By Joe M. McLaurin, Local Historian, now deceased    From the research of Mary C. Chappell, now deceased by Myrtle Bridges

On June 15, 1926, there were 41 widows of Confederate veterans living in Richmond County who were entitled to receive pension payments based upon the Confederate service of their husbands. Not all were natives of Richmond County, nor had all their husbands served the Confederacy from this county. In some cases they had moved into the county in order to be with family members who had settled in the county. Here are the names of the 41 Confederate widows, their husband's names, and, if known, the companies in which the husbands served:

1) Bennett, Mary E., widow of John W. Bennett
2) Brown, M.T. (M.F.), widow of Charles S. Brown (Co. I, 52nd)
3) Burton, Mary, husband's name not listed
4) Butler, Jane, husband's name not listed    "Sarah Jane Butler, widow of 
William Butler, lived with George & Cora Pate about 4 months out of every year.  After that 
she would stay with Mr. William A. Wilkes, and then back to Norman A. & Bessie Butler 
Campbell's home for about 4 months." Mary Chappell, daughter of Norman & Bessie Campbell
5) Campbell, Annie J., widow of W.A. Campbell
6) Cole, Mary C., widow of F.L. Cole (Co. B, 31st)
7) Crouch, Sarah E., widow of C.C. Crouch (Co. D, 23rd)
8) Currie, P. Jennie, widow of John H. Currie (Co. D., 17th)
9) Davis, Bettie, widow of Hamp Davis (Co. 1,17th)
10) Dockery, Elizabeth, widow of B.F. Dockery (Co. E, 38th). Benjamin Franklin 
Dockery (1839-1915) was the son of Gen. Alfred Dockery. She was Mary Ann Elizabeth 
Covington (1841-1926), daughter of John Coulter Covington and wife, Margaret Thomas.
11) Ellington, Eliza J., widow of G.E. Ellington (Co. E, 26th)
12) Farmer, Rosa, widow of James Farmer
13) Felton, Mariah S., widow of E.F. Felton (Co. C, 14th)
14) Fields, Margaret, husband's name not listed
15) Gay, Mary, widow of James F. Gay (Co. E, 38th). James F. Gay was born March 9, 1840. 
She was Mary Meacham, and they were married Feb. 29, 1864. He was wounded at Gettysburg 
and remained in the hospital two months. He and his older brother, John Gay, were at 
Appomattox. After the surrender they walked home together.
16) Godfrey, Susan P., widow of J.A. Godfrey (Co. B)
17) Godfrey, Virginia P., widow of - ---? Godfrey (Co. B)
18) Gulledge, Eugenia, husband's name not listed
19) Henderson, D. Amanda, widow of D. Henderson (Co. K, 33rd)
20) Hinson, Frances, widow of J.M. Hinson (Co. B, 24th)
21) Jacobs, Willie Jane, widow of Wheeler Jacobs (Co. D, 1st)
22) Long, Mary C., widow of John E. Long (Co. A, 5th)
23) Lowe, Martha J., widow of E.B. Lowe (Co. E, 38th)
24) McDonald, Victoria, widow of S.C. McDonald (Co. E, 38th)
25) McDonald, Frances, husband's name not listed
26) McLean, Catherine, widow of James W. McLean (Co. D, 33rd)
27) McLean, Margaret J., widow of Solomon McLean (Co. D, 33rd)
28) McNair, Josephine, husband's name not listed
29) Maloch, Martha C., widow ofA.F. Maloch (Co. D, 23rd)
30) Maples, Susa C., widow of D.D Maples (Co. H, 26th)
31) Napier, Martha J., widow of W.W. Napier (Co. H)
32) Pankey, Coralie, widow of J.A. Pankey (Co. K, 43rd)
33) Peele, Anne, widow of Fletcher Peele (Co. D, 23rd)
34) Quick, Mary, widow of A.P. Quick
35) Reynolds, Mrs. J.C., widow of John C. Reynolds (Co. F, 44th)
36) Smith, Lexie, widow of J.A. Smith (Co. E, 38th)
37) Smith, Barbara J., widow of Phillip J. Parish
38) Stutts, Parestine G., widow of M.H. Stutts (Co. E, 28th)
39) Webb, Carolina, widow of W.C. Webb (Co. E, 52nd)
40) West, Elizabeth M., widow of Thomas G. West (Co. I, 2nd)
41) Wicker, Sarah C., husband's name not listed

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