News and Observer Observer (Raleigh, NC); April 9, 1884 Issue

Shared by Myrtle Bridges   September 30, 2011
	This section has been visited by the most disastrous forest fires within the past few days. In Wolf Pit 
township, many miles of fence and a number of houses have been destroyed--the inhabitants narrowly escaping with their 
lives. In the Green Lake neighborhood in this vicinity, Archi-... an unfinished dwelling, and all his fencing (news 
article does not give his surname. May be Archie Gibson); Martin Gibson lost all his buildings, saving nothing but his 
horse, while James Haywood, D.C. Bennett, John W. Thomas, Mrs. Ann McLeod, D.W. Gibson, Mordecai Gibson, John G. Terry, 
James G. Watson, R.B. Wallace (Robert) and many others, lost heavily in fencing and buildings. The damage done is very 
heavy and as the fencing destroyed cannot be replaced in time for making a crop this year, the no fence law must necessarily 
be adopted in the district burned out. Rockingham Spirit

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