and from 1842 to death in Clayton Co. IA. H. Andrew Brown

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