PICKETT  - 1883
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Appearing in the July 5, 1883 edition of the Fayetteville Observer.
"Died Near Fayetteville, on the 29th ult., after a lingering illness, Mr. JONATHAN PICKETT, in the 73d year of his age."

Fayetteville Observer, August 30, 1883
Cato Potts, also, a Fayetteville negro of notorious character, who was sent to the penitentiary for a term of years, 
has lately been caught at Rockingham, N.C. engaged in robbing Mr. A. J. McGirt, in company with two white men.

Comment: One of the white men was Oscar O. Pickett, son of Jonathan Pickett of Cumberland County.  Oscar Pickett and 
Cato Potts had taken a wagon to the smokehouse of Archibald McGirt, just across the Robeson County Line and stole 300 
lbs of bacon.  The bacon was carted off to the community of Keyser (now Addor) at the southern tip of Moore County and 
sold the bacon to W. R. McDuffie.  Potts escaped but Pickett was tried and convicted. He was sentenced to five years in 
the penitentiary.  He subsequently made his escape and was never heard from again.  His wife, the former Flora Jane Wilkes, 
daughter of Abraham Wilkes, had him declared dead and they divorced in Richmond County in 1888. She subsequently remarried 
Edward Burke Boyle.  Pickett and Wilkes had three children: Jarvis Jonathan Pickett, Ernest Wilkes Pickett, and Bertie Belle 
Pickett.  Bertie was later adopted by Boyle.  April 18, 2011.  Sid Pickett

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