1879 Monday September 1. To the Register of Deeds of Richmond County: The County Examiner, in pursuance of Section 16 of the School Laws, reports for the year ending on the day preceeding the first Monday in September 1879, as follows:

White Teachers Examined and Approved:
John W. Cameron Annie M. Sutton J. McM. Clark Oris M. Covington
M. Hawley (f) Maggie Stackhouse E. Newsome (m) M. A. Smith (m)
T. Pate A. T. Terry T. W. Rich John Bennett
William A. Cole John F. McKinnon K. Sandford Neill A. Graham
Calvin McKinnon B. F. Rush G. W. Britt Mary McNeill
Eliza J. McFarland David C. Bruton W. W. Graham A. T. Bowden

Colored Teachers Examined and Approved:
Jas. W. McLauchlin Albert Maloy William Gibson J. W. Graham
L. L. Townsend James W. Howell William Woodward Malissa Covington
Bettie Russell N. W. Harlee Rosetta E. Leak Charlotte A. Leak
Addison W. Covington S. W. Dockery

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